Rapure and Other Biblical Pap

This may be my last post. But I’m a happy agnostic who has plans for tomorrow and beyond. I think the idiocy of those thousands of delusional [c]hristians who believe that today is the end of the world [as we know it] ought to be a lesson to all Christians that the stuff written in the Bible is both fantasy and toxic. Imagine [Lennon] that today’s ‘prediction’ is based on the Noah myth- a pair of brontosaurus and other couples riding out the flood on a handmade ark for forty days. Even Pixar can’t replicate that nonsense.

Yet, beyond the cartoonish imagery and the wild fairy tales, there lie sinister and grim statements in that so-called holy book which have set people afire and subjected others to a lifetime of misery, shame and scourge.

It is quite interesting that the lunatics selected today, May 21, as the day of rapture- the day after the right-wing leader of Israel chided President Obama for his earlier statement regarding the boundary lines between Israel and the Palestinians. The synchronicity is amazing for those of us who have read the last part of the New Testament- that ranting, drug-induced blather titled Revelations. It was interesting to note how President Obama was thoroughly criticized by the GOP [God’s Own Party] when he suggested a 2-state solution and boundary revisions.  Why would members of the Republican Party be so hostile about ‘boundaries’ over there in that postage stamp size region of rock, dust and sand? There is no oil. No minerals. Nothing at all that would benefit the citizens of this nation. Except for a few obscure lines from Revelations.

Fundamentalist Christians ‘believe’ that in order for the Second Coming of Jesus, the Jews must purify their land [from Infidels]. And, most importantly, if the Jews do not control Jerusalem, the longed-for Battle of Armageddon and, thereafter, the Second Coming of Christ cannot occur. Period. End of case.

Amazing foolishness, isn’t it? And so here we are on ‘judgment day’ when we and many of the other fundamentalist Christians laugh at Harold Camping. The dangerous irony of it all is that there will be no laughing after today when these fundamentalist Christians continue to drive a wedge between the Palestinians and the Jews to prepare the way for the ‘real’ Second Coming! It is a religious con-game with dire consequences for The People of this nation.  As a result, the Muslim world continues to distrust the United States and this blind support of Israel emboldens the crackpot terrorists in that part of the world.

So, do we laugh or cry today? The idiocy of religion continues to poison the minds of the people on this planet.


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  1. Bachmann is one of those lunatics.

    For some insight into who the far right wing listens to for their religious propaganda:

    I particularly liked “the Pope is the Anti-Christ” because of course, that ties into the end times / rapture/ armegeddon themes.

    I’ve been to Ur Megido, aka Armageddon, in the Holy Land. It is a real, finite place on the map; and actually it was very pretty….

  2. A I write this, The current time and date in New Zealand is 2:57 AM, Sunday, May 22, 2011(Standard Time +1200 UTC).

    The Apocalypse was supposed to have started at 6PM on the 21st.

    We have survived another of these idiotic scares.

    The problem with the idiotic right is that they are caught up in the Sin of Pride by trying to second guess God. Even worse, by trying to speed up the clock of his events.

  3. “they are caught up in the Sin of Pride…” That’s an interesting statement, Laci. But, how does pride affect the Right or how does it reflect their belief about their position?

  4. Well, we are still here…But, then again it’s not 6PM.

    Its beyond agnosticism for me, M_R..I think that we know whats on the other side…

  5. These people who are predicting the end of the world give all christians a bad name. If they truly were Christians then they would know that the Bible clearly states that no one would know the exact time of Christ’s return. It is unbelievable the ignorance of some people…

  6. I’m still shovelin brimstone out of the driveway…you know after it cools down a bit, it makes great landscaping material.

  7. 11:00 PM and, surprise surprise, we’re all still here. Gosh, who could have guessed, eh? Volcano in Iceland. What was that line about ‘when Hell freezes over?

    Good night all. Sweet dreams. See you in the morrow.

  8. Good point that this should be a matter of reflection on motivation.

    Speaking of Obama and the Israeli voters, let’s credit him for taking the “Statesman” approach and rejecting the “Politician Appeaser” role … Obama may lose some votes and make Florida more of a challenge (btw … did you know that Tim Pawlenty used tax-payer dollars to lead two Trade Missions to Israel … and Michelle Bachmann has also visited there twice) but Obama’s message was more of a second-termer than a candidate having to face the voters again.

    Now, a little more reflection …

    Let’s credit Harold Camping as a Job Creator … changing 1200 billboards kept a few people employed … plus the writers at Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.
    Seriously, his Family Radio network is in the top 20 of number of radio stations … including some in Toledo, Youngstown and the Cleveland market … so those are jobs ranging from paid announcers to all the businesses that support the radio stations.

    Let’s remember that Camping’s Family Radio relies on donations … just like Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, people donate monies that they may be claiming tax deductions for. Is there any difference between The Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, et al and televangelists Eddie Long, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, and Creflo Dollar … The United States Constitution does not require the government to exempt churches from federal income taxation or from filing tax and information returns … maybe it’s time for all those “Constitutionalists” to call for changing the tax laws. Especially when “preachers” endorse candidates from the pulpit … for example in the 2010 Minnesota elections, a minister first went on the radio and then to the pulpit with “May God be glorified in the upcoming election” and then provided a list of approved candidates … he stated that this was free speech and that “Jesus Christ did not come into this world to convert everyone into being a conservative or a liberal. Jesus Christ did not come into this world to convert people to be a Democrat or a Republican” but the preacher’s list of candidates did not include any Democrats.

    Lastly (and I know that May 21st is just the first day of the End of Days and that we have until October 21st to change our ways), but will this cause some reflection on other religious interpretations … specifically on the issues of evolution and climate change ? It’s pretty easy to deny when the moneytalkers tell us to deny … but when Jon Huntsman says : “All I know is 90 percent of the scientists say climate change is occurring. If 90 percent of the oncological community said something was causing cancer we’d listen to them.” … that should make some rational thinking people reconsider the deniers’ message … oh, and that’s why Jon Huntsman won’t be the GOP nominee.

  9. Good stuff, Minnesota. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    and that’s why Jon Huntsman won’t be the GOP nominee.

    True, very true. Can’t have science or logic ruin a perfect World of Delusion, now can we.

  10. Fox is pushing for Jeb Bush and Rubio to join in….As to Jeb, they say the GOP is his for the asking…

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