I just learned why Seppo likes Herman Cain so much


Hey, He’s another person who doesn’t like to read or think!

He also offers real answers to fictional issues.

Perfect for Seppo!


11 thoughts on “I just learned why Seppo likes Herman Cain so much

  1. Yes, I hear next he is going to require legislation that is voted on and delivered to his desk in 30 minutes or less, and he’s changing the oval office to one that is round like a pizza if he gets elected.

    And he is going to privatize state dinners, taking fast food chain lowest bids, to save money, and serving them on paper plates with corporate logs on them.

    Also, taking ads for the White House Website, to raise money.

    1. Here’s the problem, Sepp, that you seem intent on ignoring.

      Private carriers, like FedEx, DHL, etc., *do* provide better limited service.

      The rub is, of course, their service is limited; i.e., they don’t/can’t deliver everywhere. Additionally, you pay a lot more for the service.

  2. the dude has to disclaim almost every statement he makes…but he knows that what he says is what his base wants to hear. So, with his base, he gets away with it, because they don’t stick around for logic or the constitutionality of his blather.
    There’s only so much bad pepperoni that he can dish out before he becomes the old flavor of the week. This week, he’s the anti Obama, but next week, his base will turn on him and support Michelle Bachmann…take a number, stand in line, it’s a vicious cycle.
    If I was an Al Qaeda Terrorist Commandant, I would be donating heavily to Bachmanns campaign, I would be urging my supporters to campaign for Pawlenty, because it ain’t the bombs that are gonna destroy the great satan America, it’s teh stoopid…..

  3. What are we to make of this statement by the all engulfing swarm of teh stoopid? This is from last nights’ “debate”(actually more like a a swarm of the stoopid(m from Cain
    “Barack Obama is more of an international,” Cain said. “I think he’s out of the mainstream and always has been. Look, he was raised in Kenya, his mother was white from Kansas and her family had an influence on him, it’s true, but his dad was Kenyan, and when he was going to school he got a lot of fellowships, scholarships, he stayed in the academic environment for a long time. He spent most of his career as an intellectual.”

    Indonesia, Kenya, Whatever.

    I left unasked the question of whether it’s more disreputable to be Kenyan or to be an intellectual (and let us pity those suffering Kenyan intellectuals). But I suggested to Cain that while Obama had, in fact, spent four years of his youth abroad, it was in Indonesia, not Kenya. To which Cain, who has dallied with the fading phenomenon known as “birtherism,” responded, “Yeah, Indonesia.”

  4. One has to understand Cain is not a serious candidate. He’s in it for the publicity. Just like Trump and, to a certain extent, Newtie.

    It’s free publicity for their other endeavors.

  5. Sepp couldn’t read for comprehension even documents that are only 3 pages long…double spaced…..wide margins……LOL.

    Not even if/when he himself provides them! ROFLMAO!

  6. I think the guy might have some “issues”. He writes a blog entry that is totally false and easily proved untrue. The entry could be very inflammatory to the uneducated, but he refuses to correct it. He doesn’t know me, but he writes something nasty about me on another blog.

    Maybe we can play a Sepp game and call it “Name That Issue”. I still haven’t figured out if it’s mental, emotional or other.

    1. Jeff, I’ve been trying to figure out why seppo doesn’t understand simple English for some time with various theories–mostly dealing with his intelligence.

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