The REAL Mission Accomplished

Bin Laden is Dead. May 1, 2011. A small band of Special Ops [Navy Seals] killed him in a gunfight.  We have his body.

Interesting timing, though. On May 1, 2003 President GW Bush landed on the USS Lincoln in a fighter pilot suit and announced that the mission in Iraq was accomplished.

Of course it wasn’t, but then, that statement of bravado played well with a certain segment of our population. We’re still in Iraq, but that reality seems not to have penetrated the dome protecting many still living in the World of Delusion.

No doubt this news of the death of bin Laden comes as a bitter pill for the large clutch of Obama-haters. I can’t imagine their disgust that Enemy #1 was ‘brought to justice’ by a black, illegitimate Democrat. Surely that fact muffles their joy today, but then, as I have observed, they aren’t a happy lot altogether.

Now, back to substance…

I note that Hamas has condemned bin Laden’s death saying that he was a ‘holy warrior.’ The head of the Hamas administration in Gaza said,  “We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior. We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs.”

Martyr. Unbelievable. Then there was a spokesperson from Iran labeled it “Zionist terror.”

Medieval times alive and well at the beginning of the 21st century. Religious hatred, religion-based terror. The idiocy of it all causes me to grapple with the right words to explain it all. Future historians surely will paint these times as the Era of Religious Fanaticism. And, by the way, the United States will not get off of the hook, either. We have our own Christian Crusaders hard at work right here attempting to impose their theological doctrines into our laws.

Yet, we rejoice on the news of bin Laden’s death. Our decade-long nightmare is at last at an end.


14 thoughts on “The REAL Mission Accomplished

  1. I have this weird doubt about all this. how do we know it wasn’t some poor Pakistani Chicken farmer who was killed?

    We will never know.

  2. Funny thing Laci…everyone is having doubts about this…especially after the body of world enemy #1 is quickly disposed of in the ocean without a trace.

  3. Bullshit. The bastard is dead. Take THAT, Liz and Dick Cheney! Take THAT, Sarah Palin! Obama succeeded where Bush and Cheney FAILED MISERABLY!

  4. “Funny thing Laci…everyone is having doubts about this…”

    Nope. Not everyone.

    More accurately, only people wearing tinfoil hats are having doubts. Even so, many of the tinfoil hat crowd are pretty sure OBL is dead.

    1. And I’m gonna get really suspicious here if some unknown Pakistani kid lands some big Contract as a Netowrk Anchor in the States!!!

  5. Hello Muddy,
    You will remember well how I recently posted on your site of the cargo ship called; “Alliance St. Louis” that was headed to the Middle East with military equipment and WAS PICKING UP A UNIT OF RETIRED NAVY SEALS FROM EGYPT. My last line was, “Don’t ask me how I know this information.”

    Now I did not know what EXACTLY what was going to go down, but I knew it was something BIG!!! I still have my connections from when I served with MIUW604 and maybe now the Ultra Conservative Nut Job Fox Programming Repeaters need to understand that I work with, and have more access to real, actual, factual, and true information than most of the Ignorant Blow Hard can imagine.

    Know we all know!!!!

    Well now we know.

  6. Engineer- Yes, I remember that very well. Good call and a job WELL DONE by the Seal Team 6. This is the same Special Ops unit that Obama called on to free the ship captain from the Somali pirates last year. Apparently Obama has assembled an excellent security-strategy team that puts the Bush ‘team’ in the minor leagues in comparison.

    By the way, I believe that you may have more info than Faux News, but then, I’ve never accused them of being an actual NEWS network.

  7. You all may find it interesting [but not surprising] what is being said on the right-side of the political spectrum about all of this. Folks over there just can’t seem to give our president too much credit for doing what their man failed to do. But then, after all, he is a black, illegitimate Democrat.

    Here’s a line from the bin Laden post on Common Sense’s blog from yesterday:

    You might consider that barbarians under the direction of bin Laden took down two of our buildings. George Bush responded by taking down two of their countries – that’s the way Americans play the game.

    I know, I know. Me too, but what else did you expect? If I put myself in Common Sense’s shoes, I suppose that I might have to ‘save face’ by posting something as idiotic as this. After all, he worshiped GW Bush and hates Obama. That’s why that drivel came out of his mouth.

    A more mature person have been man-enough to have congratulated Obama outright without the ‘but’ statement added to save face. Yet, I have come to the conclusion long ago that many on the far-right of the political spectrum never matured past that ugly adolescent stage that you and I gladly left many years ago.

  8. OK, Obama has taken credit for killing Osama Bin Laden.

    I can’t get excited by it.

    First off, did he create yet another martyr for the cause? US drone attacks in Pkistan only fuel the violence and create more Osama Bin Ladens. Add in that Pakistan is screaming that its soverignity was violated by this act.

    Secondly, there are family members of the 9-11 victims that would have preferred to see Bin Laden tried in court. Isn’t due process “the American Way” or is it just a bullet in the head mob justice?

    Of course, there are the wars and the cost of the wars. Does this mean that the US will withdraw its troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, etcetera?

    After Abbottabad, nothing in the remarks made by President Obama and his staff and generals have suggested in any way that the killing of bin Laden will lead to a significant change in American foreign policy, let alone an end to the relentless expansion of military interventions.

    In the aftermath of the Abbottabad strike, which is the truer reflection of our times? Agencies of the United Nations, those primarily concerned with helping people live better, healthier, safer lives, have spared no effort in telling us that more, not less, needs to be done for the world’s poor and vulnerable. If the death of bin laden is also a signal that obscenely enormous military spending will now be used to feed the hungry, teach the young and give them a greener future, then perhaps we can indeed call it mission accomplished.

    If the cycle of violence continues, then this act can be seen as a futile act to continue to further distract the masses to the chaos which is going on within the US.

  9. Hello Muddy,
    “I believe that you may have more info than Faux News, but then, I’ve never accused them of being an actual NEWS network.”

    We have many that quote Faux News mis-information as proof of their arguments.

    The Royal Society, the premier and oldest learned society for the study of science, was founded in 1660 with the motto “Nullius in Verba” or “On the words of no one.” This date was the start of the intellectual history of Europe that we call “The Age of Enlightenment.”

    When I read or hear a person quoting sources of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly, Donald Trump, or any other Mass Marketed Ultra-Conservative Personality as proof of their argument; my only thought is the Mindless, Non-Critical Thinking Lemming Should At Least Try And Join The 17th Century Line Of Educated Thinking!!”

  10. Alas, liberal arts (that name should get vcertain minds fulminating with strange ideas) has been dropped as a course of curriculum in favour of “majors” and “minors”. Specialisation has overcome being able to think for yourself.

    That is useful for those who want obedient slaves. They don’t want people who question. They want people who follow and obey.

  11. Hello Laci,
    Yes, no one is to THINK for themselves anymore. The art of “Critical Thinking” is becoming a rarity.

    Just as John Nash’s “Game Theory” teaches us to first identify ALL of the variables, then extend out and play out the scenarios to come to an intelligent, educated, decision and view point.

    I don’t see this “EVEN KNOWN OF” much less “APPLIED” with the Ultra Conservative, Religious Right, Teabaggers, I encounter through Republican gatherings today.

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