One Day He Forgot to Listen to Limbaugh

My wife’s first cousin was sent to a nursing facility recently because his wife could no longer take care of him. I never liked the man. He was all that I am not and which I dislike in a man. He verbally abused his wife and four children to the point that all five of them now bear permanent psychological scarring from the abuse. He never was much in life other than a blow-hard. He manipulated others to his advantage all throughout his life. My wife recalls times when he and his father brawled, with actual punches thrown at each other. He called his wife, ‘Babe,’ but never her real name. He clearly was a male chauvinist pig. Several months ago, before his dementia became too severe to handle, he told my wife’s brother that he never cared for my wife because she was ‘too liberal.’ What a dirt bag.

Did I mention that he listened to Rush Limbaugh every day of his life- the entire three hours of it for 30 years?  He’d never miss one minute of it. He could never schedule any appointment or activity outside of the house during those three hours of the day. Nor could his wife talk with him during that ‘holy’ time of the day. Interestingly, he often sounded like Limbaugh too, in his phrasing, in his tone, in the total brainwash.

Then one day, said his wife to mine, he didn’t turn on the radio on at noon. He just ate the lunch that his wife had always prepared for him at 12 sharp. She didn’t remind him either. She knew how agitated and angry he became during those 3 hours.  She just walked back to the kitchen and ate in silence for the first time in 30 years. At that point she knew that his slow-onset dementia had reached the tipping-point. Several weeks later, she could no longer care for him, and put him in a facility.

What is remarkable, said his wife, is that he’s a ‘different person’ now. He no longer is angry or feisty.  He doesn’t shout and scream any longer.  When she visits him he seldom knows her but the nursing staff comments to her what a ‘nice man’ he is. At first, she thought that they were confused as to who her husband was, but then came to the realization that he had, indeed, changed- for the better. After 54 ugly years of marriage, she finally saw a man who she could have deeply loved, rather than the brute she actually lived with. The irony screams loudly and pathetically.

My amateur psychological analysis wonders if there are many American men who feel the need to wear this thin veneer, this protective layer of odiousness, to shield themselves from ‘the world out there.’ To shield their deeply-felt, internal emotions. Anger, hate and aggression may be that thin ‘armor’  to cover their perceived weaknesses. I confess to donning that suit during my adolescence and early adult years. My machismo ruled supreme. Luckily I moved beyond that odd state of life. I cannot imagine being stuck there for eighty years!

Is there a connection between the perceived need to don that armor veneer and listening to 30 years of right-wing talk radio? The answer to that question is a masters thesis yet to be written. Yet, in the case of my wife’s cousin, the connection is remarkably clear.


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  1. You know…la la land approaches, lol…Maybe it’s time for me to put MSNBC down and stop my subscription to the newspaper and junk the computer because the first thing that comes up are the news stories. Maybe I’m getting tired of “fighting the battles”, eh….

  2. I think I’d be bitter and grouchy after living for 80 years and witnessing firsthand what has been done to this country over that time period too.

    Listening to Limbaugh probably just reminded him as to just how pissed off he should be!
    My guess is that he simply gave up and decided that no matter what he says or, how he feels, everything is still going to turn to shit around him.

  3. Listening to Limbaugh probably just reminded him as to just how pissed off he should be!

    Yes, reminded him and reminded him and reminded him… Sounds like a perfect Minister of Propaganda, doesn’t it, Sepp?

  4. It’s “propaganda” if the point being conveyed is meant to influence people into believing that something that isn’t true, actually is true.

    If you’ve ever listened to Limbaugh, you’d know that his entire show is audio clips of statements made by Democrats and his commentary on the clips.

    If the democrats weren’t constantly making moonbat statements and pushing idiotic policies, Limbaugh’s career would have ended years ago.

    1. Sepp,
      Limbaugh is consistently, calculatingly, factually inaccurate, day in and day out.

      That makes his positions propaganda – lies that are deliberate and intentional to persuade others to positions that are misguided, wrong, and frequently against their own self-interest and the interest of those about whom they care.

