Religious Bigots Thwarted World-wide

It would be interesting to ask that assemblage of GOP presidential hopefuls if they support gay rights. I’m sure that we know their answer. They stand on the same side as Angola, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Djibouti, Gabon, Ghana, Jordan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Uganda. Wow!  What an elite group of nations, eh? Religious bigots all. “Their god” doesn’t like gay people. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, each of the GOP hopefuls denounced the lifting of the ban on DADT and of course do not support gay marriage.  Nice company all around.  Nothing quite as binding as religious intolerance.

The United Nations endorsed the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people for the first time Friday, passing a resolution hailed as historic by the U.S. and other backers and decried by African and Islamic countries. And Fundamentalist Christians here in the land of the free and home of the brave. I’m sure that the Republican hopefuls feel a special bond with Pakistan, Uganda, Nigeria, Angola and Saudi Arabia. Throw-backs all.

Closer to home [my home] the infamous Islam-hating Christian pastor, Terry Jones, and his small band of religious supremacists, were thwarted from speaking at a Muslim gathering in Dearborn Michigan yesterday. The ‘right-reverend’ was surrounded by demonstrators who would not let him get to a podium at an Arab-American festival to spew his anti-Islamic rhetoric. But a group of Christians sympathetic to Jones did rally at the festival later, hurling insults through a megaphone at people attending the festival.

What was that commandment of Jesus?  Something about loving one another. Apparently that biblical passage now has an asterisk in the newest copies of that saying- at least in some versions of the Bible.

The hypocrisy of people claiming a belief in a ‘god’ and/or ‘savior’ is astounding.

The fact that this nation of ours is all tangled up in oddly hypocritical religious beliefs is sickening at best, pathetic at worst.

Is this what America has become over the past 230 years? Intolerant. Bigoted. Narrow-minded. Parochial.

The raging racial bigotry all throughout this land is appalling. Our intolerance of foreign-born people, especially Latinos and Hispanics, is alarming. Our religious fanaticism is disgusting. This all makes a complete mockery of the words of Emma Lazarus riveted to the Statue of Liberty. “Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” Hollow words void of meaning here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.


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  1. And speaking of complicated topics, the one of religion in the United States is another of those. Only two colonies were founded on some semblance of religious tolerance: Pennsylvania and Maryland. Maryland,however, only tolerated those religions which were trinitarian.

    I believe that there was prosecution of quakers and baptists, with the Massachusetts colony hanging one of those. I know somebody was a victim of religious intolerance.

    Gradually, it was realised that a live and let live attitude was required, which is why the US Constitution makes the country a secular state. Still, that never stopped religious intolerance with Catholics and Mormons facing outright prejudice.

    It would be nice if people accepted that the US is a secular state and left the religion out of politics. In fact, people in the US should run when Politics or Patriotism are introduced into politics.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Muddy.

    The words of Lieutenant Choy at the Networks meeting in MN this past week in response to someone from the Obama campaign trying to explain why Obama did not support marriage equality said it all for me.

    He wanted to be a free and equal man in this country, in this society.

    Laci has something from an old blog of his about the revisionist history of the religious right that pertains here. They just make up history to suit their notion of how, who, and what this country is and has been and should be.

    They are nuts, and they have ugly ideas and hate-driven values in far too many instances. I wrote about the blatant racism of Congressman Steve King just this morning; he’s one of those religious right wing nuts:

  3. Did you ever that evolution was a pretty, graceful progression, one stage elegantly giving way to the next? Of course not! But evolution will not be denied.
    We are evidence of the evolution of tolerance and ideas. We are aware of each other because we choose to communicate and argue and engage in the struggle to promote these concepts. From my own experience and I’m sure from yours as well, the majority of people are more tolerant and open to change and progressive concepts than those dinosaurs roaring as their world obliviates.
    This blog, because of it’s unrelenting struggle to promote these concepts, will only naturally attract those who want to deny them.
    Our society and the rest of the world has changed, is changing. As it changes, the dinosaurs become more violent, more territorial and struggle all the more fiercely to turn back the clock of reality, to deny the evolution of consciousness.
    Progress is never pretty. Revolutions leave a trail of bodies. Adversity is the greatest teacher. Keep your eye on the prize, because if we believe we have won, then we have.

