Meanwhile Back in Ohio…

In NY 26 special election yesterday, a Democrat took that congressional seat in one of the most ‘Republican’ districts in the state.  The issue of the Paul Ryan/GOP Medicare proposal apparently scared the elderly voters. Is this election result sound the death knell for Republicans in the 2012 elections? Or was it merely a blip? Further, how will the spin doctors on the right skew this victory?

Meanwhile the rape of Ohio goes on quite nicely. With the GOP controlling both houses and the governorship, they are working hard to do as much damage in this state as they can before the next election. They have already ‘fixed’ election laws to disenfranchise low income and elderly voters. Today they vote on drilling for oil in the state parks. Gov. Kasich yesterday proposed giving tax cuts to banks so that ‘they can give more loans’ to the citizens. As the keynote speaker for Ohio Bankers’ Day,  Kasich  said he was considering changing the way the state’s financial institutions are taxed. Two days ago Marathon Petroleum of Ohio received a 75-percent, 15-year job retention tax credit. The Ohio Senate is considering a vote on the House-passed repeal of the Ohio estate tax which the governor promises to sign. Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Governor John Kasich is still talking about phasing out Ohio’s income tax altogether. Did I mention that the governor doesn’t like unions?

As the banking and oil corporations reap great benefits by the GOP Team, Ohio school districts have lost millions of dollars and are cutting programs, laying off teachers, and delaying building projects because ‘the state is broke!’ Cities and towns all throughout Ohio are cutting services and staff and looking to tax hikes to get them out of the red.

Well, Ohio, most of you stayed home on November 2- too busy to walk down the block to your voting precinct. While you stayed home, those other people decided things for themselves.  Get it? Will you snooze away the next voting day, too?


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  1. mud_rake,
    I really pity you and your fellow Ohioans. You folks have simply GOT to do something about that insane Governor of yours as well as his corrupt legislature. They are a very nasty blemish on our nation’s body politic!

  2. Boy oh boy do you guys need a recall option! I’d make it a priority to put that on your next ballot; if it requires gathering signatures, yesterday would not be too soon to start.

    You’re right Republicans ARE raping Ohio. Not surprising as they don’t seem to object to rape in their mysoginistic efforts in Congress either.

    Any tea partier who didn’t see this coming or who thinks these are good ideas deserves that rape. Everyone else? Well, there is that old saying about getting the kind of government we deserve…. versions of it appear here:

    but I liked this version best, attributed to H.L. Mencken

    “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.”

    My condolences to those of you who voted, and who tried to change this outcome in Ohio. YOU have my deepest sympathy, right after the sympathy I feel for those of us in MN in the same boat…..and Wisconsin, and Michigan and…..

  3. “Doing as much damage in the state while they can”?
    Really muddy?
    Are you going to just pretend that blowing money we don’t have on crap we can’t afford was a “good thing” for the state?

    Are you going to cry foul because the democrats made promises during the good times that aren’t sustainable in the lean times? And lay the blame on the guy who’s telling you the truth you don’t want to hear?

    Sorry muddy, the state no longer can afford to pay for all those democrat’s “perks for votes” schemes anymore. It isn’t a republican plot, it’s just plain and simple economics.
    Ohio doesent have the luxury of just printing more money when the promises empty the till.

  4. Sepp- what do YOU get out of your blind support for banks and oil companies? Do they send you free gifts? It makes me wonder if you really are masquerading as a ‘middle-class’ working stiff when, in reality, you are a $200G’s oil investor or a bank VP.

    1. The banks and oil companies aren’t putting Ohio over budget muddy. Years of foolish spending and state funded freebies that have dried out the coffers is the problem and has been for some time.
      Now, all those little pet programs just aren’t fundable whether you like it or, not.

  5. Yes, it’s just plain and simple economics.

    Simplistic is more the word. It’s the same programme Andrew Jackson used when he zeroed out the National Debt and cleared the deficit–cut government programmes and sell government assets (Land). Of course, we know how beneficial that was for the US economy.

    Sepp enjoys his freedom to work 62 hours, not retire, not have health care, and all the rest of those evils provided by the “Nanny State”.

