Appealing to the Asses

I omitted the “M” in the title above, but I meant to do so. It seems to me,  from recent short jaunts to conservative blogs, that there are good reasons that Donald Trump scores well in early polling. They all seem to hate Obama.  That’s about it, but I’ll go on. This morning I read a blog titled, Common Sense, perhaps a reference to Thomas Paine, yet by all accounts, Mr. Paine would roll over in his proverbial grave if he knew that he was being associated with right-wing political writings. The blogger’s post today is, ‘Oh My God- I Think He’s Really Running.’ He refers to Donald Trump. The author likes Tim Pawlenty and can’t seem to understand the fascination with Trump. He said, “What started out as a harmless prank is now becoming frightening reality.  I’m not laughing Donald – it ain’t funny anymore.”

Of course it isn’t funny, but what can one expect when the centrist GOP candidates have been purged by the right-wing elements of that party? No doubt Pawlenty looks like a flaming liberal to many in today’s GOP. The base of the GOP, as we all know, are Obama-haters with little substance.  Their fixation on that hatred blinds them to life in the real world.

Take for example a comment that appeared on the Trump post that bodes trouble for the GOP in the 2012 election. Hardnox [who dumped a load here then blocked me from commenting on his blog] posted a list of 12 ‘reasons’ why President Obama [to whom her refers as ‘Zero’] will not be elected.  The ignorance elicited by these dozen is stunning and it demonstrates the parochialism of many on the right. What appeal has the following list to the ‘mainstream’ American voter?  He writes:
If they need talking points we could right a list starting with:

1) apologizing for America’s arrogance to the world.
2) bowing to 3rd world dictators
3) not supporting Iran’s protestors
4) 9 day delay in responding the BP oil spill
5) his adpotion of EVERY Bush policy which he ran against
6) Not lifting the drilling moratorium and defying court order.
7) ObamaCare and defying court order
8) Sueing Arizona instead of dealing with the border.
9) 60% of all US casualties in Afghanistan are Zero’s
10) the war in Libya
11) Where is the stimulous money?
12) 5 TRILLION in additional debt

There you go! Just imagine the landslide that awaits Obama if these 12 ‘issues’ become the focal point of the GOP nominee.


2 thoughts on “Appealing to the Asses

  1. 1) apologizing for America’s arrogance to the world.

    Does Hardnox believe that no apologies are needed for this?

    Also, citing the War in Libya. Didn’t John McCain come out saying that the US needs to give more support for the rebels? I’m curious as to how many more of the right feel the same as McCain. Yet, as I pointed out in my go round with Sepp, that no matter what Obama did in regard to that situation, it would be wrong in the minds of the righties.

    While I have no love for Obama, he is far preferable than anything the right could come up with as a US leader.

  2. Didn’t John McCain come out saying that the US needs to give more support for the rebels?

    This is the same John McCain who, with a clutch of fellow Republicans met with Qaddafi a few years ago and heralded him as moving in the right direction. Of course, this is the same John McCain that licks his finger and raises it into the wind before deciding which ‘side’ he is on.

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