War Goes On as American Schools are Forced to Downsize

In this morning’s paper, there were three articles about local school districts that have been forced to lay off teachers and staff and cancel educational programs. This while billions of our tax dollars flow over the sea to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Could anything be more ludicrous? Not only that, but cities and towns all over this land are cutting their services and postponing much-needed projects for the benefit of their citizens. Yet the pipeline from the Treasury to the Pentagon flows freely, gushing with billions of tax dollars. If one were to make a movie on this theme, it would be labeled ‘fantasy.’

Apparently we love wars more than our children.  What happens to a society that loves war more than their children?


11 thoughts on “War Goes On as American Schools are Forced to Downsize

  1. Amazing for a country that listed:
    He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.

    He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power.

    As reasons for seeing independence, the US has a love of the military!

    Despite the founders’ disdain for large military establishments and love of schooling, the current climate is the opposite. I doubt any of the founders would approve of what the US has become.

  2. A cargo ship called “ALLIANCE ST LOUIS” topped off its fuel tanks and finished loading its cargo in Charleston, S.C. and headed east going pass just north of Azores and will go through the Straights of Gibraltar soon.

    You ask what is its cargo? Well lots of Military cargo of course such as tanks, trucks and really big TRUCKS, trailers, Apache helicopters, a whole bunch of nondescript generic crates, and some other stuff such as new and a few used SUV’s for people who don’t give a crap about gas prices.

    You may well ask where is it going? Well the “ALLIANCE ST LOUIS” is going to Karachi Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait (twice), Oman and of course Iraq. Along the way the “ALLIANCE ST LOUIS” will pick up a group of ex-seals in Port Said, Egypt to be transported to ……?
    (Don’t ask me how I know all of this.)

    Yes!!! Your Tax Dollars At Work!!!

    But all this being said, I am sure our financial downturns in this country and states are because all those TEACHER’s UNIONS that need to be busted!!

    I cannot even fathom how weak the mind set is of all the Dumb Ass Lemmings that can be led so easily to go around and “Blow Harding” this type of crap because they heard it on Fox Programming and Radio.

  3. We need to always have a military draft, with rare, rare exemptions, to assure shared sacrifice. We would never have invaded Iraq or Afghanistan if the draft were in place. It is far too easy to compartmentalize when no relation, friend, or neighbor is at risk. No one talks about these wars in America today. Everyone talked all the time about Vietnam. “Nobody is happy about losing lives but remember these are not draftees, these are full-time professional soldiers.” Mitch McConnell December 2007 commenting on the deaths of Americans fighting in Iraq.

  4. We are also going to provide arms to the Libyan rebels, I read only this morning that the deal is “done”.
    The defunding and dismantling of the education system is a real problem. Again, it is the concerted propaganda effort of the Conservative Corporate takeover of the nation’s wealth that is occurring now. The company that is benefitting the most now is located in Ohio (K-12). They are getting the contracts for the Charter Schools. They are going to take over the Detroit Public School system under Michigans economic marshall law. All of the union teachers in the Detroit system received pink slips last week.
    You only have to start looking at fact based reporting about the failures of the charter system and the corporate profits to see the utter cynical basis of it all.

    The very wealthiest greed driven are turning America into a nations of serfs…and getting the very idiots who future is going to be destroyed to do their dirty work.

  5. Engineer- re the “ALLIANCE ST LOUIS” : what a great piece of muckraking! And this is but one of how many of these ships? Eisenhower rolls over in his grave!

    Cletis- indeed, the ‘professionalization’ of the U.S. military ought to have been the signal to The People that this nation was well on its way to repeatig the actions of the Roman Empire. When we lost the citizen-soldier concept, we lost control of the very purpose of The Military.

    Microtot- re the vouchers in Michigan [and elsewhere]: The People believe, falsely of course, that with a voucher, they somehow have ‘control’ of their child’s education. As you point out, however, is that charter schools have a terrible track record. Many minorities [read blacks] believe that their child is safer in these schools than the public school and are often happy with that one fact and disregard the educational component. It is an easy ‘sell’ to this demographic because they have little knowledge of ‘quality’ education.

    1. The entire trick is to portray privatised services as being better than the ones government provides. The problem is that the privatised versions feature poorly paid workers in poorly paid conditions. The only people who benefit are the bosses.

      The problem is that government can provide some services far better than private industry can. Private industry is concerned with the bottom line, government is more interested in serving the public.

  6. Hello Laci,
    “Private industry is concerned with the bottom line; government is more interested in serving the public.”

    There you have given the reason in just one sentence for Public Education removed from Private influence. It’s all about the money.

  7. Privatization has ruined health care and created wholly unnecessary expense for consumers. The profit motive must NOT be allowed to do the same thing to public education, as public ed is the great economic leveler, or at least provides that possibility.

  8. Jack- I have no idea how you were ‘dropped’ but you are back on!

    Profit, bottom line, money, gimme, me, mine… Two year olds

  9. “What happens to a society that loves war more than their children?”

    Like Rome, they are sent to garrison the world. For the Romans it was England, Gaul, Germanies, Africa, and the Middle East. For the United States it’s Japan, Korea, Phillippines, India, Iraq and MiddleEast, and all across Europe. Now, the United States has added Afghanistan as a place where children are sent to fight old men wars…And now, there is Libya. When will they learn?

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