  4. Dog Gone writes, They just make up history to suit their notion of how, who, and what this country is and has been and should be. Exactly. Interestingly, before I read this statement, I was fashioning the idea of a new post on this topic. Now, I’ll proceed on that topic. Thanks.

    Microdot- I always appreciate your wisdom and understanding. As you point out, the Dinosaurs always roar loudest at the end. The End of slavery no doubt killed off many of the southerners, bellowing and moaning of their ‘losses.’ The End of Jim Crow Laws in the South precipitated another, perhaps even greater tumultuous uproar of the old dinosaurs.

    Recall the children’s poem that begins, “Not all of the Dinosaurs are dead; I saw one yesterday raise his head…”

    Too bad about the real dinosaurs, but the human versions need to go extinct- the sooner the better for the sake of our society. The Sexual orientation Dinosaurs are still roaming the land, often sitting comfortably in houses of worship. Too bad that some religious folks cling so tightly to dusty, Iron Age documents for guidance here in the 21st Century. But then, if they didn’t, their entire Cathedral of Cards would come tumbling down upon them.

    Thus, the ruse continues but hopefully not for very much longer.

  5. “the ruse continues but hopefully not for very much longer,” M_R wrote above. Really? I’m not so sure, my friends.

    “The times, they are a changing” was a protest song refrain in the late ’60s, I believe. Again, I ask, really?

    Religion is an essential element of human civilization. It is not only a cornerstone of every civilized government, it is also a cornerstone of each individual person. There was always a bond between humans and the gods.

    With christianity it became the relationship of humans with the supernatural, a triune deity. Much of the religious philosophy of christianity was given by Thomas Aquinas. As products of jesuit universities we are somewhat familiar with Aquinas’ proofs for the existence of a god.

    Aquinas said, “the one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible. ”

    My point is that the GOP is a party of zealot faith followers. To that person no expanation is possible. They cannot acept facts, because those facts deny their faith, which they cannot recognize. Sepp can’t ever bring himself to change his positions, as its an act of faith. The same is true of those other “faith members” who have come across your blog previously.

    Finally, while the Constitution is a secular document, we, the people, are not. We can’t take the religious essence of people away, and that means they will always push their agenda.

    Therefore, while I would hope that your quote above would prove to be correct,
    I am skeptical that it will come to fruition shortly. The “war” did not end in 1865, my friends, it goes on because relligion is so intwined in the essence of the GOP adherents.

  6. “My point is that the GOP is a party of zealot faith followers. To that person no expanation is possible. They cannot acept facts, because those facts deny their faith, which they cannot recognize. Sepp can’t ever bring himself to change his positions, as its an act of faith. The same is true of those other “faith members” who have come across your blog previously.”
    Boy, I couldn’t have said that better myself. I just finished the book by Burke Davis, The Long Surrender, which is a history of the last days of the Confederacy and the ideology which fueled the Civil War and how the ensuing events played out and the way the major players, Jeff Davis, The Confederate Administration and America dealt with the end of the Civil War.
    All the really die hard Confederates moved to Texas. and seem to still be registered voting zombies who will never die…..A lot went to Mexico to persuade Emperor Max to help them fight on, but Max was in deep doo doo already, so they ended up moving back to New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. A lot of them got into the Insurance Game early on. Jeff Davis was an Insurance Executive, when he could get down off of his pedestal and roll up his sleeves and admit he had to earn a living.
    One of the few Confederate cabinet members that seemed to acquit himself honorably was the Secretary of State, Judah Benjamin, who ended up in England and totally reinvented himself. I kind of like a dude who never runs out of racy repartee and good cigars, no matter how bad things get, but then he knew how to float.

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