“Deathers” Smacked [Again]

The birthers and deathers [the delusional fringe on the right-side of life] have been smacked down again.  This headline from CNN this morning: Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden’s death, group says

“Al Qaeda released a statement on jihadist forums confirming the death of Osama bin Laden, according to SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant messages.”

Oh dear, now what will the hate-filled, delusional characters conjure up next to de-legitimize our president? I’ll bet that we won’t have to worry very long, though, as people with that deep-seated hate will quickly cook up something new .


6 thoughts on ““Deathers” Smacked [Again]

  1. As I said, This was Counter productive.

    Bin Laden is very likely dead with various rumours flying about before the assassination (e.g., requiring Dialysis, that he died isometime around 2005, etc.). If he had been dead, then the “al-queda” machine was chugging along APU.

    Anyway, Bin Laden wanted to draw the West into endless bloody wars that haemorrhaged billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives. He told his supporters: “We conducted a war of attrition against Russia for 10 years until they went bankrupt. We are continuing in the same policy, to make America bleed profusely to the point of bankruptcy.” To achieve this, “all we have to do is send two mujahideen [to a remote, irrelevant area] and raise a piece of cloth on which is written “al-Qa’ida” in order to make the [US] generals race there, to cause America to suffer human, economic, and political losses.” He knew that every ramped-up attack would appear to vindicate his narrative about the “evil” West waging “war on Islam”, and swell his army of recruits.


    Whether this continues on remains to be seen.

  2. Nobody was denying that Bin Laden is dead. People are questioning why the Obama administration has changed it’s story over and over again.
    Yes, he was armed and shooting…no, he was unarmed.
    Yes, he threw a woman in front of him….no he didn’t do that.
    Yes, there was a big firefight…no, there was only ONE GUY shooting.
    Yes, we will release a photo…no, we’re not going to release one.
    Yes we got DNA evidence proving it…no, it hasn’t been processed yet.

    C’mon, pick a story and stick to it. If something is classified, so be it but, Obama already has credibility issues and the constantly changing “official” story keeps reversing every 5 minutes.

    Just tell the flipping truth…the FIRST time!

    1. Sepp writes, Nobody was denying that Bin Laden is dead. People are questioning why the Obama administration has changed it’s story over and over again.

      Well, Sepp, the “people who are questioning” are those in the delusional right-wing who are grabbing so desperately at any bit of gossip they can in order to diss the president. People living in the real world, out of the caves and in the bright sunshine, aren’t questioning anything. They got the point, accepted the data, and have moved on nicely with their day-to-day lives. Only the fringe conspiracists, the Obama-haters, attempt to keep this moot point alive, desperately fanning the sparks, hoping to ignite it into some flaming bonfire. I believe the word pathetic properly dismisses this thought to the dustbin of history where it and other idiocies rest.

  3. Are you saying that after all the lies and outright bullshit peddled by this administration people are foolish to be skeptical? I’d say that anyone who is still willing to gobble up the B.S without questioning it are the folks who are living in fantasyland.

    How many different versions of this story are they going to tell? And since you believe everything the first time without question, how many times are you going to revise what you believe in order to tow the line?

    And what qualifies a person to be an “Obama hater”?

    Mere questioning of what he says and, his motives?

    The “moot point” has been kept alive by the administration muddy. The “haters” aren’t the ones who keep changing the story.

    1. And what qualifies a person to be an “Obama hater”?

      How about rabidly attacking pretty much everything he does and denying his citizenship.

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