Birthers Trumped!

What will all of the GOP Birthers do now that the President released the original copy of his birth certificate? Wow!  It must be a terribly gloomy day for the 43% of Republicans who ‘believed’ that he was born elsewhere.

But wait! They surely can’t handle the truth. No doubt they will be claiming that what was presented to the correspondents today at the White House was a fraud.

And what about The Donald? Recall that he sent agents to Hawaii to check on this and that “they had found several interesting things.” Dope slap, please. Now, Donald, your tax files, please.


32 thoughts on “Birthers Trumped!

  1. It’s a lie, a damned lie. We know it’s a fake

    They will deny reality as they usually do when confronted with evidence that runs agaist their world view.

    After all, the birth certificate has been common knowledge for some time.

  2. the birth certificate has been common knowledge for some time

    Knowledge? Are you sure that you want to use this term in context with the fringe right-wing?

  3. What a relief to have this finally out to shove up that loudmouth Trump’s ass!That 45% of the Republicans fell for the birther bullcrap shows how cynical and delusional those conservative idiots are, and it also speaks volumes about how much they illogically hate this President!

    It is long overdue for these stubborn and wholly non-productive conservatives to get down to brass tacks, CREATE JOBS LIKE THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO LAST NOVEMBER, stop coddling the wealthy and big business, and QUIT WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY ON SILLY AND NEEDLESS INVESTIGATIONS OF BARACK OBAMA!

  4. well, the 38% will say this is a fraud. I’m hearing that the reason the birth certificate was presented at this time was to hold the independents. Appoarently, the were starting to draft away. If Obama loses this 10% independent vote, we will be dealing with a GOP Senate and a GOP President.

  5. Hello Muddy,
    From the viewpoint of a moderate Republican, this “Birther” non-issue has been going on for too long to be reflective of any sane person. Here in lies the problem. Too many of the lunatic fringe are claiming to be of the Republican Party. Trump is just milking the mindless for his own pleasure.

  6. Engineer- Too many of the lunatic fringe are claiming to be of the Republican Party

    Not only are they ‘claiming’ to be of the GOP, but there is no movement on the part of the ‘elders’ of the GOP to disassociate themselves from these wackos. The GOP is so desperate for ‘membership’ that they cull anybody that has a pulse; the brain is optional.

  7. Let’s examine this.

    First, one should understand the entire issue of “birtherism” has nothing to do with where Obama was or wasn’t born. It has nothing to do with eligibilty to be President. It has everything to with Obama’s skin color and that he has a foreign-sounding name.

    Second, producing this birth certificate or any other evidence will do nothing to change the fact of Obama’s skin color and name. Birthers are not going to go, “well, I was wrong and now I support the President.”

    Not gonna happen.

    Third, Obama producing this birth certificate was a tactical and strategic blunder. Here’s why: the only people who are “birthers” are extreme wingnuts/Tea Party cranks. There is nothing Obama could do to sway these folks–so why bother? OTOH, moderates and independents tend to view “birtherism” with the same jaundiced eye as Big Foot sightings and the Hale-Bopp cult. Thus, every time a GOP politico or candidate is asked about “birtherism,” they face a very uncomfortable situation. They can align themselves with the TeaParty/tinfoil hat crowd and risk losing moderates and indpendents or they could renounce bitherism and lose the TeaParty extremists or they could try to weasel out of the question and piss off everyone.

    IOW, birtherism hurts the GOP and presents them with a “no-win” situation. Rove and a number of GOP strategists understand this; in fact, Rove so hates the issue, he has accused Obama of creating it.

    Further, if I’m a Dem strategist, I *want* fringe kooks like Trump and Bachmann and other birther candidates out there sucking oxygen and air-time away from more moderate GOP candidates. I *want* these folks out there as the ‘face’ of the GOP. Why on earth would Obama want to stop this circular firing squad?

