More Delusion from the Right

Wearing haz-mat outfit, I waded once more into the right-wing blogs this morning.  Did you know that Liberals don’t understand patriotism? Yes, that’s what this delusional lot believes. That comment was directed to me by Common Sense after I challenged him and his group of right-wingers to compare GW Bush’s bravado on OBL with Obama’s killing of OBL. That muted any further rational discussion and I was summarily dismissed from any ‘relevance’ on the blog.

It is frightening to me that, apparently, there is a large segment of our population who cannot face reality and insulate themselves in an alternate reality- a reality of let’s pretend. Psychiatrists have terms for such people. Does this frighten you? It ought to scare the hell out of the Secret Service men who are charged with protecting the President from craven maniacs.

I’ve visited 5 right-wing blogs in the past few days and, if these are ‘typical,’ then America is in real trouble- not from al Qaeda or other over-seas threats, but from threats within our society, from delusional, irrational citizens who have their own, exclusive and parochial view of what America should be. These are angry men.  These are intolerant men. These are men who have a strong belief that they alone know what this nation should look like.

Their overt hatred for President Obama is astounding. It is race. They cannot accept him because he’s not one of them. They are stuck and they will always be stuck.  They will not and cannot change. Stuck in a mold that I thought went out with the dissolution of the Jim Crow laws and segregation. Apparently not. They are fixated on race and race alone and the proof of that is that when challenged to prove otherwise, they cannot offer anything of worth to charge the President with being the ‘worst President ever!’ besides that statement alone. It’s the color of his skin and the kinky hair. Period.

There is no use arguing the point. They will never admit their blatant prejudice because, in their delusion, they can’t see it. Never will.  It’s the fault of everyone else, not them. It reminds me of those ugly adolescent years that most of us gladly left behind those many ugly years ago. Perhaps that’s it! It just may be that these delusional right-wingers never left adolescence and are stuck in that traumatic stage of their development. Forever.


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  1. What I find strange besides you and those who comment here is that the only ones that mention Obama’s race are the libs. I couldn’t care less if he was purple and came from Mars. Except for giving the OK to kill bin Laden this is the worst president in our history. Look at the gas prices, the unemployment (back up to almost half a million from last week). I’d actually like to see Herman Cain get the Republican nomination for president and I would gladly vote for him. And he’s a lot darker than Obama.

    Accusing someone of racism automatically puts the accused on the defensive, trying to prove a negative. Yes, some on the right are prejudiced as are some on the left.

    And I’ve seen some of your comments on Sepp’s site and if they are an example of what you put on other right sites I don’t blame them for dismissing you. You drop shit and let it stink the place up.

    What a miserable life you must live. You are the most negative person (and your commentators) I have ever come across.

  2. Cal, if you’re going to post here, get used to it.
    Everytime Obama does something stupid, the race card gets pulled from the bottom of the deck to deflect any criticism away from the issue and onto whoever dared to blaspheme their God.

    It’s to the point where it’s obvious that even THEY can see plainly that Obama is doing something dumb…but they’ve spent years calling everyone else who sees the same thing “racists”. Now they’re afraid to point out the obvious since it’s certain that one of their own will call them a racist too…god forbid!
    It must suck to fear a word more than the truth itsself.

  3. Mudrake is right; it’s about race, pure and simple.

    I really hate to point out to Cal that things like the economy, gas prices, unemployment, etc. don’t happen overnight–it takes years. Any economist or rational person will tell you this. And face it, Bush the Dumber inherited an economy that was humming right along and, if fact, the budget was running a small surplus.

    He wrecked it. Let me count the ways:

    1. Two wars. Let’s not forget Bush officials told us the cost of the invasion of Iraq would be $1.7B tops. Paul Wolfowitz claimed oil would completely pay for both wars. These are the folks whom Sepp and Cal want to take the reins again.

    2. Lack of financial regulation. Again, thanks to the GOP who seem to believe corporations will behave responsibly if there are no rules and no oversight.

    3. Tax breaks for the wealthy. When Bush and the GOP passed those tax breaks for the wealthy, they promised this would cause the wealthy to turn around and build businesses–leading to more jobs. Didn’t happen and today, GOPers like Cal and Sepp can’t wait to repeat what has been proven to fail.

    I could go on and on. But look at what has occupied the delusional rightwing since Obama was elected: Obama’s birth certificate, Sharia Law, is Obama a Muslim? All deeply unserious issues.

    And this is reflected in the fact the GOP can’t find a credible candidate to run against Obama in 2012. Right now, the frontrunners are Huckabee and Trump. There is no serious contender because the GOP is filled with kooks, racists, and conspiracy-mongers.

