Faith and Freedom Coalition

The came, prayed and babbled their “religious” nonsense hoping once again to hoodwink evangelical Christians into supporting their campaigns. Every major GOP presidential candidate was there [sans Gingrich] espousing their ‘faith’ and their ‘belief’ that America needs to an even stronger Christian nation.  Onward Christian soldiers! No doubt, the conference was a ‘holy’ affair.

It was a come-back for Ralph Reed who organized the gathering.  You may recall that Reed had taken millions from lobbyist Jack Abramoff and used the money to mobilize Christian voters in Alabama against Indian casinos and state lotteries that were competing with Abramoff’s other Indian clients. Onward Christian soldiers. But hell, that was way back in 2005 and who remembers stuff like that. Onward for Jesus!

The following was posted on a right-wing blog which I occasionally visit: “The Faith and Freedom Coalition had a two day conference this weekend, and all of the declared Republican candidates, except Newt, attended.  They all apparently spent too much time concerned with the economy than with issues like abortion, gay marriage, or don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Shades of ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas?’ Lord, those fundamentalist Christians are such easy targets! Their god-marinated brains are perfect receptacles for Jesus-coated piles of dung. And the GOP exploits them election after election.  “Too much time with the economy…not enough abortion, gay marriage, don’t ask, don’t tell.” Incredible stuff, but it works election after election.

Here’s an incredible line from the Faith and Freedom Coalition website.  One of the ‘goals’ in the mission statement reads: Protest bigotry and discrimination against people of faith. Did you fall off of your chair laughing? Sorry. Too bad that they had to include the last 2 words.  As they are blatantly homophobic, they needed to delineate which ‘people’ were the proper targets of bigotry. Sick? Pathetic?

Do fundamentalist Christians really get this stuff? Do they see the hypocrisy? Do they understand that they are pimped every election cycle? Or is their bubble of delusion so impenetrable that they can’t see what is so patently obvious to the rest of us?

This coalition also strongly defends of Israel.   They would have the U.S. Military engage in a religious war as a ally of Israel against their Muslim neighbors. Have they ever studied history? The European wars of religion?  Or does that not matter to these militant Christian soldiers? I think so. Their religious [biblical] beliefs trump logic.  Not only does it trump logic, but this group is open to an all-out religious war [with nuclear weapons] so that they can ‘secure’ Jerusalem as the landing site for their End Times beliefs.

The pro-Israel political action committee, AIPAC, generously funds hundreds of Congressional elections, hoping that the congressman will continue to blindly support the actions of the Israeli state. During the Congress of 2009,  13% of the entire US House of Representatives, 56 members, traveled to Israel in the largest AIPAC-sponsored fact-finding visit by American politicians ever conducted. ‘Fact-finding’ indeed.  Or is that pure propaganda from an agency of a foreign government?

…and the Christian soldiers march onward as to war.


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  1. You know my stand on chuch muddy but, from what I’ve seen over the years, the people who believe in God seem to do a lot better than the people who believe in the State.

    Those “crazy” Christians don’t seem to be trying to run my life (outside of an abortion issue that isn’t my problem) as much as the liberals who seem to believe that my life needs to be regulated according to their belifs as to what I can eat, where and IF I can smoke, own a gun, media I can watch, car I should be driving, my healthcare, my money, who I should hate, who I should not hate, etc.
    While the church offers suggestions, liberalism issues demands!

    As for Israel, I AM for supporting them to a point since they are a democracy and, actually DO allow muslims, Christians and others to worship unmolested within their borders while, the left supports Islamists who hate gays, don’t tolerate other faiths, and openly descriminate in their society…and send those people money!

    I’ve been wondering about the left’s obvious conflict of interest where Islamists are concerned for quite some time.

    How can you be pro-gay, pro-women’s rights, pro-freedom of choice…but, support the Fatah and Hamas led regimes? While at the same time anti-Israeli who’s government allows other faiths and even athiests to practice openly or, not, isn’t anti-gay, and allows women to do things that even America doesent yet allow them to do yet?

    …yet you support those who OPPOSE your suppoed “core values” of liberalism?

    The ONLY common bond you share is a disdain for America!
    They hate America…you hate America!

    They also hate any religion other than their own…to include Athiests, gays, equality and, they live under the ideal that women are here just to fuck and are worthless in any other capacity!

    And the left allies itsself with them why?

    Obviously, your being used and too stupid to see it…after you have both finnished shitting on America, and you both think you’r finnished “using the other”, who do you think they’ll look to get rid of then?

    Certainly NOT you pro-gay, pro-women, pro-choice liberals…right?

    I foresee you libs getting the same rude awakening that the Democrats got when they embraced the communists and the socialists into the party and are now stuck with people they don’t agree with taking the lead role of their party and …their beliefs.