    1. Once again, 62 hours is a choice I make, I have a full benefit package and could retire and live comfortable by age 55 if I choose to.

      Try and remember that for the next time you spout off your “facts” and save me from having to explain it to you again.

      1. Yes, it is a choice you make.

        And you’re an idiot for making that choice.

        And I can spout that fact off as much as I like since you readily admit you work your arse off.

        Tough shit, dumbfuck.

      2. Sepp, why take offens if it’s the turht.

        you are telling us the truth aren’t you?????

        Or is the man taking you for a ride and you don’t want to admit it?????

        Somehow, I think it’s the latter, Septic.

  6. Hello Muddy,
    GOOD FOR New York!!! As I have said before, the Extreme Right Teabaggers are going to be the death of my Republican Party until we wise up and purge them from our ranks.

    Let’s hope Ohio regains their sanity and learn to vote for their own benefit.

  7. Well, the Senate voted on the House GOP budget, aka “The Ryan Budget Plan, this afternoon. The vote was 40-57. 40 GOP rode the House Plan down to defeat. The two Senators from Maine, Murkowski of Alaska, Rand Paul of KY voted no as did Brown of Massachusetts. Paul voted against not because of the the medicare provisions, but because the cuts are not deep enough!

    Now, as a famous news reporter, Paul Harvey would say, “Here is the rest of the story.” After that vote, the Senate voted on the Obama Budget. The vote was 0-97! Can you imagine, M_R, worse defeat than the GOP Budget?

    What a bunch of clowns we have guiding our financial ship of state. And, we have a President bumbling his way through a toast to the Queen of England. Not only that protocul failure, our President signed the guest book at WestMinister Abbey and signed it May, 2008. A time when he wasn’t even President. Looks like a case of stress, M_R. I can only imagine what we would be saying if President Bush had done it…..

    1. Obama created that foolish budget knowing it would fail. Lack of a budget hasn’t slowed his spending down in the least bit.

  8. Don’t we all know that the reason the Democrat was elected in NY26 was because there was a split vote on the GOP side as there was a GOP and a tea party candidate? That’s what Ryan has said. In addition, he says that the Democrats have demigogued medicare. Now, looki who is calling the pot black!

    However, are Democrats, M_R, ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Today Biden says that if the GOP puts revenue increases on the table, then the entitlements should be put on the table. My god, not even 24 hours! Yep, M_R. we 98 percenters will be thrown under the elitist bus. Just watch how we will be sold out. Money is flowing into Congress’ pockets.

  9. Here we are again…A new book out in the vein of “Too Big To Fail” and by the editor of the Financial page of the NYT was asked on “Morning JOe” what congress person is the most to blame for the financial crash in 2008. Her answer? Barney Frank.

    I believe, Sepp, you and I were about the only ones offering comments on our financial meltdown who fingered Frank months ago. I know that I raked Dodd-Frank Bill over the coals. They both sold us out to the “too big to fail” group of 10.

    Did any one else catch the HBO movie on Monday of “TOO BIG TO FAIL”? It was based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book of the same title. It is a devastating indictment of the 10 largest banks and investment houses and of our federal government in the near collapse of our and the world’s fiancial stability.

    At the end, Bernache, Geithner and Paulsen given $125 BILLION to these 10 with the stipulation that they loan the money out to keep the economy from collapsing. Paulsen is looking out the window congratulating Bernache on getting “the deal” done. Bernache responds yes, if they loan the money out.
    The big word was “if”. Paulsen turns doubtful and the picture fades away with the following words in black and white. The money was not given out, but kept, and the 10 paid out bonuses of $135 BILLION. Moverover, it said that these 10 firms now control 77% of the money in the United States. Now, they are “too big to fail”! Do I need to remind two of these government officials have been rewarded by President Obama and are still in positions of great power in the Federal Government?

    1. UTF, did you happen to catch the announcement from the CBO that stated Obama’s “stimulus” package will now cost $43 billion more than they thought it would?

      And these clowns are talking about doing another stimulus?

