My Debate on The Right

UPDATE- the debate has ended. It lasted three days, but, Common Sense apparently ‘had enough’ of me. It is not at all surprising, though. It never was a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when?’ I got 3 days before I was shut down. Apparently my questions were too pointed, too difficult for the usual short retort that is quite common on the right side of the political spectrum. I believe that the trigger came when I pressed him to acknowledge that, if spending cuts were necessary to bring down the Debt, would he be in favor of spending cuts to the Pentagon. That apparently drove the last nail into my coffin.  Oh well, three days is better than none- the usual method on right-wing blogs. 

I must acknowledge that Sepp has an open blog and does not limit discussion and debate there. Although we seldom agree, at least he allows me to join in on the topic whenever I decide to see what he’s blogging about. That’s a rare quality that is seldom found on a right-of center blog.

For the past several days I have enjoyed a debate with a conservative blogger. It is unusual at the outset that a conservative blogger would actually carry on such a debate; most right-of-center blogs quickly moderate me out of discussion. Blogger ‘Common Sense’ and I continue to debate such things as whether a liberal or conservative philosophy best serves the needs of The People. Of course, intuition suggests that the middle is more appropriate, but neither has moved there yet.

At first, like two peacocks strutting our stuff, we feigned and bluffed, hurling the occasional political insult. Our last encounter found little of that. I have suggested that in the end, neither of us will ‘win.’ We are made of different stuff. Yet, does one need to win? In the ‘afternoon of my life’ I no longer have a need to taste victory. I would be satisfied that I may have educated someone, helped a person better understand both sides of an issue.

Today, I presented the subject of Federal spending for debate, specifically whether the current spending on Defense serves The People better than using those tax dollars directly on the needs of The People. He is ex-military and a business owner and, as such, seems to have a foot in each of those two camps. I presented him the plan in the latest edition of Newsweek to trim one trillion dollars from the Defense Department for programs and hardware that they deem as unnecessary in the 21st century. Will he agree that the savings of tax dollars for those obsolete programs would be better used in other ways to benefit the needs of The People?  I don’t know yet.

I also asked if he believed that the expenditure of tax dollars for both the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was worth the drain on the U.S. Treasury. In other words, could those tax dollars have been better spent, again, directly on the needs of The People, rather than on these wars? Although he is a veteran, today he is a business owner and may have wanted those trillions of dollars to be spent on infrastructure or in other business-supporting venues.

Obviously people much smarter than he and I have debated the role of the Federal government, and many have come to a stalemate. Perhaps it always will turn out that way. Can there be a ‘middle’ course? How does one balance all of that?  Are there examples on the European continent?  I think so, but he may not.


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  1. Hello Muddy,
    I have said often; no matter who is pushing the pendulum in the right or left direction, nature always has it searching for the ambient middle. Time and persistence triumphs overall.

  2. I think you will find political positions change–for example, free trade was originally a liberal concept. There are some who argue that the forces of independence in the US were right wing, despite that being a whig (progressive) position and of the Radical Whig extraction for that matter.

  3. I’m not so sure this time, EOK….Until now, i did teach the reform-conservative cycle. Made reforms then we had to rest and let them take hold.
    However, now it seems to not let them take hold, and, instead repeal the reforms. Perhaps, the GOP has overplayed their hand with the Ryan Budget, the next 12 months will tell us….

  4. In the ‘afternoon of my life’ I no longer have a need to taste victory.”

    Nonsense, my friend…The Constitution and its social compact need to be preserved. Our parents and we brought that into fruition. I don’t think we ought to sit idly by and let the folks of the GOP take it away without a fight.And, let me say this it is not carrying the flag of Lady Liberty by going to a mall and passing out leaflets or walking the minority neighborhoods and being met at the door with knife in hand. “Lady Liberty” would be proud of you standing on the corner of Secor and Central leading the protest against the Iraq war. We need some way, my friend, to get our foot in the door as “speakers”. We need a self made organization to give us the leverage to obtain speaking positions. One of those titles like Rove and his ilk come up with…

    Well, you may be in the “afternoon of life”, but I think i’m in the twilight of life.
    So, let’s not go out peacefully, let’s go out with our mouths blasting away….

