The Destruction of the New Deal and the Great Society

UptheFlag wrote a recent comment that prompted this post.  He said, The Ryan Plan is nothing less than a destruction of the New Deal of FDR and the Great Society of LBJ. Ryan’s Plan takes the country back to the 1920s. This is the point that has to be gotten across to the masses of American people.

He was not hopeful, however, that The People could be convinced of this in a timely manner to save us all from the consequences of this destruction.  Neither am I. As I have often said, the dumbing-down of the American people is fairly well complete.  The media, once a strong resource of information, is now mostly fluff.  Additionally, right-wing fear mongers and corporate shills have taken control of much of the radio and TV waves.  Compounding the problem is the great sucking sound- the vacuum hose of the upper 1% that sucks up any and all ‘surplus’ money from the pockets of the working stiffs of this nation. Naturally, this loss of wealth drives the traditional hate and fear of ‘the other’ in society, thus fostering racism and bigotry. During this time, the wealthy can hide behind this curtain of dust and engorge themselves even more. It’s a classic and time-worn script that has been played out on various stages of this planet for thousand of years. Now, apparently, it is our turn to once again participate.

Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, authors of the New Deal and Great Society, pulled the curtain and unplugged the lights on this ugly play during their time in the Oval Office, as UptheFlag has suggested. President Obama, in quite the ironic role as a black president, has the opportunity to, once again, step in and author a third great reform for The People. Yet, I am not sure that he is willing to do so- or at least, I have not seen any movement yet towards that goal. Perhaps he is waiting for his 2nd term to do so, but I’m not holding my breath.  His leadership skills are in the junior league compared to Roosevelt and Johnson.

The American right-wing is afire these days, setting and fanning conflagrations all over this nation.  Just look at the new Arizona birther law, the anti-Shira Law movement in Texas or the actions of the Wisconsin and Ohio governors,whose work in shutting down union power is monumental. The privatization of government is being moved to the front burner all across the land.  Vouchers for school kids and for grandma are the new hot-ticket items in their bag of tricks. Sadly, many citizens are falling for these shenanigans because they seemingly don’t know any better. The con-game is in full swing.

Meanwhile the religious and ethnic zealots are starting their own fires in many communities and towns throughout the nation.  God’s Own Party fundamentalists don’t like ‘them’- non-Christians- and are willing to wage ugly wars to prove that ‘God is on our side.’ Meanwhile, as expected, racial and ethnic flames are fanned by poor whites who fear that ‘they’ are taking away their jobs.

These roles are, as already mentioned, classic. Just open any world history book and read about them and the scary ending. America is well on the way to staging our own grand performance once again. Biases of economics, race, ethnicity and religion are simmering in a grand and deadly stew. The right-wing of the GOP is stirring it briskly and turning up the heat. And the dumbed-down, confused and troubled people are grabbing their bowls and lining up for a heaping ladle.


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  1. UTF and I tend to agree on quite a few things and the current trend to destroy the safeguards which were instituted during the New Deal and Great Society is defintely a frightening one. We are also similarly pessimistic about the outcome for the same reasons.

    It’s not that the right wing are totally responsible for this since I believe that the right is not as powerful as it is portrayed as being. The progressive voices are silenced or ignored by the media. There is no alternative presented to the American people, or if it is, it is demonised.

    I don’t know whether the blame can be placed on Obama, but he is not what he was portrayed as being. The solution isn’t to dismantle the progress of the past 80 years. Or to enable that happening, which is what Obama is doing.

  2. Laci wrote: “…. I believe that the right is not as powerful as it is portrayed as being. ”

    Laci and EOK, why do u believe that. I tend to take the opposite view…I hope M_R will weigh in on this.

    The Right, it seems to me, basically controls all the States from Virginia to the Florida line and straight across the Mississippi River to Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Add in Kansas and Nebraska and probably Missouri.
    The Great Plains States of North and South Dakota. The Western States of Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. Add in Indiana.

    It seems to me that leaves Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania as toss up States. If Obama looses either of those States, we have a Rightist President. And, right now he is trailing in PA and FL. And, I would suspect OH as well…Just looks like a lot of power there, guys! This is raw political power. Sure, they are out-populated by NY and CA, but it doesnt matter as its 2 senators and electoral college votes in an election. Plus, they have the lobbyist for all the legislation for the two percenters. Damn, this is making me depressed, lol….

    The South is solidly GOP, and this is a huge base to project power from. It’s very sobering, don’t you think? And, that Southern bias is found in down State Ohio, Indiana(home of the KKK), and Illinois. Just look at those States Legislatures.

  3. Hello Uptheflag,
    When you asked the question on “believing that the right is not as powerful as it is portrayed as being,” speaking for myself only, I think the Teabaggers have had their 15 minutes of fame and are now exposed (even more so within the Republican Party members) as being too extreme.