        1. You’ve heard me refer to the GOP’s antics during the Bush years as “clownish” and worse plenty of times muddy.

    2. Of course, the idea is to get more money out there in loans.

      Now, isn’t that a dim idea?

      How about creating jobs? Nobody has done much of that in the past nearly 40 years.

  10. An Awakening in Ohio ?

    A short story for you. Yesterday, I was at the Mpls.-St. Paul airport … and since this is May in Minnesota with temperatures in the low ’60s at midday, I had an Ohio State sweatshirt on. Waiting at the baggage pickup, a passenger who had just arrived from Ohio was also wearing the same sweatshirt … naturally, I congratulated on his wardrobe and he asked where I was from and I said Minnesota but that I had graduated from OSU … being decades removed from Ohio, I was interested in his thoughts on current politics, but without wanting to get into an argument (heck, we were both just waiting for baggage), so rather than a direct question, I mentioned that one of my classmates was John Kasich … his pleasant smile was gone … I sensed that I had hit a nerve. He said “be glad your gone, this guy does nothing but lie and not answer a question directly.” He went on to tell me that on Monday, he went to sign a petition to void SB 5 from becoming law. Then the carousel started spinning and the baggage arrived … our conversation was over.

    OK, that’s just one person … but thought to myself, there might be an awakening in Ohio …

    IMO, keep writing your blog … keep exposing their antics … your message will encourage participation.

    1. Thanks and I will keep on. I brought up the awful mess in Ohio as an example of what right-wing governance can do to any state [and the entire nation]. It could happen anywhere [Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio] so let it be a general lesson to all.

      By the way, the Ohio House yesterday voted YES on drilling for oil in Ohio’s State Parks. Yesterday in Michigan, they voted to reduce business taxes in the state AND to cut funding for schools in the state.

  11. But Minnesota Central where are the Ohioans on this blog…Im in MS, another is in France, another is in MY.

  12. Yes, Sepp, i caught that, but such is life, lol…

    M_R won’t like to admit the following, but Obama has become irrevelent in the budget process, except to send Biden out and tell the GOP he will put the entitlements on the cutting board, if the GOP will pretty-please put raising taxes on the table.

    1. He’s ‘irrelevant’ because it is the House and Senate that negotiate and vote the Budget. Recall the separations of powers.

  13. Well, Sepp, Paulsen gave a stimulus to the 10 Wall Street financial houses of $125 Billion and they pocketed it…More GOP trickle down economics, or as Bush I called it, “vodoo” economics.

    On the reverse, there is Obama stimulating Detroit with loans to GM and Chrysler, and the results are much better. They both have almost repaid the loans and are rehiring. GM announced this week that 2,000 workers in Detroit alone will be soon punching in..means we have taxpayers coming in, Sepp. I’LL
    take this stimulus any time. In addition, if your a patriot, Obama may have well saved United State automobile manufacturing. The “Big Three” all had profitable quarters…..

    1. Sepp has two bones to pick on the GM/Chrysler Loans: 1.) it was an Obama plan and 2.) it helped unions. Sepp finds both intolerable because he is such an ideologue.

      1. 1st off muddy, Obama has yet to make a plan for anything.
        2nd off, it’s the unions who have created the mess via bleeding the companies that employed them dry.
        I’ve never been against a person making a fair wage in a safe environment…which was what the unions originally stood for. Until they got greedy and simply extorted the companies into unsustainable contracts…which if you’d look at the reality and did the math you’d understand.

    2. UTF, out of 47 billion in loans, Chrysler has so far repaid 7.5 billion and GM has repaid 8.1 billion so to say “they’ve almost repaid it all” is premature. GM made that statement AFTER it borrowed money from one side of it’s debt and nutshelled it toward saying it was “repaying” it’s loan.

      The ONLY thing that was “saved” were the unions. The automakers could have easily filed bankrupcy and washed the slate clean.

      But, doing so would have voided their union contracts and force the unions to negotiate from scratch.
      Gettlefinger crawled to the oval office and made all sorts of promises and threats to Obama as to what would happen to his UAW support if he didn’t make the loans.
      GM and Chrysler would have reconfigured and, the UAW stood to lose billions under a new contract…which would also mean that Obama would lose millions for his reelection coffers.