      What you wrote was very touching. It shows you understand the difference between being a man with maturity, in contrast to merely being biologically male and developmentally stunted regardless of chronological age.

      What you wrote about his wife demonstrates, sadly, how interdependent abuser and abused become over time.

  5. Why would I listen to Limbaugh? Why would I listen to Palin? Why would I listen to Trump? To Hannity? To Ingraham? To Savage?

    I don’t need people to tell me how to interpret the ‘news.’ I do a pretty good job all by myself. Sepp, do YOU need to listen to the pre-digested news flowing from the mouths of commentators or do you formulate your ideas inside of your own head?

    1. You wouldn’t listen to those you listed because they aren’t saying the things you WANT to hear.
      As for not needing pre-digested news muddy, I’ve pointed out plenty of examples over the years where your postings were word for word the same thing said by Olbermann, Maddow, Mathews or, Schultz and. doubted it was a simple coincidence.
      I’ve never been a big fan of Limbaugh mainly because I don’t need him to explain the stupid remark or, idea the Democrats had just came out with. I roll through just about every news source I can find that covers anything I have questions about and, stay away from the info-tainment stuff.

      And, as I’ve mentioned before, you would be surprised at the things the American media omits wherever the Obama administration is concerned. And when the American media does pick something up and reports it, the story is usually so whitewashed that when compared to the foreign media, you’d think it was two different stories.

      1. And, as I’ve mentioned before, you would be surprised at the things the American media omits wherever the Obama administration is concerned.

        Apparently you have a ‘source’ for all of that subversive info, Sepp? Could you give us the URL so that we all can have access to this hidden pool of information that you tap into?

  6. My guess is that he simply gave up and decided that no matter what he says or, how he feels, everything is still going to turn to shit around him.”

    You know Sepp, it seems you have a valid satement. I am partially there, and from previous posts and comments our fearless blog leader seems to be there too. Maybe M_R just can’t bring him to accept your truism that he has stated a number of times. It seems to me we all just spinning our wheels.

    At the beginning of the weak M_R was spinning on the Cong. Weiner issue, and calling for his immediate resignation. In my thought that is a decision for the people who elected him to decide, and recent polling shows that a majority in the 50s want him to stay on. It’s the 21st century and the rest of the world is laughing at us over this issue, even the Germans. What law did he break? Are we free or not? The social networks are here and there isn’t much that can be done about them, unless you want censorship?

    In a recent comment I said, “all politics is local”. It would be good for Toledoans to remember that when then support and go to vote for Congresswoman Marcy Kapture in 2012. You know, the representative is charged of using the congressional-military-industrial complex to fatten her campaign chests or her purse. BTW, M-R, how is that House Ethics Committee coming with that investigation of her? Now, there is something that Toledoans can do, but not with Cong. Weiner. Just the charge against Kapture should be enough to vote here out of office or at least make her resign. This is why we are going no where and that cliff is ever so much closer.

    1. UTF, luckily I’m nowhere in reaching the point of giving up and just letting the self-destructive ideas of the left destroy this nation.
      I think some liberals actually do have good intentions but, good intent without considering cause and effect is just plain stupid.

      Take a look at what some of the posters here say…reverse logic.
      Overspending, massive debt, printing and devaluation of our currency,,, some here say “it’s a good thing” when logic and reality prove otherwise and have always proved otherwise.
      The ONLY people who could possibly see that crap as “good” are the same people who would like to see our country fail.
      Liberals didn’t earn the moniker as the “hate America first crowd” because of their pro-American stance.

      Their hypocrisy is all to easy to point out far too often. And I’ll keep pointing it out until they toss me into a rest home at age 80!

      Much better than my kids and grandkids finding a copy of the bill of rights in my attic and having to ask if we used to really have all those rights and freedoms and my having to say…
      Yeah we did but, I gave up trying to keep them…sorry ’bout that.

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