Censorship in the World of Delusion

I suppose that they find comfort inside of their bubble universe. The right-wingers. That protective dome in which they reside shields them from the real world where real people live, work, struggle and die. And from those &!!@#% liberals who are always causing trouble. Just today, one more right-wing blog shut the curtain on reality.  Apparently the real world was just too much for him. And, I was the cause. I asked too many questions, posed too many alternate possibilities, brought the light of day inside of the dark, dank cave.

Yesterday I invited him and his two ‘military’ blogger friends to read and comment on my post, Angry Veterans. They declined. Instead, they shouted insults from their cave and shut and locked the door. Adolescent-like behavior, surprise, surprise. That makes 2 out of three censored right-wing blogs. The third, Tenth Generation Patriot, will no doubt, soon be closing his blog to the comments of  ‘enemies,’ encouraged to follow the lead of Hardnox and Common Sense.  I’ll keep you up-to-date.

I believe that the comment by JadeGold in the thread, Angry Vets, was most intuitive.  JadeGold wrote about these three ‘former Marines’:

those who tout their military service aren’t career military. They’re folks with serious self-esteem issues who believe some short stint in the armed services confers upon them some kind of super-citizen status. Generally, these folks have largely failed in their personal relationships and their professional career. As such, they believe their 2- or 4-year military service is a magic talisman for their own failings. They believe they are “owed” something for their small service and since they are getting it–professionally or personally–they lash out irrationally.

I’m thinking that this comment alone must have kept the three of them away. It sounds like a believable hypothesis. Of course, I already ‘knew’ that these three blokes weren’t career military- especially Tenth Generation who wished that he could have taken away his protection of me while he was in the military. Is that delusional or what? Perhaps psychotic? Did I mention that he also touts his ‘Christian faith?’

The question still lingers- why does it seem that people like this, those who dwell on the right end of the political spectrum, wish to remain entrenched in their insular bubble? What are they afraid of? It appears [although only a conjecture] that they are afraid of defending their political positions. It would seem to me that they ought to be proud of their beliefs and convinced enough of their worthiness to debate them with others. Apparently not.

As I have already noted, Sepp keeps his blog open for all and he is to be congratulated for doing so.