  4. Really, Cal, only the libs comment about Obama’s race:

    -Sepp Says:
    05/01/2011 at 10:43 PM
    | Reply

    Racist? That’s libspeak for “I can’t provide an intelligent answer…so I’ll divert the issue into a racial issue.”

    You know what? FUCK YOU liberals with your phony cries of “racism” whenever you can’t account for anything or, fear answering for something.

    The great pass-off to any intelligent rebuttal…just cry “RACISM!” to change the subject away from your bullshit talking points.

    Obama did something stupid? And people are calling him out?
    Just call em racists! It changes the subject fast and nobody ever has to answer the question thats been asked!

    I hated Bush but, I’d empty my savings account just to make him black and watch you cowards defend every stupid move he’d ever made!

    Or, would Bush being black be enough to make you cowardly liberals say “nigger”?

    …I bet it would! But, you’d never have the balls to say it out loud!

    * lacithedog Says:
    05/02/2011 at 8:12 AM | Reply

    Where you talk about Obama making a homebrew beer.

    “Will it be available in a 40 oz?”

    Sepp sounds pretty racist to me.

  5. I have to post one of Barb’s Comments that ended up in the SPAM folder:
    I posted his National Day of Prayer Proclamation at my blog –and I am grateful for it. I also am happy that the Special Ops were supported by him in getting Osama.

    It would take some pro-life initiatives on his part, some bold improvement in federal spending and success with bringing down gas prices, and bold correction of our out of control entitlements –to get me to vote for him. Whoever shrinks entitlements will not be popular –but it probably has to be done –UNLESS we can have overwhelming improvement in the economy –and money into the federal and state coffers from successful free enterprise.

    I’ve never been convinced he was the devil incarnate –nor do I find him personally unlikable or detestable –but his stand on abortion and his unnecessary czars of this and that and his continued budget bloating –his ACORN supporters and their voter shenanigans –all negative factors.

    The reason I’m posting this is to show Barb’s weird “gospel of Scrooge”.

    She’s pro-life, yet she supports the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. I will quote the Archbishop of Canterbury on this matter:
    “I think the killing of an unarmed man is always going to leave a very uncomfortable feeling because it doesn’t look as if justice is seen to be done…In those circumstances I think it’s also true that the different versions of events that have emerged in recent days have not done a great deal to help…I don’t know the full details any more than anyone else does. But I do believe that in such circumstances when we are faced with someone who was manifestly a war criminal in terms of the atrocities inflicted it is important that justice is seen to be served.”

    Barb’s right to life appears to end after birth. If there is a the sanctity of unborn human life, then isn’t there also a sanctity of born but poor human life? If life is sacred, then doesn’t that include the weak, the enemy, the disabled, the stranger, the unborn, the sinner, the poor, the ex-friend, the racial other, or whoever else we find it difficult to include within the community of the truly human?

    Additionally, he glee that government has any part in religion is deeply troubling to me. The US is supposed to be a secular society, there is no religious test for public office per Article VI of the US constitution and government is not to establish religion. No favouritism, Barb. That means Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Baha’ai, etc. should all enjoy their prayers.

  6. Hello Cal and Sepp…The worst President…Lets not forget Buchanan and Grant! As to the cause of oil prices, and therefore gasoline, lets remember what the GOP stands for, namely, Gas and Oil Party.

    Lets face it, “drill baby drill” is not going to solve the price at the pump. I believe that it takes 8 to 10 years to drill, extract, refine, and get it to the pump. Moreover, much of the oil from the Gulf and the oceans isnt coming to the United States. Moreover, any percentage will be very small that comes to the United States.

    Price at the pump is a factor of a couple of reasons. One is the weak dollar, market speculation, and the law of supply and demand. When oil was $23 a barrel, India and China had not yet begun to industrialize. Now, they have, and on a large scale. These three reasons are factors that no President can control. In addition, we have known for decades that oil is finite, even in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis know this, and so they are going to want to get the price they want for future security…What other resource do they have?

    President Carter warned the country, and the Gas and Oil Party, the GOP prevented any movement away from dependence on petroleum. Oil is a disaster now for the United States. It gives a negative balance of trade, it increases or deficit, it harms the environment, and it is a dying industry.

    What I have suggested is that this country should embark on converting to natural gas. Natural gas would give us the bridge from oil to whatever the fuel of the future is. We can’t move to electric, solar, wind, hydrogen, or magnetic, or biomass overnight. Natural gas is here and ready to be tapped. Almost every state has natural gas stations, even here in Mississippi. We need to get about it…..

  7. HELP::: Laci and Engineer….still can’t get approved as a poster…When i go to the e-mail that M_R sent me, what do I click on to accept?

    M_R…as we figure this out, lol…What about you posting daily a “UTF” Post in Comment…Then I can go to comment and make my Post there in the comment section?

