Residents Pray, Water Levels Rise

CNN’s headliine, Residents pray as flooding threatens , made me wonder when that foolishness will finally come to an end. People have been praying to deities for as long as records like that have been kept. The assumption, I suppose, is that there will be some supernatural intervention that will change the laws of nature. Water flows downstream; water ponds under increasing loads. Water seeks its own level.

The foolish and ignorant fact is that humans build houses where rivers flood. People also drain and fill the natural spillways of rivers. They also strip areas bare of vegetation that might slow the runoff of rain.  After all of this idiocy, some people want their deity to suspend reality for them. I wonder if these same people could ever imagine that a brain is a marvelous organ? That this brain could figure out where not to build a house?

Many people credit a deity for constructing the human body- a body with a marvelous brain unlike any found in other animals. If their deity did, in fact, make their brain, then perhaps this deity assumed that they would actually use it. Rather, at times like these, prayers, chants and incantations are raised to the deity which might make such a deity wonder about its finished product.

Those of us who do not dwell in the World of Delusion could find this recurring ritual humorous except that people will die as the scenario plays itself out. No, not at all funny but, rather, pathetic. The act of praying may have some internal benefit for the supplicant- a means of calming oneself and raising hope- but the waters of the Mississippi will not be shifted in a Moses-like miracle. The water will flow until it finally drains itself and moves back into its natural pathway.

There will also be funeral services during which the presiding minister attempts to comfort the relatives and friends of the deceased. Often at these services one hears that threadbare line, ‘The Lord works in mysterious ways.’ That catch-all phrase may comfort some, but it may raise in the mind of the more thoughtful the question: Is it all really a sham? Why, for example, did The Lord ‘save’ some but not the bloke in the coffin? Does this deity pick and choose whom to salvage and whom to let drown? If so, how malevolent!

The stuff that goes on in the World of Delusion is itself mysterious. Quirky even. I wonder why so many people enjoy living there, inside that plastic bubble? Life there seems so, well, unnatural. If a person didn’t build his house on a goddamn flood plain, then he wouldn’t need to ask for a suspension of the laws of nature. Simple. Perhaps too simple. Maybe folks choose to live in the bubble because then they don’t have to use their brain or act responsibly. The deity will take care of them. It’s an odd twisting of the normal parent-child relationship scenario.

If all of this delusional hooey were safely contained within that plastic dome then I’d regard it all as just one more oddity of life.  Sadly, those inside wish to share it with the population at large, with other citizens of this nation. Not only do they wish to share it, but they want to mandate it. They are insistent that the general public live inside the delusional bubble, too. Misery loves company? Prayers in school, for example. Limiting the rights of citizens based upon holy book proclamations. Replacing scientific laws with holy book fantasies. Using holy book edicts to control women in our society. And other foolishness too depressing to detail.

Stay ‘safely’ inside your enclosed World of Delusion, people, but don’t force us to put on your saturated Depends.


4 thoughts on “Residents Pray, Water Levels Rise

  1. I’ve got some questions. You’re told not to pray for selfish reasons, then how come I am always hearing about people praying for something for themselves? And another thing; if both teams pray to win before a game, how does “God” decide who will win? Are some prayers better than others? If “God” is everywhere, how come prayer is supposed to work better in church?

    Just wondering…..

  2. Jeff asks, Are some prayers better than others? Well, yes. It appears that the prayers of Fundamentalist/Evangelical Christians are rated A+. How do I know this? I asked and they assured me of the rating.

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