Herman Cain and Other GOP Jokers

That ever-growing, right-wing, assuming evermore control of the Republican Party, can’t seem to find ‘their’ presidential candidate. Romney and Pawlenty are much too moderate for these cave-dwellers. But wait! Enter Herman Cain.  Who? Well, he was found at the proverbial bottom of the barrel after the other half-dozen GOP candidates jumped out.  He is a pizza CEO. No doubt, that’s a good enough background to run for the presidency. And a favorite of the Tea Party.

Some of the right-wing bloggers are looking at Cain as their new hero.  Qualifications? He hates Obama.  Nuff said. He was on Fox [surprise, surprise] on Sunday and was the deer-in-the-headlights when asked a substantive question by moderator Chris Wallace. Cain had criticized President Obama after his speech on the everlasting Israeli-Palestinian problem, saying that ‘Obama threw Israel under the bus!’  Following in the footsteps of dimwitted Sarah Palin, Cain remained mute and stunned when he was questioned about the Palestinian right of return. When Cain seemed confused about the term, Wallace elaborated on the issue, asking whether Palestinian refugees should have any right to return to Israeli land. He obviously never though much beyond the bus metaphor, and babbled an answer that shocked right-wingers and fundamentalist Christians.

Cain wasn’t sure about what to do in Afghanistan either, yet proudly said, “I think it’s disingenuous to tell the American people what I would do, when I don’t have the intelligence information.” Duh!  Perhaps he should have done some homework? Metaphors do not constitute a foreign policy. I wonder if he’s ever seen Russia from Alaska?

Michelle Bachman is still looking strong in the eyes of the Tea Party and may, in fact, jump into the race.  After all, everyone’s doing it. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if she won the Iowa Caucuses? She is an Iowa native and sounds strangely like the Aflac Duck as she babbles the Tea Party platitudes. So she wins in Iowa, loses in New Hampshire, then wins in South Carolina.  Bingo!

Speaking of GOP jokers, rfemember how the GOP shot down Obama’s health care plan, aka Obamacare? Recall that they had their own plan? Recall seeing it?

Remember how the victors of the 2010 mid-term elections touted jobs, jobs, jobs? How’s that working out for them?

The greater question is whether The People will remember as they enter the polling place in November 2012.


12 thoughts on “Herman Cain and Other GOP Jokers

  1. Bachmann is smarter, well…more cunning anyway, than Palin. But she has skeletons in her closet, lots of them, like the recent embarrassment Bradlee Dean. Her legislative accomplishments are precisely zero; probably it would be more accurate to rate her with a negative number.

    I think Bachmann overestimates her own popularity. She couldn’t carry Minnesota, never mind the country. The only way she stays in Congress is that she is an extremely engineered and gerrymandered district which primarily votes not just conservatively, but relies heavily on the basis of the single issue of abortion to get out the Bachmann vote. She has won by relatively narrow margins, in what was the last election cycle THE most expensive congressional race in the country, relying on HUGE amounts of outside money to pull it off.

    If that is the case in her home district, if she couldn’t win outside that district and can barely win inside it with huge funding, what would it take to get anywhere for her in the whole country? I don’t think there is that much money, anywhere.

    TPaw has fewer skeletons, but less name recogintiion and less support from the extreme fringe. I doubt he could raise the money Bachmann commands, but every poll in the past 5 years has shown he couldn’t even carry Minnesota for president.

    The mess he left behind as governor, which is part of the problem with our current budget, is the reason he didn’t run for the third term he could have had. He would have won, but he would have faced in person some really seriously embarrassing problems. Which is why even when he was governor, and now more than then, he doesn’t spend much time IN Minnesota.

    Nope. If you’re looking for candidates, I don’t think either of the Minnesotan are going to cut it – and probably not even as VP choices. They are far weaker than the superficial national coverage shows them.

  2. On the MSNBC Ed Show, former REPUBLICAN Governor Arne Carlson quite accurately nailed former REPUBLICAN Governor Tim Pawlenty for the abysmal job he did during his term in office, among other things costing the state their top credit rating.

    TPaw and Bachmann are far weaker potential candidates than I think the national media knows……..so far. I think that can be expected to blow up in their faces though if they get very far in the primaries out side of MN…

    1. The Ed show…that explains everything right there!
      The only thing dumber than Ed Schultz is his audience!

      They’re like the Limbaugh crowd with lower IQ’s and the easy way to tell them apart is that the Ed Schultz crowd has it’s hand out looking for a freebie!
      Welfare’s answer to Limbaugh!