    1. I saw there was a link for me to post on my dashboard. If you click on the link, you may be allowed to start a blog which will allow you to post here.

  8. Ever notice when you post an opposing opinion on a right leaning blog, the first thing they do is censure you? And when you include verifiable facts to back up your opinion it really pisses them off? This is defined as FASCISM.

    Want to have some fun? Copy the entire dogmatic blog, then paste it into your word processing program. Run a SPELLCHECK and let the laughs begin.

  9. Hello Uptheflag,
    “Price at the pump is a factor of a couple of reasons. One is the weak dollar, market speculation, and the law of supply and demand. When oil was $23 a barrel, India and China had not yet begun to industrialize.”

    Very Well Stated….this is the free market bottom line for the price of oil and gas. I would also add the “Commodities Speculation” as a factor also.

  10. So, according to Cal and Sepp, it’s not about race. And, further, only the liberals bring up race. Hmm. So the right-wingers don’t bring up race. So,why is that? Is that because they are a tolerant lot and accept everybody just the way they are, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity?

    Let me recall my American history for a moment. Seems to me there was a group of folks in the deep South [and elsewhere] who wore a white robe get-up on Saturday evenings and went off lynching a few niggars just for fun. Then, next day, they’d be wearing gospel robes and singing in the church choir- pillars of the church, don’t you know.

    Why do I think that there is some connection between this tale and the denial by the right wing that only liberals bring up race?

    Let me go a bit further. Hate is a strong word that most folks use sparingly if at all. Words like dislike, disagree or disapprove are more commonly used when referring to the actions of another. Not hate.

    Yet it is blatantly obvious that many on the right hate President Obama. Hate, not dislike; not disapprove of; not disagree with. Hate.

    What’s there to ‘hate’ about the man? Did he send our troops into harm’s way for no good reason? Did he usurp the Constitution by issuing an executive order that goes against that sacred document? Did he lie to The People about some grievous matter? Did he detain citizens for no just reason? Did he commit perjury?

    Any of those acts might justify ‘hating’ President Obama. Yet, he has done none of these heinous acts. The overt hate emanating from the right is unjustifiable. Normal people do not hate their president over political matters and for trivial reasons. No, normal people do not do that. Racial bigots, on the other hand, are blinded by prejudice which clouds their judgment and moves them to the sidelines with the conspiracy folks and other odd balls.

    Hate is a cover for racism. That’s what it’s all about.

  11. Muckrake, I want you to go on and look for the story called “The Vinication of George W. Bush” then look at rhe pathetic comments praising and thanking George Bush for doing nothing and for NOT catching Bin Laden. You are right, they miss having a white man as president! Hotair commentators are racists!

  12. You “hated” Bush before he’d become president and, afterwards you”hated” him for every and, any decision he’d made.

    Along comes Obama who is still using all those hated policies, hated wars and, hated programs.

    You no longer criticize them now that Obama is there still doing it. Instead, you label those who speak out as “racists” regardless of whether the shoe fits or, not.

    Is bad policy, bad policy or, not?

    The problem with you jokers is that “racism” is user defined and overly used in all arguements regarding Obama.

    Has he lied? Yes, he certainly has.
    Has he been a piss-poor leader? Indeed.
    Indecisive and inept? Yep.
    Detatched from his job? Certainly.

    Is it “racist” for it to be pointed out? No, not in the least.

    It is however moronic to try to use the label of “racism” in order to cover up the man’s shortcommings at every turn.

    And as I’ve said to you countless of times, you’ve overused the term so often that you yourself can’t even tell anymore what is or, isn’t racist.

    You’ve effectively created an environment for yourself that prevents you from being able to point out the truth and call failure for what it is…failure!
    For, if you do…you just might be a “racist” as defined by you in the past.

    Funny how the “racist” right wingers voted Herman Caine the winner of the GOP debate last evening!

    It would be comical to see Caine as the GOP contender taking your joker of a race card away from you to hide behind.

  13. Speaking of the first Republican presidential primary debate last night, there were a lot of vacant seats. Most of them on stage.

    1. Nobody was missing that was missed. Caine wiped the floor with all of them to include Ron Paul and I doubt that Trump, Palin, Romney or, Gingrich could have gone toe to toe with the guy had they been there.

      The guy is completely self-made, not a politician and is as sharp as a tack.
      I’ll be very surprised if he isn’t the nominee.

  14. Of course, sepp, neglects that he used a racial epithet and stereotype in regard to Obama. It doesn’t look too good on your part, sepp.

    He only blusters on that he’s not a racist.

    I guess that’s because sepp is just your typical trailer trash.

    1. Really? What “racial epithet and stereotype ” did I use?
      Did I call him a nigger? No.

      Or, are alluding to the 40 oz reference? What are you saying Laci? Only blacks drink 40’s?
      I drink em.
      Toss one in my sack cooler and drink it while I’m fishing. So what?

