How’s that socialism working?

The only REAL socialist in US Politics:

Funny, but he knows what he’s talking about and makes sense.

Unlike seppo the clown.


4 thoughts on “How’s that socialism working?

  1. Hello Laci,
    Good video clip and good truthful facts to be considered. Yes truthful facts that the Ultra-Conservatives / Teabaggers don’t want to face and admit……TOO BAD.

    Let’s take the current debate on raising the debt limit as if it was President Obama’s invented irresponsibility’s. Well it was no problem in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, and not once but TWICE in 2008 when it was President W. Bush’s responsibilities. Yes remember when we had a Conservative Republican controlled House, Senate, and President when all of this same RAISING (one could call it RAIDING at this time) the debt limit? It was no problem then and it was an instant RUBBER STAMPING.

    Now I am not saying that raising the debt limit once again it is not of concern, I am pointing out where were all of the Teabaggers / Ultra Conservatives voices when it was happening on the Republican Control’s watch? Now this exact same group wants to make this topic a 2011 / 2012 campaign issue.

    Let’s say we call this, “A CONVENIENT SELECT-O-VISION” issue.

  2. Hello Laci,
    I should also add that UNLIKE some who post on this blog who claim Conservative / Tea Party values, I really speak and interface with the Republican leaders of my Party and get my information first hand instead of getting their viewpoints and facts from the propaganda machine funded by the Republican Party.

    I give you the example:
    In 2002 I was speaking with Jack Kemp, (of football quarterback fame, Congressman, Housing and Urban Development Secretary under G. H. W. Bush, and Vice President Candidate and self-described “Bleeding-Heart Conservative.”) As an “Economic Conservative,” Jack Kemp always advocated Low Taxes and “Supply-Side” policies during his political career.

    While speaking with Jack Kemp, I brought up the subject of the uncontrolled spending and debt going on under the, (at this time,) Republican controlled House, Senate, and President W. Bush. Jack Kemp slightly turned his head while shrugging his shoulders with a slight smile and said, “What?…It’s only 10+% of the GNP,” as to say that this constant raising of the National Debt Limit was of no concern because it was such a low percentage of our Nation’s GNP.

    Well if this is the litmus test for the Nation’s Debt Limit with Conservative Supply-Side Jack Kemp and the Republican Party in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 and TWICE in 2008….the current point to which we are debating raising the National Debt ceiling… once again only 10+% of the GNP.

    So I guess one could conclude from former Conservative Supply-Side Economics Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Jack Kemp, so long as the National Debt is on 10+% of the GNP…..IT”S JUST OK FINE!

    So I say to the Blathering Blowhards of Conservative Radio, Fox Programming, Congress and Senate, where was your voice from 2000 to 2008 when the national debt was rubber stamped?

    I will call it what it is, “A CONVENIENT SELECT-O-VISION” issue.

  3. I frequently say that conservative has a different definition in the US than the rest of the world. The problem is that some who call themselves conservativce are really misinformed individuals who have their egos fed by the demagogues on talk radio.

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