Such Hatred on the Right

They are a hate-filled lot, those who hang onto the far-right end of the political spectrum. I’ve held my nose and, for the past three days, I’ve waded into deep muck to read what the right-wing bloggers have been writing about the killing of bin Laden. Not surprisingly, they are ho-hum about the entire affair- from mild praise with asterisks to downright disillusion and disbelief that bin Laden is actually dead. It really strengthens my hypothesis that many on the right live their lives entirely entombed in an altogether other, fabricated world of delusion.

Frequent contributor to this blog, Sepp,  wants to see the body before he will give credit to this president for accomplishing what GW Bush failed to do in his eight years.  Yesterday Hardnox, who blocks any of my comments on his blog, wrote, ” As the story unfolds, zero knew about OBL’s location since last August. Nine months of dithering but he had to wait for the right time.”  By the way, ‘zero’ refers to the president; he cannot even write his name. Dithering? Of course,Gates, Petreaus, and the CIA all apparently ‘dithered’ too. Blogger Common Sense wrote about the killing of bin Laden, It has been awhile but this is the second time that I have found reason to congratulate you.  That doesn’t seem to be much of a record in nearly 2 and ½ years – but I didn’t expect that you would do that well given your lack of experience and obvious biases. Pathetic, just plain pathetic.

Apparently, Obama’s blackness, his dubious birth-data, and his party affiliation all combine to de-legitimize him as President and Commander-in-Chief. Only a white, birth-confirmed Republican, like George W. Bush has any merit, ‘experience’ and is non-biased. That’s why, of course, GW Bush gets praise from the right-wing for ‘getting’ Saddam, the two-bid dictator who had nothing to do with September 11th.

By the way, Hardnox and Common Sense proudly advertise that they are former Marines. I never knew that only registered Republicans could join the Marine Corps. I was under the assumption that the military was open to all Americans and that there was no political litmus test inorder to serve.

Yet, it plays well in the make-believe World of Delusion in which many on the far-right have starring roles.Maybe some day, when I have absolutely nothing better to occupy my time, I’ll write a one-act play that takes place in the right-wing World of Delusion. Of course it will be pure fantasy and the characters will be unbelievable.  But, hey, it’s all Disneyland stuff and people go there to escape the real world, don’t they?


9 thoughts on “Such Hatred on the Right

  1. Not a world where I’d want to take MY vacation.

    Since so many of them want to go back to a time that never existed, perhaps Disneyland should make them their own special section Backwards Land, somewhere between Fantasy Land and Cartoon Land.

    They can celebrate a Civil War that was not substantially about slavery as an economic issue, where the South wins, or at least still thinks they’re right…..I’m trying to come up with appropriate rides for that, but everything my imagination comes up with would be too rude.

    Both the fantasy world and the reality of these people is unimaginable and largely unendurable.

  2. Of course, John McCain was born in outside of the US, but do they question HIS citizenship?

    If they want to talk about Bush and Bin Laden–did they know that bush was offered bin Laden on a plate by the Taliban on 12 Sep 2001, yet refused the offer?

    If we are getting into sepp, he has proven on more than one occassion that he knows far more than the experts do. Of course, sepp’s “knowledge” is wrong.

    These people deny global warming, Obama’s citizenship, Osama bin Laden is dead, they believe that if the rich don’t pay taxes that we will see the wealth trickle down, the tooth fairy, etc.

    It’s hard to argue with that.

  3. According to a poll of the Washington Post and the Pew organization, 81% of Republicans believe that it was Bush policies which led to the gathering of informmation that led to Osama.

    …Last night on Fox we had Rumsfield, Tommy Franks-the general in charge in Afghanistan, and Rove all trumpeting Bush…The point that needs to be made is that bin Ladin was trapped at Tora Bora in 2003. Rumy and Franks refused to commit the troops to capture or kill bin Ladin. They allowed him to escape into Pakistan where he immediately built his million dollar mansion right in the middle of Pakistani generals and the military academy. Shortly before bin Ladin built his mansion, that particular plot of land was scoured by our intelligence forces and buildings destroyed, and then Bush’s Intelligence agencies and the American military under Rummy expressed no interest in the area. What a joke they are now to claim a part in the killing of bin Laden….

  4. Hello Uptheflag,
    Remember in 2005 when Bush disbanded and closed down the CIA project team that was hunting Osama bin Laden ending the search and allowing the trail to go cold?

    Before that on March 13, 2002 Bush said he didn’t give Osama much thought at a White House press conference when he was asked by White House Reporters. (Quote: “I truly am not that concerned about him.”)

    I would suspect for most normal people it is impossible to hear Obama declare that “Justice Has Been Done” without thinking about how long it went UNDONE.

    So today when the Ultra Right Conservatives claiming a part in the killing of bin Laden, it is not a joke….it is just SAD and there will be those who will quote and hold up as proof Rumsfield’s, Tommy Franks’, and Rove’s AUTHORITATIVE statements supporting their Mindless, Non-Critical Thinking programmed viewpoint.

    Which brings me to my posting “Nullius in Verba” or “On the words of no one.”

  5. Although I do believe it was the policies of BOTH Obama and Bush that led to the killing of Bin Laden, I will say that it is extremely pathetic of those on the right who are using this accomplishment to take more cheap shots at Obama. My congratulations goes out to both administrations and, most importantly, the troops that are out there.

  6. Great thoughts, gentlemen, yet I always seem to fall back to the question of whether recent history affects voters. How long does it take for the voters to ‘see’ what people reverenced above have done to our democracy before they shift their voting patterns?

    More bluntly stated- will the voters remain dumbed-down so long that the villains and scoundrels will be able to continue to their dastardly deeds longer than they would have had there been a vigilant body of voters?

    Fonso- thank you for visiting the blog again. Your observations are always welcome.

  7. OOPS, have to make a correction…Bora Bora was in 2001, just after 9-11, not 2003. It is very sad to think that bin Ladin was trapped and General Tommy Frank and Rumsfield refused to apprehend him. They gave him 10 more years of life to plot and inspire terrorists to take action. How do they live with that?

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