    It’ll be equally as funny to see you Athiests trying to shed the fundamentalists you’ve embraced!

    But as far as religion goes, I’ve always seen Islam in the same people-controlling light as communism…you athiest libs will “find” God out of fear as opposed to the CHOICE you bitch about now! I’m betting that in the future, your shady alliance will leave you wishing that abortion was that “controlling” feature of crazy church people!

    Research who your “Code Pink” cohorts are siding with along with many other lefty groups!

    Hate religion?
    You’d better look at who your “friends” are getting into bed with!

    1. Yeah, did you ever hear of 9-11, achille lauro, 1983 United States embassy bombing, 1983 Beirut barracks bombing, Khobar Towers bombing, 1997 – Luxor attack, 1998 United States embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya, USS Cole bombing, 2004 – The murder of Theo van Gogh , Multiple bombings in London subway and busses, New York, New York, USA. Faisal Shahzad car bombing in times square, the first world trade center bombing!

      Shall I go on?

      You’re going to mention the USS Liberty and compare it to the abreviated list above as if there is any comparison?

  2. Israel is only a democracy to those of a certain faith. Thus, Israel is not a democracy.

    Of course, Sepp, as usual, offers a false choice. He claims the left “worships the State.” If that were true, you’d see lefties extolling the virtues of the Patriot Act and demanding it become even more intrusive.

    As for siding with Hamas–again, Sepp offers us the bizarro version of the truth. Tell us, Sepp, why do US Jews tend to vote overwhelmingly for Dems? Are they brainwashed? Do they hate Israel and love Hamas?

    And if we libs hate gays, minorities, Atheists, etc.–why do they, too, vote for Dems? Are they also brainwashed? Or is it some collective, self-loathing phenomenom?

    Speaking of regulation, aren’t your cohorts the ones telling American women what they can and can’t do with their bodies? Are your friends telling us certain books and movies and speech must be banned? Aren’t they the ones who want textbooks that say slavery never really happened and the Civil War was about states rights? And let’s face it, if you’re gay–you’re a subhuman undeserving of basic civil rights.

    What we’re seeing in America today is the last, desperate gasp of unsuccessful white guys like Sepp who are alarmed that every demographic trend is working against them.

    1. Yeah Jade…

      “Of course, Sepp, as usual, offers a false choice. He claims the left “worships the State.” If that were true, you’d see lefties extolling the virtues of the Patriot Act and demanding it become even more intrusive.”

      The left officially stopped complaining about the patriot act the day Obama gained the power to use it.

      I’ve yet to see any lefties who even dare to make mention during every time Obama has extended it and nor, have they made an angry remark when he was adding even more Orwellian crap into it.

      How about YOU post a link for me where YOU have spoke out against it. Can you?

  3. BTW, it’s rather amusing to note that Fundie Xtians are probably going to be working against themselves in 2012. How many of these Faith and Freedom-types are going to support a Mormon GOP candidate?

  4. Jade, you have to remember that seppo the clown sez shit like:
    The rifle will do it’s job in protecting your home, putting food on the table and as demonstrated more than once, defending a country from invasion or, insurgency.

    Of course, he is neglecting that Fatah and Hamas are fighting to keep foreign invaders out of their homeland.

    I forgot to mention in my list of Israeli terrorist acts Walter Edward Guinness the 1st Baron Moyne, The King David Hotel, Folke-Bernadotte, and numerous attacks on NATO forces (not just the USS Liberty).

    Remember seppo, if you’re gonna stand with Israel, don’t turn your back!

    As for his attacks on the State, Seppo is one of them fakeo anarchists called Libertarians, they attack the state, yet love the cops, military, and all the rest of the coerceive elements that make the state.

    Libertarianism=facism wearing a smiley face.

    1. I don’t “stand with Israel”, I just pointed out your usual hypocrisy.

      Look at all those leftnuts and moonbats supporting Hamas and the muslim brotherhood…you know, that same muslim brotherhood you lefties were propping up “because they’re not like thos baaaad islamic groups”
      And then the MB’s honcho in Egypt went on tv and spouted off the exact opposite of whatever crap you had swallowed?

      Or, did you misss that one?

  5. And the ultimate act of Zionist-Israeli terrorist stupidity: The Bombing of the Patria.

    Add in this for good measure.

    If the Israelis and the Palestinians can’t play peacefully in their sandbox together, let’s send the invaders home.

    1. How about sending them all to the UK where you live?

      Nope wait, already being done!

      Isn’t it funny that you gave GB away to people who crap on your culture, disrespect your women and now demand a seperate court system?


  6. Hello Muddy,
    I may have to remind everyone that the selling point Ralph Reed presented to Jack Abramoff to “Kick Some Money” his way was that he, Ralph Reed, “Could Whip Up The Nut Jobs Anytime He Wanted To On Any Cause Jack Wanted.