    Re Trump: liberals need not worry about him. In fact, we should encourage his candidacy. Why? First, he’s not going to run; he’s done this twice before. He does this for free publicity. The first time he ran for Prez he was promoting his first book. This time, he’s using a phony run to keep his TV show’s numbers up. Second, the longer he remains a GOP frontrunner helps Dems because it points out exactly how weak and useless the real GOP field is.

    Who on earth thinks Trump will actually run? I don’t think the Donald is the brightest bulb out there but I give him credit for not being completely retarded. Does anyone think Trump wants his finances scrutinized? His personal life? He’s already shown that when he moves off issues unrelated to birtherism, he’s way out of his league. No, the Donald loves the publicity but he doesn’t want the job.

    Xposted at Mikeb’s

  8. Jade- thank you for this excellent analysis. The race/color/foreign name scenario plays well with that certain faction deeply embedded in today’s GOP. Interestingly, most of them are so-called Christians as well. Apparently they see no disconnect here. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    Why didn’t Obama let it ride? Pundits have claimed that the issue was moving towards the so-called independent voters, eroding his stance with them. I cannot believe this, otherwise, why are they designated ‘independent’? Independent cries intelligence, thoughtfulness and other cerebral characteristics. That’s why I doubt the influence here.

    The racists, bigots, and haters-of-others will, as you say, not be thwarted by this piece of evidence. They will return to their caves, huddle around the fire, and mythologize about other demons that need to be satisfied.

    I’ve already encountered “it” on a conservative blog. Yes, they have “evidence” that the birth certificate was faked. Wow! Numskulls everywhere you look.

  9. Just for your information, it appears that one of our recently absent commenters [Sepp] is a birther! No kidding. What a sorry state of affairs.

  10. Maybe Sepp is trapped in the conpiratorial theory of history…If he is, he probably cannot escape it, according to psychology interpretation…

  11. “Just for your information, it appears that one of our recently absent commenters [Sepp] is a birther! No kidding. What a sorry state of affairs.”

    I glad I’m still in your thoughts ;-)

    But, muddy if you’re going to bother trying to quote me or, making a statement regarding me, do us both the honor of being honest and, quoting me IN context.

    1. in context:
      “Just for your information, it appears that one of our recently absent commenters [Sepp] is a mornic fuckwitted dickhead birther! No kidding. What a sorry state of affairs.”

      1. I see that you’re just as vile as usual Laci. Still just doing your part to keep the standards as juvenile as possible I see.

  12. Sepp. Welcome back. OK, here goes- now that President Obama has released his long-form birth certificate, do you have any doubt that he was born in Hawaii at the time and date stated on the document above?

    YES or NO.

    Just one word, please.

    1. No, I don’t think he was born in Kenya.

      Yes, I do think he took Indonesian citizenship while he lived there.

      Either way, he wouldnt be legally able to be president.

      1. SAepp, do you really enjoy being a cretin? Do you love the fact that you come here and say idiotic things, which are provably idiotic.

        First off, he would have had to have renounced his citizenship, which requires a formal act (Section 349(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (8 U.S.C. 1481(a)(5))).

        I believe that Barack Obama was a minor when he lived in Indonesia, which means he was incapable of doing such an act.

  13. I htink this is your answer, mucky:

    It would be fun for the fuckwit to list his sources for his rubbish, but I think he pulls them out of his diseased mind.

    This issue arose in the 2008 primaries, which means that is has not been festering for 5 years (unless sepp is so dim that he doens’t know the difference between 2011 and 200 8 is 3, not 5). On June 12, 2008, Obama’s campaign responded to the rumors by posting on the “Fight The Smears” website, an image of Obama’s birth certificate. The director of Hawaii’s Department of Health, Chiyome Fukino, issued a statement confirming that the state held Obama’s “original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures”.

    Sepp, act like a fuckwit and that’s how you will be treated.

    1. “It would be fun for the fuckwit to list his sources for his rubbish, but I think he pulls them out of his diseased mind.”

      Or, I could just be like you and take Barry at his word based on the fact that I simply want to believe him?

      Can’t argue with that! After all, he’s hasn’t lied about anything else has he?

