One if by Land…Ring Those Bells!

By now many Americans have heard Sarah Palin’s new spin on Paul Revere. Does the word ‘pathetic’ even come close?

What is even more disturbing about this former Vice-Presidential candidate, however, is the fact that she wears an Israeli flag-pin. Yes, Israeli. Those who are extra sharp understand why she wears it- to garner support from those odd end-times Christians who ‘believe’ that Jerusalem must fully-control the so-called Holy Land before Jesus’ space ship can safely land there and pick up the good Christians on his return flight.

Yet, what does it say to the Muslim world, to the average young person in the streets of Damascus, Cairo or in any other Muslim nation? That the U.S. and Israel are co-conspirators? That the U.S. stands aside of Israel no matter what atrocities they commit?

Those head-in-the-clouds Christians don’t give a damn about any of this.  They have a singular, narcissistic agenda. Pathetic?  You bet.





33 thoughts on “One if by Land…Ring Those Bells!

  1. Poor dumb bitch Sarah Palin – with all those bells and cash registers constantly going off in that scatterbrained head of hers, who the hell would have time for fact, truth, honesty, or accuracy?


  2. Yeah, and Paul Revere’s ride took him through 57 states but, he was stopped before he could reach the last two!

  3. Aw, Sepp; that was an innocent slip of the tongue, which encompassed all 50 states, and presumably meant to identify the remaining geography as the District of Columbia and our territories.

    That was a single instance of that kind of slip. Palin made the mistake more than once, she stupidly compounded her mistake by trying to insist she was correct instead of just saying ‘oopsie daisy, you betcha!’.

    Palin is a PECKSNIFFIAN Popsie.
    Just like Palin repeatedly made errors about Iraq and 9/11, during speeches from PREPARED scripts, during the 2008 election.

  4. What do you think of any politician that says she only had one flag in her office … and it wasn’t the flag of the United States ? Palin kept an Israeli flag in her office while serving as governor; in fact, when Palin was introduced to Israeli President Shimon Peres she told him, “The only flag at my office is an Israeli flag.”
    She was seen wearing these flag pins during the 2008 campaign, but it would be interesting to know if she wore any of these prior to getting the VP nod ? Could this just be part of the “purchased” wardrobe ?

    That said, she is not the only politician to recognize the power of Israel … back in 2007, I blogged about a paid-for trip that soon-to-be-President Bachmann went on to Israel … noted about the sponsor

    AIPAC is recognized as the second most powerful lobby in Washington. AIPAC has a staff of 200 lobbyists, researchers and organizers; a $47 million annual budget; 100,000 grass-roots members; and a recruitment drive on 300 college campuses. AIPAC does not donate monies directly to political campaigns, but advises its members which Congress members ‘support’ Israel. Between the 2000 and the 2004 elections, the 50 members of AIPAC’s board donated an average of $72,000 each to campaigns and political action committees — how much the average member gave is unknown.

    Ms. Bachmann did not travel only … the chaperone was Eric Cantor (R-VA-07) … and that was not his first visit to Israel … in August 2003, 51 Congressmen visited Israel. There was a trip in August of 2005 and who could foreget when Tom Delay went on a sponsored-paid trip in July 2003 …
    (oh and by the way, that was not Ms. Bachmann’s only trip … she and her husband joined a church group there.)
    (And Tim Pawlenty, as Minnesota’s GINO (Governor In Name Only) spent 37,000 taxpayer dollars to visit Israel.

    That said, do you really want to question Sarah Palin’s intent ?

    After all, Palin has now explained that her Paul Revere response was from “shout-out, gotcha type of question.”

    Plus, let’s be honest … she was just playing a little catch-up on Minnesota’s Historian in Washington… Michelle Bachmann. Recap for those that missed Ms. Bachmann’s history lesson :
    “What I love about New Hampshire and what we have in common is our extreme love for liberty,” the potential GOP presidential candidate said “You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord. And you put a marker in the ground and paid with the blood of your ancestors the very first price that had to be paid to make this the most magnificent nation that has ever arisen in the annals of man in 5,000 years of recorded history.”
    “I don’t think that our public schools are necessarily the place where one fixed set of political beliefs should be imposed on students,” Bachmann said. “I think that knowledge, facts, and information should be on the table, and let students decide what their beliefs should be.”
    [In fact, the 1775 Battles of Lexington and Concord that marked the first military engagements of the American Revolution took place in Massachusetts … but if Ms. Bachmann wants to let students decide the facts, then she may be correct.]
    The sad news for New Englanders looking for a favorite son, my 2007 prediction may have to be flip-flopped … clearly, Ms. Bachmann knows more than Mitt Romney.

    BTW … if you want a little religion, Rick Perry (R-TX) is asking all governors to join him in a day of “fast and pray”

  5. ….facts are not at all important to this clutch of ideologues nor to the many who ‘worship’ them. All that matters is that Heavenly Spaceship that will whisk them off to Paradise.

    And that should scare the Hell out of any citizen who actually cares about the safety of this nation.