  3. Bachmann and Pawlenty are both caught up in their own bullshit. Bachmann is like Palin in that she is stupid and loves it when the cameras are rolling on her. Pawlenty is an arrogant little snake-oil salesman peddling tired old useless Bush/Cheney economics. Neither one are worth a pitcher of cold piss.

    1. Hey Jack, have you ever bothered to notice that Obama has not only KEPT Bush’s economic policy in place but has added to it on a massive scale?
      So, are you just an idiot who didn’t notice or, a lefty who DID notice but, is afraid to actually admit it?

  4. Herman Cain’s “only qualification is hating Obama”???

    Are you intentionally acting stupid for a response or, are you really so clueless to make such a statement?

    Cain’s resume is nothing short of impressive. He flipped burgers at Burger king and went on to run 400 of their franchises, was hired to save a failing pizza chain and turned it around and ended up buying the franchise, became CEO of the national resturant assn, and was served as chairman of the Kansas city federal reserve.
    He’s also done projects for the Navy and was a business analyst coca-cola and pillsbury.

    Not too bad of a resume when it’s held next to Obama’s single page flop that includes an unremarkable stint at a law office, a short term at a college teaching a subject he obviously isn’t familiar with and, his longest job he held was a race hustler who harrassed banks into doling out predatory loans to poor people for ACORN!

    You certainly didn’t give two shits about “qualifications” when you elected Obama Muddy!
    As a matter of fact, the ONLY thing you seemed to care about was that he was black!

    Here’s Herman Cain who is a self made guy who is also black AND, has an impressive history that you can easily reference without his lawyer suing to block anything!

    Nice attempt though at trying to downplay the man’s achievements to folks who quote the Ed show as their news source!
    It’s a no-brainer that they’ll never do 3 minutes of their own research!

    1. And his qualifications other than pizza CEO are:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

      1. Why don’t you just look his quals up? His resume is pretty extensive.
        It’s actually outright comical that suddenly you care about the qualifications of a presidential candidate after you elected a “community organizer” with ZERO leadership experience, who has never operated a business, made a payroll, solved a problem on his own and, who’s “management” experience was limited to “managing” a mob protesting in front of a bank!

        THAT passed your test as enough “experience” to sit in the big boy chair in the whitehouse but, being the CEO / owner of a pizza chain (that was failing before he took it over), a special projects manager for the Navy, Federal reserve chairman, operations CEO for every burger king on the eastern seaboard, and an executive for Pillsbury is just too thin a record for you?

        C’mon man, change the damned channel once in a while.

  5. Well, I’ll be damned! It seems you are as bigoted and racist as you claim people who disagree with Obama are! Do you see the irony there?

    Yes, he didn’t know what right of return was but he damned sure knew what it was the next day because he investigated it and told it on the Hannity show the next night and actually acknowledged he was taken by surprise and wasn’t familiar with the term. More than another man who actually holds the office now would do.

    BUT, as Sepp already said he has more experience in running something than the community organizer in chief had when he ran and he still doesn’t know how to lead.

    You’re a bunch of racists! hahahaha How does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot?

  6. Do you want all presidential candidates to say what they will do in a situation they have no information on? I wouldn’t. I’d rather they tell me they don’t have the information the president has and when they do they will have a team analyze it, identify the problem and then make a decision. That’s the way business works too but who among you save Sepp would know how business works?

  7. Sepp writes: “Cain’s resume is nothing short of impressive.”

    Not really. Cain was a VP at Pillsbury (pillsbury literally has hundreds of VPs) when the company acquired a struggling Godfathers Pizza. Cain was put in charge of Godfathers and the pizza company fluorished for two reasons: Pillsbury injected a ton of cash into the company and God fathers benefitted from the trend of pizza companies elimintaing or reducing restaurants in favor of carryout-only businesses. Companies like Pizza Hut, Poppa Johns, Dominos and other with deep pockets all made a very successful transition.

    Cain left Pillsbury and bought Godfathers with other investors. When the Pillsbury money went away–so did much of Godfathers market share. When Pillsbury was funding Godfathers, it had the second largest market share among pizza companies. When Cain left Godfathers, Godfathers is hardly a sliver of the market.

    I note Cain doesn’t highlight his tenure with Aquila Energy. Why is that, Sepp?

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