American Taliban Lurking Inside GOP

The recent attack on women’s rights by right-wing legislators in the GOP takes one’s breath away and begs the question: why are our soldiers fighting and dying fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan? They are here in the United States working very hard to control the lives of American women.

Of course, the Afghan Taliban are Muslims whereas the American Taliban are Christian.  Apparently whether one attends a mosque or a church makes a big difference.


5 thoughts on “American Taliban Lurking Inside GOP

  1. Some people do not understand the concept expressed in:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

    The US government is to be RELIGIOUSLY NEUTRAL.

    It can’t impose beliefs of one religion upon another. If it favours one religious belief over another, that is a violation of the First Amendment.

    I find it offensive that US politicans don’t tell the public to butt out of their religious affairs and cite Article VI:

    no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

  2. Is that the reason? I believe i heard James Baker say that we are fighting to shore up a government…I interpret that as “nation building”, and that is the real reason we are there….The talibn will govern when we ever decide to leave.

    At a cost of $2.5BiLLION a week thru what? 2014? How simple cutting over a HUNDRED BILLION would be if OBANA just packed them up and brought them home……

  3. How simple cutting over a HUNDRED BILLION would be if OBANA just packed them up and brought them home……

    The elephant in the living room syndrome. And how disgusting is it that the GOP and the Dems are cutting social programs while, as you say, hundreds of billions of dollars are WASTED in Afghanistan!!

    Stupidity to the max!

  4. When you see the unreal ratio of what it costs to keep a soldier in the field versus the cost of funding one school, you begin to understand the utter ridiculousness of the discussion. The cost of the infrastructure required to purchase and maintain on fighter jet.
    I tried to make a point regarding the sensationalist approach of the American Conservative Taliban regarding women’s rights, reproductive rights and health issues in an earlier post. In Haley Barbour’s Mississippi, the recent poll claiming that a majority of Republicans wanted to make interracial marriage illegal again shows the regressive trend of racism and sexism making gains in a fear manipulated populace.
    How can deliberate ignorance and pure prejudicial regression ever promote an economically positive future?
    We have to promote sane policies in education, opportunities for all, health and yes, women’s reproductive rights in order to create the possibility of a future.

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