Dueling Budgets

Today, President Obama will roll out his budget or ‘plan for the future.’  Last week Paul Ryan rolled out the GOP plan; little ‘vision’ there. I wonder how the two will compare?

While I am away for a few days  [trip for wife’s birthday], I’ll let the rest of you haggle over the comparison.  Be nice.  By the way, belated birthday greetings to UptheFlag.  You are in that new decade.  Gulp! I’ll be there soon.


4 thoughts on “Dueling Budgets

  1. Your Senator Portman was just on FOX saying Obama has shown no leadership on the budget and that all he has done is to kick the can down the road. He says any plan to raise taxes will be intolerable, and the Ryan budget saves the safety net.

    Moreover, I see where Kasich is looking at circumventing the referendum on collective bargaining by including it now in the budget. Whats the deal on that?…Are you working to get signatures on the petition?

  2. I think the real battle, Laci, will be increasing the debt ceiling. It will pass the House, but it only takes one Senator to filibuster the proposal. One of these “flakes” will…Hopefully, the Senate can get a 2/3 vote to cut off the filibuster, but a lot of damage can already be done. Can they get 67 Senators to cut the filibuster? They got 81 to pass the budget compromise this week, so it’s feasible. Default, however, is default and some damage to our financial system and the worldwide financial system may occur…Like to hear what you and Microdot think….

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