    You are very correct that Ralph Reed then collected millions of dollars from Jack Abramoff’s lobbyist and used the money to mobilize (to use Ralph’s own words) “Whip Up The Nut Job” Christian voters in Alabama against Indian casinos and state lotteries that were competing with Abramoff’s other Indian clients.

    Ralph Reed’s personal “LEMMINGS” being fleeced and sacrificed once again.

    Hello JadeGold,
    Yes Sepp often shows his lack of “Logical Argumentative” knowledge where, once again as usual, offers a false choice when he presents an argument i.e. claiming the left “worships the State.” This is called a “Straw Man Argument.”

    Where this error has been pointed out many times, he still reverts back to this weak argumentative tactics. You know he is the perfect lemming for “Blowhard Radio.”

    His other favorite weak tactic is the “Divertive Argument,” where his logic, no matter what the topic is, too often is just turned into, “Well Johnny was throwing rocks too!” Childhood justification at best.

    Once again this error has often been pointed out as a flaw but he continues to revert back to it as his anchor pitch thinking he is being clever.

    1. Major problem, I know conservatives who support the Palestinian Cause, but Seppo has to see things in simplistic terms.

      Anyway, one-sided support for Israel is a problem for the United States, and that figure is even higher among “opinion leaders.” A Pew survey in November 2005 found that 39 percent of Americans saw the special relationship as a “major source of global discontent,” and 78 percent of the news media, 72 percent of military leaders and 69 percent of foreign affairs specialists believed that backing Israel seriously damages America’s image around the world. A 2003 survey by the University of Maryland reported that over 60 percent of Americans would be willing to withhold aid to Israel if it resisted pressure to settle the conflict with the Palestinians, and 73 percent said the United States should not favor either side. In fact, a survey conducted by the Anti-Defamation League in 2005 found that 78 percent of Americans believed that Washington should favor neither Israel nor the Palestinians. A 2010 survey by the Brookings Institution found similar results: although 25 percent of Americans thought the United States should “lean toward Israel” in its efforts to resolve the conflict, a healthy 67 percent believed the United States should “lean toward neither side.”


      1. Maybe you should read what I’ve written in the past about the Palestinian cause Laci.

        I’ll expect your apology soon for another of your idiotic assumtions that you use as a shortcut to thinking.

  7. JadeGold writes, What we’re seeing in America today is the last, desperate gasp of unsuccessful white guys like Sepp who are alarmed that every demographic trend is working against them.

    True and so pathetic to watch all of this unfold. It reminds me of those southern racial bigots who continued to fight the Civil Rights Laws as if they were still living in Jim Crow times. They and their pathetic right-wing radio jocks try desperately to turn back the clock to those ‘good old days’ when colored folks knew their place.

    Laci writes, Of course, he is neglecting that Fatah and Hamas are fighting to keep foreign invaders out of their homeland.

    Their homeland? Not according to the Bible, but then, when has a holy book become evidence in a court of law?

  8. Good post.

    Why do they hold these sessions ?
    Candidates respond to those that vote … and those that donate money.

    If you truly believe in Government By the People (versus representative government), then you should be alarmed at the low voting participation rates … across the population at large, but not by those motivated by special interests ( be it the Moral Majority, NRA, Club for Growth, etc.)

    Ignore this conference and instead look at your local state government … has it spent a lot of time this session pushing legislation rewriting voting laws ? abortion availablity ? castle and conceal and carry laws ? business and environmental regulations that reduce government involvement ? while fighting any effort to rework the tax code to promote fairness.

    That’s what has occurred in Minnesota … and Minnesota has had strong and active special interest groups who have generally aligned themselves with the Republican Party (but some Democrats do get endorsed although that is generally incumbents only).
    The Minnesota legislature turned Republican in the 2010 elections … yet drilling down at the individual races what occurred was not an overwhelming conversion of voters to Republican candidates but an overall drop in voter participation … Republicans were successful in maintaining their members but the Democrats failed miserably … specifically in those races targeted by the Takeback Minnesota group … whose contributors would have been the ones at the Faith and Freedom Conference.

    Recognize their power.

      1. Tell me about these songs, Sepp. At which ‘news’ source did you read about these pro-Obama songs? Ah, yes, Fox News, of course. Here’s an interesting tidbit of news regarding this song: the tension at B. Bernice Young Elementary School escalated to such a degree Thursday that the school was placed temporarily on lockdown after its principal received death threats over a YouTube video that showed nearly 20 children being taught songs lauding the president

        Death threats! Death threats! Can you imagine anyone that nuts as to threaten the life of the principle of the school because of songs that children sang during Black History month???

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