McCain Smacks Down Bushies

Sen. John McCain is a self-described maverick who is not afraid to ‘offend’ the leadership of his own party. He’s a complex man who often drifts to both sides of an issue, especially during an election year.  There is one issue, however, on which McCain is steadfast- torture. He has always spoken out against the use of torture, clearly because he was its victim during the Vietnam War.

On Thursday, John McCain walked to the microphone on the floor of the U.S. Senate to restate his position on that subject.  It was the same theme, the same intention, the same wisdom that he has always offered on the subject- don’t do it. The made three points.  First, it is immoral and illegal.  Second, it gives our enemies the right to torture our POWs.  Third, it doesn’t work. This last point, of course, goes against the rhetoric of late coming from the mouths of the former members of the GW Bush White House. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Rove and others made the spin circuit shortly after the death of bin Laden touting the idea that torture [aka enhanced interrogation techniques] led to the killing of OBM. Interestingly, both Cheney and Rumsfeld both stated that they used torture, a statement that opens the door for international prosecution.

Right-wing blogs lit up with joy after this cadre boasted of their role in the death of bin Laden. It was a “USA! USA!” moment for these right-wingers who, for those 8 ugly years,  clung to the Bush Team through thick and thin, absorbing each piece of propaganda like a thirsty sponge. These right-wingers are thirsty for ‘victory.’ After losing both the birther and deather scenarios, the Bush torture ‘victory’ was just what they needed to keep that black man in his place.

I may venture into that dark, dank realm of right-wing delusion today to read their hate of McCain for ‘outing’ the Bush Team on the torture issue. They lose quite poorly, much like adolescents. Three in a row, however, will surely knock them off of their righteous pedestals. But not for long. Just as a cornered animal seeks many avenues of escape, I’m sure that we will not have to wait too long for yet one more attempt by the right-wing to discredit this president.


16 thoughts on “McCain Smacks Down Bushies

  1. It’s rather telling rightwingers oppose the notion of torture when applied against white people.

    Think about it.

    Wouldn’t there be wingnut howling if law enforcement officials decided to waterboard FFLs suspected of selling guns illegally?

  2. Jade writes, Wouldn’t there be wingnut howling if… They ‘howl’ at anything that they ‘believe’ ought not exist inside of their World of Delusion, which, by the way, seems to be narrow, exclusive and lily white.

    By the way, Microdot has this photo on his blog, which exposes those inside of the Religious World of Delusion:

  3. AT LAST! McCain FINALLY slams the Bush/Cheney lie about torture to the mat! Now it’s time for all those pricks (Cheney, Liz Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Yoo, Addington, Rice, Gonzales, Ashcroft, and Mukasey) to be tried, convicted, sentenced, and executed for war crimes, just as was done with the Nazis!

    1. The trouble with that plan, Jack, is that there are tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans who still believe all of the lies- the enormous chest-full of them- that this cadre concocted. Still ‘believe’ and would defend them to their last breath!

  4. I’ve noticed recently, M_R, your visits to right wing blogs. I check in at Fox some, and it is on where I work, so it’s interesting to see what “the other side” talking points are.

    Yes, for the last week it was supporting the Bush/Cheney failed war on Al qaeda. From the morning news to their evening news to “slanthead”, lol, to Rove, to “Colonel” North, Rumy, Yoo they were crediting Bush policies for finding bin Laden, especially waterboarding. In this case, I agree that to bring law suits against Jack’s list of culprits(and Jack, you forget the “slam dunk” CIA Director) would probably get us no where. Yes, it is a problem, but Obama squandered any opportunity to change the military and our basic freedoms. He wants to be the conciliator and compromiser…Yet, he compromises on Democratic values and racks up no defeats on the GOP. However, it seems to me that we now have more serious problems, namely, the debt ceiling and the growing deficit. If we can deal with these two problems, many of the other problems, like the military will be solved in the process…Now, there you go, M_R, sink your teeth into that last sentence and give us some talking room, lol….

  5. BTW, are we to consider Ron Paul as a right winger?

    He’s a libertarian. The right-wing does not buy into that package, thus they remain a confused lot of disgruntled men.

  6. So, where do we put Paul?

    I’m not too sure that the right wing doesn’t buy into Paul. Maybe not in the area of national security, but even that is in flux. Luger and Graham are two GOPers calling for getting out of the wars. Not sure, but probably the two senators from Maine and the one from Massachusetts.

    I would think that the rightwing would have no problem in supporting Paul and his ideas on society and economics, and culture…

  7. Well, Jack…speaking of torture, how much torture did we place on the Germans in WWII with the planned fire bombing on German Cities like Dresden and the dropping of two atom bombs on the Japanese? The United States is viewed in many areas as “Atilla the hun” for what we did to the Japanese. We are the only country to have used an atomic bomb on adversaries., a nice distinction to have for a “christian” country, isnt it?

  8. “discredit this president.”

    Do you really want me to?

    OMG, just as I typed that, a GOP congressman says President Obama is “moving our way.” Isnt that just what we need, M_R?

    Case closed!

    BTW, did I hear Obama say on this Saturday radio program, “drill, baby, drill.”

  9. After a few days of internet interruptions, things seem to have settled back into place.
    Could it be that now that McCain sees the writing on the wall, he is trying to secure a more honorable position? Remember that it was only a short time ago that in pandering to the conservatives for re election, he stated that he supported torture.
    I read his piece in the NYTimes and was amazed at the eloquence and logic he stated his position with. I thought I had woken up in an alternative universe.

    Regarding Ron Paul…what are we to make of his ultimate naive free market logic of legalizing heroin? Not that decriminalizing drugs wouldn’t in the long run go a long way to helping us deal with the world wide effects of the underworld drug trade, but he seems to have no idea of what he is actually talking about.
    Too bad that politics are influenced by populist sensationalism much more than intelligent discourse. All the major players seem to be tuned to the 24 hour news cycle and will say what ever it takes to grab a headline, knowing that the noise is worth far more than the substance…after all, the echo lasts a lot longer than the actual noise.
    What would you make of his statement that property rights are more important than civil rights?
    Does that lead us back to a system where people who don’t own property are disenfranchized as voters?

  10. Well, his answer about private property and civil rights seems to be that as a country we have moved in the last 50 years beyond apartheid and Jim Crow.

    Yes, it is the constant rilvary between private and group rights. Is the individual more important or is the group more important? Much of our laws seem to revolve around those issues…

  11. UptheFlag asks, Yes, it is the constant rilvary between private and group rights. Is the individual more important or is the group more important?

    The Preamble has the phrase, ‘promoting the general Welfare…’ and thus perhaps we tilt to the group over the individual. Take a look at the National Parks, for example.

  12. I would tend to agree as group interests seem to be the most positive force for the protection of individual interests. Your own personal freedom is more insured when you can stand united, rather than be divided and conquered. That is the method of the manipulation of the masses by corporations who run the “tea party” or by the phony issues raised by so called libertarians.
    Civil rights are by definition, just that, Civil Rights. By affirming the right of all citizens, we re affirm our own rights. You do not give up a right by marginalizing a segment of society, you only make yourself more susceptible to being marginalized.

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