  6. Yeah doggone, here’s a few more of those “innocent slips” for you to ponder while you’re calling people stupid!

    And when you’re done with that one…

    1. And you don’t say idiotic and incorrect shit most of the seppo?

      How dost thou fuck up, let me count the ways.

      Thou knowest dick about economics.
      Thou knowest dick about the law.
      Thou gettest they political wisdom from bumperstickers.

      Jaysus thou art a shite for braines.

      1. You’re so right Laci! I bow down before your genius!

        I don’t know dick about economics but, YOU seem to think that being 14 trillion in debt, printing and devaluing our currency and, increasing the debt makes good economic sense!

        And, that bumpersticker just happens to be spot on!

  7. Yeah…there are examples of that “genius” you elected!
    Palin? You can only hope.
    I’m thinking Herman Cain will be making Obama go into his usual stammering fits whenever he has to speak without a teleprompter!

    And like that famous bumper sticker I saw last week said…

    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist (muddy!)

    You’d better elect someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot either!

    1. Seppo, the only person who gets his political knowledge from bumper stickers rather than reality.

      Of course, seppo didn’t need to persuade anyone that he wasn’t a racist, since it’s pretty obvious he is.

      1. Yeah Laci, by liberal standards, I am a racist.
        All anyone needs to do in lib-land to earn the “racist” title is to utilize logic or, make a claim you can’t answer.

    2. Herman Cain, eh? What does he have to ‘offer’ America? Or doesn’t that matter as much as he’s anti-Obama?

      …just wondering

      1. Cain has more to offer because he has actual leadership and economic experience!

        What did Obama have to offer? Hope and change?
        What a plan that is!

  8. Palin’s an idiot.

    BTW, it’s highly unlikely Revere said anything about the “British.”

    After all, at the time, most colonists considered themselves British subjects. It’s more likely Revere shouted that the Regulars (British troops) were coming

  9. BTW, failed businessman Herman Cain had a Palinesque moment recently.

    In an interview, Cain expressed his undying support for Israel. The interviewer asked him if he supported the right of return. Of course, Cain wasn’t well-versed enough in the issue but decided to bluff his way through by stating he supported the right of return–which of course, is against virtually every Israeli government’s position.

    Heckuvajob, Hermie!

      1. No, but he supports Israel to the extent that he would have our military men and women fight and die to defend their claim to the so-called Holy Land. Do you support such a religious war, Sepp?

        1. “No, but he supports Israel to the extent that he would have our military men and women fight and die to defend their claim to the so-called Holy Land.”

          And you know this how?
          Or, are you just talking out of your ass as scripted to you from a “credible” leftyblog?

          Did HE say that? Or, are YOU saying that?

          As for a religious war, maybe you haven’t noticed but, Islam is already engaed in a “holy” war against US?

          Hell, we’d even defend YOUR country if it were being invaded by Islamic nutjobs but, you’re already giving your country away to them there anyways!

          You can’t even fly the Union Jack in some places anymore in your own country because “it may offend some immigrants”!

          Funny that they’re never too offended to suck those social benefits dry that you (supposedly) pay for!

  10. But, the Israeli god established the boundaries of the jewish state. I keep forgetting the Jesus was a jew…..a jew who is now a christian?

  11. Jesus was a Jew…..a Jew who is now a Christian?

    Odd stuff, eh, UptheFlag? But then, one has to remember that we are in Make-believe Land where everything is twisted and up is down.

    Did you see 60 Minutes on Sunday where the Israelis are digging an ‘archaeological’ tunnel under east-Jerusalem, the Muslim area of Jerusalem? When questioned by a CBS reporter about tunneling under the Muslim area, the so-called ‘archeologist’ told the reporter that ‘this has been ‘our’ homeland for 3500 years.’ In other words, go to hell!

  12. Hello All,
    Well the true facts of Paul Revere’s ride took him from Boston to Lexington. He first crossed the Charles River, and then passed through the cities of Somerville, Medford and Arlington. If his ride started at the Old North Church in Boston (where the famous lanterns were hung), then the approximate distance from Boston to Lexington by this route is 10.9 miles.

    However, once Revere arrived in Lexington, he met up with the other midnight rider, and seldom mentioned, “William Dawes.” They both headed toward Concord, where the Sons of the Liberty had a large cache of weapons. They only made it to Lincoln (about 5.4 miles from Lexington) before being surprised by a British patrol. Dawes escaped to finish the ride, but Revere was escorted at gunpoint back to Lexington. When they arrived back (a round trip of 10.8 miles), Reverie’s horse was confiscated. So, assuming the end of this particular trip was Lexington, Revere road approximately 21.7 miles that night.

    Hello Jack,
    We all know the bells that Palin is hearing is the ringing bells of the cash register…OPPS I hear one now, “Cha Ching.” I don’t agree with those who say Sarah Palin’s an idiot. I will agree that she is not very well educated but I think she knows exactly what she is doing just as any other “Snake Oil Salesmen” of the past.

    She has found a lemming audience and is playing to it. It doesn’t matter if her facts are correct so long as she spews out what people want to hear and are willing to pay for that luxury.

