Why I believe seppo is allowed to post here…

He’s a strawman in the tradition of the scarecrow from the Wizzard of Oz


4 thoughts on “Why I believe seppo is allowed to post here…

  1. Hello All,
    I too prefer “Logical Argumentation” to gain information to make proper intelligent decisions on a subject.

    The only value Sepp adds is that he is a good segway to point out the pitfalls of the Ultra Conservative viewpoints….and exposes the true lack of mentality of those he gains his talking points from. Examples such as the typical, “Straw Man,” Non-Tangent Statements To The Topic At Hand,” and “Divertive” Arguments which any person who has taken the basic English 101 course knows are totally inappropriate showing a lack of knowledge.

    Really, he can’t even do 4th grade math. This alone rules out any validity when he blabs on about the economy.

    Sepp posting does serve a purpose….to expose stupidity of those Teabagger, Ultra Conservative, Right Wing Nuts mindset.

    Sepp, I thank you for your service to this blog.

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