      Since you’re such a sleuth, maybe you can explain his Indonesian passport that he traveled on. He couldn’t have obtained it as an American citizen.

      So he either became a citizen there (which would exclude him just as much as being a Kenyan).

      Or, he lied about it in his book.

      So, are you happier with, Barry the ineligable due to his birth, his citizenship status or, are you satisfied that he lied about his passport?

      1. Sepp, see my comment above about Barack Obama becoming an Indonesian citizen.

        While the US requires that any naturalised citizen renounce the citizenship of their birth, other nations do not reconise that renounciation.

        The U.S. Government recognizes that dual nationality exists but does not encourage it as a matter of policy because of the problems it may cause. Claims of other countries on dual national U.S. citizens may conflict with U.S. law, and dual nationality may limit U.S. Government efforts to assist citizens abroad. The country where a dual national is located generally has a stronger claim to that person’s allegiance.

        The problem is, sepp, is that you have no idea of what you are talking about most of the time. This is yet another example of you proving that you are a complete and total fuckwit, sepp.

        SO, act like a shit for brains, and I will point out that you are a toital shit for brains, sepp.

  14. Sepp proves again that he is a complete and total moron.

    Barack Obama was 6 (SIX) years old when he lived in Indopnesia, that would make him INCAPABLE of renouncing his US citizenship.


    A person wishing to renounce his or her U.S. citizenship must voluntarily and with intent to relinquish U.S. citizenship:

    1. appear in person before a U.S. consular or diplomatic officer,
    2. in a foreign country (normally at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate); and
    3. sign an oath of renunciation

    Renunciations that do not meet the conditions described above have no legal effect. Because of the provisions of section 349(a)(5), Americans cannot effectively renounce their citizenship by mail, through an agent, or while in the United States. In fact, U.S. courts have held certain attempts to renounce U.S. citizenship to be ineffective on a variety of grounds.

    Sepp, you are sooo dummbbb!

  15. The ‘birther’ issue dies hard, especially when one puts all of his chips on that [now lost] supposition. Yet, the place of Obama’s birth is not really the sticking point for this group [formerly named ‘The Birthers’ Club’]. Their sticking point is THAT he was born, not where. I’m betting my chips that they wish to legitimize him because he is not one of them.

    I believe that this club, formerly called ‘The Birthers’ Club,’ envisions America as exclusively WASP and they are all in a flutter, panties tied in knots, over the ‘illegitimate’ rise to the presidency of Barack Obama. It must have been a nightmare come true for them. Their delusional bubble burst like kids soap bubbles on a rose bush. I can’t imagine those days, weeks after the election was over- the agony, the pain, the denial, the anger. Like a death, the stages of grief go on and on…

      1. Racist? That’s libspeak for “I can’t provide an intelligent answer…so I’ll divert the issue into a racial issue.”

        You know what? FUCK YOU liberals with your phony cries of “racism” whenever you can’t account for anything or, fear answering for something.

        The great pass-off to any intelligent rebuttal…just cry “RACISM!” to change the subject away from your bullshit talking points.

        Obama did something stupid? And people are calling him out?
        Just call em racists! It changes the subject fast and nobody ever has to answer the question thats been asked!

        I hated Bush but, I’d empty my savings account just to make him black and watch you cowards defend every stupid move he’d ever made!

        Or, would Bush being black be enough to make you cowardly liberals say “nigger”?

        …I bet it would! But, you’d never have the balls to say it out loud!

    1. No, sepp, you are


      Live with it.

      Unless Barack Obama personally goes through the process for renounciation of citizenship and the US State Department issues a certificate that he has renounced his citizenship, he is a citizen.


    Since Obama launched his bid for the White House, a sizable minority of Americans has expressed strong doubts about whether he was actually born in the United States. Over the past few years, the allegation that he was born overseas — in Kenya or perhaps Indonesia — has taken on a life of its own, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

    It’s not fair to call a large segment of today’s electorate “1950s-style racists,” he said. But some people are “unconsciously prejudiced in a way that predisposes them to not believing that a black man with a funny name could have really been legitimately elected president of the United States.”

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