    Even Karl Rove has been working hard stumping speeches warning of the Ultra Extremism that which is the Tea Party. Maybe because he is seeing the Republican Party’s main stream losing control of the Party making it unpalatable to the political medium minded. I am seeing this becoming more and more as the election nears. It is the middle of the political spectrum that truly elects candidates.

    I agree with your thoughts that the country, and the states you mentioned, are more on the conservative side; but will they tolerate more of the Ultra Conservative Far Right?

    Giving the example of sponsors dropping their ads not wanting to have their products “Brand Labeled” with Glenn Beck’s extremism causing Fox Programming to cancel, and dropping his show; I see this as America having had enough of this “Circus Act” conservatism.

    I have always said that politics is like the swinging of a pendulum. Just as nature abhors a vacuum, it also likes moderation just as the pendulum will swing back from one side to the other until it is allowed to settle at the static medium. We have had the pendulum pushed to the far right conservative on the last election, it will change its motion to the inverse this next election. (The election after this one, it will swing back to the conservative side but not as much as before barring external situation forces.)

    Just food for thought based on my science background. :-)

  4. UptheFlag said, in naming “red” states, Add in Indiana.

    That only happens when blacks don’t vote in the towns around Chicago. They’ll be back in the voting booths in November 2012 after a four-year absence.

    He adds, It seems to me that leaves Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania as toss up States. If Obama looses either of those States, we have a Rightist President.

    The GOP-controled state legislature in Ohio is fighting hard to find ways to disenfranchize blacks and low-income whites in the 2012 presidential race. The manditory photo ID was just the first step. Two weeks ago, the GOP Sec. of State fired the top 2 officers at the Lucas County [Toledo] Board of Elections. Something about ‘incompetence.’ Or, more to the truth, the fact that they permitted provisional ballots to be handed out. The GOP doesn’t want too many of ‘them’ to have the opportunity to cast their vote, don’t you know!

    Just watch these GOP-controled legislatures tighten the ‘rules and regulations’ for voting in the coming year. But then, they are only reflecting the voting history during the first century of this nation: white, male landowners. They want only their kind to have these rights. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if some right-wing nut proposed a Poll Tax.

  5. Engineer writes, We have had the pendulum pushed to the far right conservative on the last election, it will change its motion to the inverse this next election.

    A potentially good example of this may be those so-called Reagan Democrats who moved over to the GOP due to ‘cultural’ issues. Now this group just had the rug pulled out from under them by the far-right Ohio and Wisconsin governors and legislatures.

    It will be interesting to see if the GOP will throw some red herring into the presidential election cycle to keep these former Democrats in the GOP.

    I think of the mostly-white suburbs surrounding Detroit that filled up during the ‘white flight’ during the 60’s and 70’s. Reagan wooed them to the GOP over so-called ‘cultural’ issues, aka race. Now that these people have lost jobs, benefits, union rights, and even their homes, it will be interesting to see if they vote the same way that the blacks left in the city limits vote.

    Or will they be hoodwinked by some slick political scheme?

  6. As to the Poll Tax, sure, why not, lol…I’m sure the GOP can ‘nullify” that Amendement….So, why did we ever fight the Civil War? Could have save 500,000 lives if we just would have accepted small government and no taxes….But, Republican Lincoln said “Nope! This is where I draw the line.”

  7. As to voting in 2012 can we look at it this way? A 45-45 split between Dems and Gop? That leaves 10% approximately. That 10% is the Independent vote. The 2012 election will probably be decided by this block of voters. It will be over “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS”. And, maybe the Ryan GOP Budget, if the Dems can frame it correctly…If the economic recovery falters, it would seem Obama is toast……

  8. UTF, the right is only powerful since it controls the media and political system. The left/progressive side has been debilitated by not having the ability to get around the system, which is driven by money.

    We’ve seen an example of the politically indoctrinated person who doesn’t understand that he has been had here. They believe they know what is going on because they believe what they are told without question. This type of person will vote against his own interests since he doesn’t understand the system.

    As mucky points out, they are hoodwinked by some slick political scheme mostly because they don’t understand they have swallowed the lies which come in the form of simple solutions to complex problems.

  9. Laci writes, because they don’t understand they have swallowed the lies which come in the form of simple solutions to complex problems.

    Indeed. Look at what dingbat Palin said yesterday during her ‘rally’ in Madison. She was heckled by the union masses surrounding her 100- 200 people and said,
    “He’s not trying to hurt union members. He’s trying to save your jobs and your pensions.”

    Gulp! Yes, that’s what she said and you can imagine that her dopey followers swallowed the lie because it is such a ‘simple solution’ to their perceived problem.


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