    The Extremely “Drain Bramaged” (yes I meant to spell it that way) followers are willing to pay to hear the music they love so they can dance in the streets festive exuberance that which is reassurance of their own ignorance.

    Donald Trump played the same gig with his, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” (say it like the famous “Where’s the Beef!!” advertisement) Dog and Pony show, dinner, and a dance.

  13. “Listen my children for here I pause to tell you the tale of William Dawes.” This was Longfellow’s original opening but I talked him out of it. Got a nice silver tea service for my effort.

  14. I really thought Sepps first comment was a bit of sarcasm on his part and frankly, my friends, any attempt to sarcastic humor by him should be applauded and encouraged.
    I find the attempts by the Palinoids to rewrite the Wikipedia entry on Paul Revere to fit Palin’s fail much more amusing. The Palinoids are beginning to function like a collective being, exhibiting a rather alarming tendency to an artificial hive like intelligence…like the Borgs on the old Star Trek Voyager Series…..

    1. Indeed it was sarcasm microdot…wasted humor here but, humor nevertheless.

      What I really see humor in, are these Obamaphiles who like to pretend that Palin is an idiot while Chairman Zero is immune from saying anything stupid all by himself.

      And as expected, they make excuses for Obama or, just attack me for exposing their hypocrisy.

      1. Chairman Zero Who? As I don’t listen to right-wing radio, it must be a common phrase on those airwaves, eh?

        Who on right-wing radio uses “Chairman Zero?”

  15. allegory works when it is successful…it’s a fail if A: You cannot express it coherently in the first place. Palin, if you watch her video, fails miserably in her garbled attempt to make the allegorical allusion in the first place. You can barely follow her train of thought as it derails itself.
    It’s a fail: when the allegory has to reinterpreted and explained by her supporters to somehow try to cobble a version of the facts to fit their interpretation of what they think she said.

    You can spin it as you like, all the day and all of the night, it still fails miserably.

  16. Somewhere in this tattered thread Sepp makes some illusions to Herman Cain having the business experience to run America….sure the dude knows how to eat pizza, in fact he just made a statement that he wouldn’t sign any bill longer than his attention span, which is about 2 and a half pages, but besides building a 2 bit pizza empire, where is there evidence of his business acumen?
    Surely Sepp is not referring to his director ship of the Midwest Energy Corporation called Aquila which lost Tens of Billions of dollars and bankrupted its stockholders just like Enron did a few years earlier?
    Somehow, Cains tenure at Aquila and the subsequent scandal and lawsuits have been conspicuously absent from his official bio….
    But, Cain was FOX’s flavor of the week, so we heard all of their talking points from their point man here. I guess it’s a diversion to help the GOP and the TeaBaggers prove they aren’t racists…but let the buyer beware…..

    1. From what I’ve read, seen and, heard from Cain, he’s a serious contender.

      As for experience, YOU guys counted Obama’s race hustling banks with ACORN as some kind of “leadership” role…which is ironic because he was fighting to get predatory loans which turned out great for everyone didn’t they?)

      And, I have to ask if you’ve gone any further than the leftyblogs to gain any information on Cain?
      His “2 bit pizza empire” he purchased after turning it around from being a failing business while working as an exec for Pilsbury.

      Meanwhile, Cain’s resume is pages longer than Obama’s and, actually contains a list of accomplishments.

      Obama’s “accomplishments”?
      Well he was able to get candidates booted off the ballot so he could “win” a Senate seat.
      And he was able to fool a lot of idiots that a campaign slogan was a plan!

      And, from the looks of things, “hope and change” actually WAS his only plan!

      He’d better hope that whoever he’s debating never asks,
      “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?”

  17. Just curious how many people had the reaction to the leaked passages of the new Palin book : Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far … in which Bristol Palin has revealed how she lied to her parents about where she was going and then lost her virginity to ex-fiancé Levi Johnston on a camping trip after getting drunk for the first time on too many wine coolers.

    1.) Where was Paul Revere and why wasn’t he ringing the bell and screaming “Levi’s coming” ?
    2. ) If Levi got her drunk and took her virginity, then why would she continue to date him ?
    3. ) The Palin Principle is inheritated … Palin is always innocent and every else is to blame.
    4. ) Rape isn’t a crime in Alaska … nor is underage drinking.
    5. ) After Bristol called the couple’s relationship one of “deception and disappointment” .. which is how many voters feel about Mama Palin.
    6. ) The Candie’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness of teen pregnancy and parenting issues including paying Ms. Palin in excess of $260,000, should try to get Levi to reimburse them. (Note: Candie’s Foundation officials sent only $35,000 to teen pregnancy clinics as they thought it was better to pay for a “famous” spokes-teen.)
    7.) Will “Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far” be in the Fiction or Non-fiction section ?
    8.) Will Ms. Palin get “glittered” during her book tour … or is the rumor that Bristol told Sarah that she is thinking of supporting gay marriage and doesn’t believe religion should have anything to do with equal rights for all, is True ?
    9. ) Will Levi appear in the first episode of
    Bristol’s new reality show or as the “cliff-hanger” in the tenth episode ?
    10. ) Now the child’s name is understood … Bristol was “Tripp”ed-up by Levi.

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