Roasted Weiner

There goes another politician who thought he could get away with illicit sexual behavior and continue to ‘serve’ his constituents. Anthony Weiner follows the disgusting example of other powerful men like John Ensign, John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, David Vitter and Bill Clinton who screwed around and never thought that they’d be caught with their zipper down.

Of course, they all lied about it, doubling their guilt.  What’s with men these days? The grandest shame of all is the embarrassed wife who has to stand by their man, pretending that he’s her greatest love. Bull crap! Weiner [and Vitter] need to resign their seats in Congress and go into seclusion. American-style politics is corrupt enough already without these bozos degrading it further.


13 thoughts on “Roasted Weiner

  1. The biggest pain of this having to listen to Breitbart crow on FOX. Do I think Weiner should resign? No…what he did was stupid and embarrassingly irresponsible. He crippled himself and his party and took the wind out of his sails as far as the real work and issues he was trying to address.
    As we have seen in the Republican party, men have done far more blatantly stupider things than this, been publically humiliated and then been rehabilitated.

  2. I was trying to find a scene from The Blackadder Season 1…in which he tried to hide a man in his bed and convince his mother, the queen that it’s a sheep….The punch line was “It’s not the sheep, I mind, It’s the lying!”

  3. I have a confession to make…on the French blog I once participated in, I was so pissed off at the Big Babe…you know who I am talking about, that my only comment was to send a photo of my ass, which was posted and then reposted again and again…
    Actually, it was a pretty flattering photo and I have nothing to hide. I hope you all still respect me.

  4. What I can’t understand with these clowns is that they’re so willing to do something so f’ing juvenile that carries so much consequence.

    Kennedy just barely got away with his tomfoolery back in the days before the internet, shock television and a sharktank media…why would these clowns even think they could pull it off nowadays?

    Do you guys see now why I have concerns with these assholes running my healthcare and, making laws regarding who is to be spied on?

    They aren’t even bright enough to get away with internet porn let alone making laws that regulate OUR lives!

  5. Ohh..sob…sniffle…I’m so sorry about my last comment…and I um…gack…apologize to all those who I have let down and sob sniffle disappointed…I don’t know what came over me…sob sniffle…I didn’t mean to hurt anyone…byuhh huhh sob sniffle…I’ll be alright.

    1. A point to ponder while you’re trying to be funny md, is that a moron like weiner made it to congress (as most do) with some family money, a little bit of personal money and, donations from “investors” who he’s fooled.

      Like most congressmen, he entered with a limited amount of personal fortune and, stands to leave with tens of millions in net worth…while never, ever having to explain how he became a billionaire on a 200,000 salary!

      Now tell me, how stupid would a man have to be to fuck up a wet dream like that over chasing internet bimbo pussy and leaving an electronic trail?
      About as smart as writing checks to a whorehouse!

      Is a guy who is that stupid worthy of reelection to determine how tax dollars are spent, how your life is lived and, who we go to war with?

      LoL…”Do they have hot chicks in Iran???….Let’s bomb them!!!”

      Weiner’s lame excuses and, outragously sorry lies actually had me wishing he’d had called Clinton for some pointers and, some acting lessons!

      These politicians who pull this shit need to understand that even the folks who didn’t like Clinton, still liked Clinton better than we do this crop of amateurs!

      With Clinton it was “He’s lying, we expected it and it’s kind of funny”…with these new clowns, the feighned indignation and teary apology just seems pathetic.

      I’m waiting for Arnold or, Gingrich to say something for me to laugh at on the issue.

  6. Nobody will show to cover it MD…Kwame Killpatrick is scheduled to talk about his jail time experiences today!

    Detroit’s favorite mayor and role model is going to say that prison “ain’t so bad”…if you’re Kwame!

  7. I think that when this settles, Weiner will still be re elected because he is very popular in his district.
    We just have to be thankful that none of our elected Libertarian politicians have ever indulged in this sort of unseemly behavior, well, maybe we will have some elected Libertarian poiliticians to judge. Is Rand Paul a Libertarian? Is his father officially one? No, he ran as a republican and so I guess it doesn’t count that he was
    an aqua buddhist….

  8. Weiner will be reelected because he’s a jew running in a jewish area. If he was sharing pics with Bin Laden, they’d still elect him…and he knows it.

    Look at Hank Johnson (D) of Georgia.
    He’s black, running in a black district and dumber than a bag of hammers!

    His “arguement” against moving a Marine regiment to Guam was that he fears too many people could cause the island to tip over!

  9. Have you ever seen a map of NYC’s 9th congressional district?
    Do you even care? Another sloppy stereo typical borderline comment….
    Do I wanna even go there? Nawww…..

  10. Yes, MD I actually do know it.
    Majority white, liberal and a large Jewish population mixed with some Irish and Italians.
    The closest contender for office was an Italian back in 1996 and ever since, it’s been solid Schumer / Weiner and certainly not because they are “idea men” by any stretch of the imagination.
    They landslided because they’re Jews who ran in a majority area…why do you pretend it’s not true?
    The same crap went on in Detroit too when a Hispanic guy ran for mayor a few years back.
    He had experience, a solid resume, common sense and nothing skeleton-like comming out to haunt him.
    So Detroit elected “tha brotha” (as quoted from a voter interviewed on channel 50) Kwame Kilpatrick who is dumber than a box of rocks and openly stole from the city and flaunted his thuggish behavior…he was a hit for those informed voters in the D!
    And, when he gets out of prison they’d vote for him again if they could! (as quoted from tv!)
    It’s just a fact that in most cases the majority demographic will elect any idiot they identify with.

    So to act surprised that Jews would elect a moron…who was a moron before he proved it via twitter…because he’s a jew is just you living outside of reality.
    Who else would elect an obnoxious idiot named Weiner?
    He’d have lost the election if he ran against a Goldberg or, a Silvermann instead of a Paisan.

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