Some Truly Deranged Bloggers


I visited Sepp’s blog yesterday to see if he was on vacation because he hasn’t commented here for many days. While there, I found a comment in one of his postings by a ‘real’ American- not bumpkins like you and me.  He apparently gets his ‘authority’ because he served in the Marines, but I would hate to have this man represent the entire Marine Corps.

The title of his blog says it all: The Anti Liberal Zone. Isn’t is swell to construct a blog against a political point of view? But then, that is apparently where he gets his energy as well as the topics of his posts each day. His profile says this:

I am a retired Marine dedicated to the eradication of liberalism and the return of America to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. If you are a leftist, a marxist, a maoist, a statist, or a progressive, YOU ARE MY ENEMY!

Charming fellow and quite the ‘American.’ He loves the Constitution but hates anyone who doesn’t have the same political philosophy.  Is that just odd or psychopathic? Did his service in the Marine Corp skew his thinking or was he born that way? I hope it was the latter.

One might ask- How will he ‘return America to a constitutional republic?’ Of course this begs the question- When exactly did the United States abandon its structure as a constitutional republic? Perhaps the gentleman could explain this to us as I left a comment [to be ‘moderated’] on his blog. I suspect, however, that this is all pure fantasy, driven by delusions resulting from living in an alternate universe.

I would also challenge this blogger to remove the fake icon of the U.S. Marine Corps from his blog and post the official U.S. Marine Corps symbol.  What a disgrace!



Here’s a special App [clock] that I missed yesterday that Mr. Marine has on his blog:


Yes, he’s a BIRTHER!  As if we didn’t think so, eh?  What a pile of shit!


9 thoughts on “Some Truly Deranged Bloggers

  1. Once a long time ago, I made a joking comment on that blog about having to take an antiacid medication after each visit. It’s like Star Wars, where I found it sporadically witty and a glimmer of intelligence, now it seems he wants to be Darth Vader and embrace the Dark Side….okay, fine, now I will visit his blog only if I think I have swallowed something poisonous and need a powerful emetic…

  2. ps…maybe his buddy needs the emblem from my official US Army Barbecue T-Shirt…which reads “DEATH FROM WITHIN”

  3. Generally speaking, the views espoused by Sepp are not shared by career Marines or any other career armed service member.

    There are exceptions, of course. And any large organization is going to have a few nutjobs.

    My experience is and has been that no one in the military wants war or conflict. That’s because in any conflict, you’ll be putting some or many of your comrades in arms at risk. Some won’t come home and some won’t come home whole.

  4. Jade- I concur with the point about all large organizations. This guy, sadly, purports to represent the U.S. Marine Corps by sporting this ’emblem’ but what a sad character he turned out to be. Apparently his Marine training fell off when he retired.

  5. Statism?

    WTF does this bozo live? Somalia? Afghanistan?

    Give me a break!

    He took an oath to defend the Constitution, did he understand what exactly he was promising to defend?

  6. He took an oath to defend the Constitution, did he understand what exactly he was promising to defend?

    Probably not. I think that he played too long with his GI Joe action toys as a kid.

  7. By the way, I’ve been declared a ‘troll’ on two right-wing blogs and, no doubt, have been banned from further comments. These guys shout out FREEDOM, but shut off free speech. Odd or paranoid? Why would they be so afraid of another point of view?

    Perhaps it is because their point of view is based in the world of delusion?

    1. Let’s face it, they don’t need to publish your comments. The guarantee of Freedom of Speech from the Constitution only protects you against governmental action.

      He who should not be mentioned whose lack of presence on this blog is a godsend wouldn’t really be too interested in other viewpoints and did not like the fact that he was continuously being shown to be wrong.

      They prefer their fantasy world, which is fine.

      Anyway, I find the use of the term “Statist” to be incredibly silly–especially if he believes in the United STATES Constitution. And a certain Amendment mentioning “being necessary to the security of a free State”.

      Quite frankly, they are entitled to their point of view.

      And ample doses of anti-psychotic drugs.

  8. And ample doses of anti-psychotic drugs.

    Could be. On another right-wing blog, I was called a ‘weenie’ by a man who though it apporpriate [like juior high school] to give me his physical dementions I’m 6-1 and 210 and I just tickles me when I am in the company of lib-weeners in a politcal debate. The fear in their eyes is measurable.

    Wow!. I’m trembling with fear.

    Do you suppose, Laci, that most of the right-wingers hit their prime in high school and continue to live as if they were still there?

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