      1. Sorry, sepp, but that’s a stereotype, but then again, you are white trash. Darken you up and we might not know the difference–is that what you’re saying?

        A forty is American slang for a 40-U.S. fluid-ounce (1182.9 ml; 41.6 imp fl oz) bottle commonly used for malt liquor. Malt liquor being cheap, overly strong beer, often found in poor neighborhoods in 40 oz bottles.

        I think we can catch the significance. Or as the Bullworth quote said, “Maybe if you put down the malt liquor and chicken wings”.

        As for calling Obama Nigger, you have pretty much done that throughout your blog. If not overly, very implicitly.

  15. So, Sepp, you ‘hate’ President Obama because:

    Has he lied? Yes, he certainly has.
    Has he been a piss-poor leader? Indeed.
    Indecisive and inept? Yep.
    Detatched from his job? Certainly.

    I now can see more clearly why your ‘hate’ is justified. Pathetic stuff, Sepp, just pathetic.

    1. The problem is that Obama has received loads of criticism from the left, which sepp and cal choose to ignore. I have made two posts critical of the Osama assassination which may prove to be more counterproductive than a trial would have been.

      Perhaps it’s because the criticism is not as vitriolic as that from Sepp and Cal that they fail to notice it.

          1. And where is YOUR criticism? Absent.

            The excuses are plentifull from you guys wherever obama is concerned. But, since your standard is “anyone who speaks out is a racist” it’s unsurprising that you remain silent.

            When Bush did stupid things, there was outrage posted here.

            While Obama is doing the same things and worse…nothing.
            No outrage, no venom being spewed, no colorfull names to call him…just silence.

            In addition to Bush’s wars, we’re now bombing into Pakistan, Libya and, as of yesterday, Yemen.

            Bush, Cheney and, Rumsfeld were called “criminals” by you guys for waterboarding detainees at Gitmo…now we find out that Obama has been doing it too.
            I’m guessing “yes” but, not that you’d admit it in public.

            1. Sepp, the fact that you fail to acknowledge its existence doesn’t mean it does not exist. In fact, I have already shown that you chose to ignore progressive criticism with:
              “I don’t give 2 shits about what your link has to say.”

              Here’s yet another one for you to ignore, sepp:
              Did Bin Laden have to die?

    2. And you hated Bush why?
      At least nobody was trying to paint you as a racist for not liking the guy right?

      1. Nobody’s trying to paint you a racist, sepp.

        You have done a pretty good job of that on your own with your post Now from my “credit where it’s due” dept…:

        Yes, Obama has actually done something I can give him kudos for and, give him “man credits” for…
        Because not only were you for once doing something productive, you were also NOT doing something stupid had you NOT been spending time vatting out good suds.
        You just keep making beer while staying out of governmental affairs and we could see a turnaround soon!

        Will it be available in a 40 oz?

        Yeah, “man credit”!


    Since Obama launched his bid for the White House, a sizable minority of Americans has expressed strong doubts about whether he was actually born in the United States. Over the past few years, the allegation that he was born overseas — in Kenya or perhaps Indonesia — has taken on a life of its own, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

    It’s not fair to call a large segment of today’s electorate “1950s-style racists,” he said. But some people are “unconsciously prejudiced in a way that predisposes them to not believing that a black man with a funny name could have really been legitimately elected president of the United States.”

    It’s racist, sepp, because you demand a far higher standard from Obama than the oaf.

  17. No, I demand the SAME standard. And I expect that you would hold him to the same standard as you did Bush instead of the constant free passes and excuses.

    1. Really, sepp, did you know that John McCain came out in support of the Libya mission.

      Does that change your opinion of Obama?

      The problem is, Sepp, that you DON’T hod Obama to the same standard as Bush, as I quoted above. Pretty much everything, Obama would do would be wrong in your opinion.

      you were also NOT doing something stupid

  18. There were a significant number of people in the 2008 election who evaluated candidates for president solely or substantially on the basis of race. It was far stronger in the South than elsewhere, and in some parts of the west among conservatives.

    But there were a segment of the left that was racist, although far smaller.

    But yes, the birthers in particular, are very racist.

    There is a phenomenon where those who sexually harrass women blame the women, their victims, for being harrassed. There are similar patterns of defensive attribution which blame blacks for the racism of the right in a similar way. They deny racism at the same time they have hateful attitutdes to people on the basis of race or ethnicicty.

    There is no fair standard, and little honesty on the right. Obama’s presidency will, unlike Bush, hold up far better in the longer view of history. They hate that.

    My favorite yank to the chains of people like Sepp – the idea of adding Obama to Mt.Rushmore ,LOL.

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