  5. Hello Uptheflag,
    I have to agree that “repeal then reform” time frame has narrowed next to nill. Allowing reforms to take time to be enacted and hold looks as short as a 2 year old’s attention span.

    This being said, the “Pendulum Theroy” still is accurate.

    The next 12 months will tell indeed. :-)

  6. Whoa! There seems to be trouble a-brewing. I just checked back to my comment this AM and the reply I received was, You fail Mud.

    Yes, that’s it. You fail Mud.

    I guess that I exceeded my limits of ‘tolerance’ there in the right wing blogosphere.

    I’ll give it another 12 hours and see if I get a reply to my question, “What do you mean?” Don’t get your hopes up, however.

  7. I wish I could say the same for your blog muddy seeing that my last posting was completely “moderated” and, reworded by the site nutcase you gave the keys to.

    The standard here just keeps getting lower.

    1. If you wish to address Laci, to whom I believe you refer, then do so, but do not criticize me for something that you believe he did.

  8. I’m addressing you since it’s your blog and, you ultimately decide the standards here.

    And do you really want me to take the issue up with your bipolar “contributor”?
    The result would be 15 different rant posts with the nutcase asking and answering his own questions while turning YOUR site into a pesonal soapbox for the street nut to rave upon.

    So, I’m asking YOU muddy, is rewording your guest’s posts the new standard here or, what?

    Is this even your blog anymore?

    1. Sepp, it is his blog,

      I “reworded” your comment since you tend to ignore what I say. I see you noticed that I addressed the fact that you keep repeating a lie.

      If anyone is a nutcase, sepp, it is you. Your comment is a textbook example of projection.

      Perhaps if you saw your issue addressed, then you might accept that it had been addressed instead of acting like a cretin. Or do you deny reality as part of your mental illness which you project upon others.

      Personally, most of the contributors to this blog: EoK, Microdot, UTF, and I find you to be a band wasting moron and would have banned you long ago. I think Muckrake tolerates you since you prove that right wingers are morons.

      Sepp, any attempt on your part to insult me is futile as I have absolutely no respect for you. You are a mysognistic, racist fuckwit who continues to demonstrate that with each and every post you make.

      If you don’t like this blog, as I said, crawl back under your rock and take your idiotic comments with you.

      1. Oh and as for:

        rant posts with the nutcase asking and answering his own questions

        Would you like me to post examples of you doing exactly that, sepp?

        I would be verrrryyyy happy to do so since you can’t tell that your shit stinks.

    2. I would also add that I “changed” what you wrote in the hope that you might get it through your thick skull how you come off to other people.

      But you are too much of a fuckwit for that aren’t you, sepp?

    3. I should also add that you are not cute, funny, or in anyway amusing, sepp (well, other than the laugh at the feeb sort of amusing).

      You are an arrogant moron who refuses to admit that he is wrong.

  9. Well so far you’re at FOUR nutcase posts asking and answering your own questions…keep em comming….you owe us 11 more to maintain your average.

    1. Excuse me, but how are they nutcase posts?

      And I’m answering YOUR comments, asshole.

      But that comes with the territory. You are too ignorant to know what mental illness is. You try to denigrate me by falsely alleging mental illness, yet a disconnect with reality is a typical DSM characteristic of mental illness.

      Or are you denying that you still believe the highly discredited birther myth? That you deny climate change despite it being scientifically accepted?

      I think we can tell who the REAL nutcase is here, sepp, and it ain’t me.

  10. Sepp, I have a proposed solution.

    Repost your original comment. Let us ask Laci the dog to leave it in its original, dare I say pistine condition. (Laci -please? if you wouldn’t mind?)

    And then leave the rest of us readers to comment on which we find the better of the two.

    I should add that I find Laci quite enjoyable. You have been less so in the brief time I have been reading here. However, it would seem you seek out these confrontations with people who comment or are author contributors here.

    Sepp? Are you willing? Consider this a challenge, even a dare if you like. The second part of the challenge is that you are substnative rather than abusive in your comment.

    Lets try to simply cut all of that out………..and see what remains.

  11. So, now let us see if Sepp cares to rise to the challenge or not.

    I will check the box that notifies me of follow up comments, so I don’t miss anything.

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