  14. muddy, you forgot the third thing that Sepp doesn’t like about the GM Chrysler loans – they worked – they kept those industries afloat, which was important to the United States for a variety of reasons; and it didn’t end up costing us money as we are being paid back in full. Not there yet, but we’re getting much much closer.

    1. Work hard – play hard!
      Do the hard work today and, rest tomorrow!

      Except this “slave” is probably 15 years younger than you are and will be financially ready to retire 10 years before you’re even able to hope your government check arrives on time to pay your rent!

      Meanwhile, my “master” who allows me to work 60 hours a week only requires me to slave for about 9 months a year total. I spent 20 days partying in Europe each year for the last few years and, already have tickets to return this comming August for 2 weeks in Germany and, the Netherlands!
      The rest of my summer will be puttering around the lake since most of the summer belongs to me.

      So please stop feeling sorry for me Laci, I feel sorry for you suckers who do the 9-5 bit 5 days a week and “plan” their retirement around how much they expect the government to give them when they’re too old to earn anymore.
      And if you think you’re mocking me, you’re not. I’ll see you in 15 years and see who is mocking who.
      I’ll be on vacation and you’ll be whining that people like me should be taxed more to support people like you.

  15. Good spin on Obama being irrelevent, M_R. At the State of the Union, the President presents his budget program, and in a few days after that he submits his specific budget to Congress…And, there is no budget, without a President’s approval…Just think, M_R, what a mistake Obama has been

  16. What was that vote again on the Obama budget plan? Oh, 0-97! Ryan 40-57. Two losers!

    Really, what more can we expect from a President who thinks it is still 2008?

  17. DogGone and Laci- Do you ever wonder whether right-wing ideologues WOULD really enjoy seeing the U.S. economy tank once again to ‘prove’ to themselves and their clutch of friends that Obama is, as that dullard son of Dan Quayle quipped, ‘The worst president ever!’

    The other thing that simply does not register on my brain is how, as Laci points out, this same clutch of right-wingers prostrates themselves in front of Big Oil, Wall Street and the Financial Services Industry, awaiting an anal screwing at the pleasure of the money-men of America.

    Any ideas on these two points?

    1. I want to see the economy tank?

      If that were true, I’d join your little Obama cheerleading squad you have here and demand he increase the debt, print more money and, continue to devalue the dollar!

      I’d be cheering that he refuses to allow Americans to mine and drill for their own resources and places bans on them while putting thousands more onto the govt dole!

      I’d be cheering for him to encourage other countries to drill for oil in the places he’s banned American companies from doing so while promising to be their best customer!

      I’d be singing his praises for enlarging the government’s size and cost!

      And I’d be standing right next to you parrotting bullshit “talking points” against those crazy people who are trying to stop it all!

      As for your ideas on big oil and the finance industry, let’s just say for 1 minute that your silly liberal revenge fantasy came true and Obama really stuck it to em’ with a huge tax increase and windfall penalties and really showed all who’s boss!

      Are you foolish enough to think that those industries are just going to take it in the ass…which you obviously believe
      Will you be seeing $8 a gallon gas, the interest rate on your loans shooting back up to the 1979 19% range and, be blogging the next day and crying that ATM fees are now $7, credit card rates are 28% and, your wife bouncing a check for $10 has a penalty of $60?

      Those businesses can withstand EVERY little liberal hate fantasy you jokers can dream up…but, can you?

      How about those evil rich businessmen? You seem to hate them too but, do your damnedest and, as they have always done, they pass the cost back onto you and cut a few people off the payroll in the process.

      The trust-funders will suffer but, they’d dry up pretty fast!

      Class envy works 2 ways…those who envy it and, try to become what they envy or, those who perpetually cry about it and would rather see the motivated brought down to their level.

      You guys all seem to come from the 2nd example…constantly crying about those who chase wealth and achieve it while doing nothing to earn it yourself…other than trying to elect assholes who will punish them on your behalf.

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