It Ain’t About the Budget After All!

Surpirse! Surprise! Or are we? The so-called ‘sticking-points’ between the GOP and the Dems have nothing at all to do with the budget.  Rather, it’s all about ideology and 40 ‘policy riders’ that the right-wing attached to their budget. Riders like diluting the EPA, defunding the 2010 Health Care Act, defunding Planned Parenthood, Public Broadcasting and 36 others attached to the bill by Tea Party freshmen, may shut down the U.S. Government at midnight today.  John Boehner, caught with his pants down, tried to spin this roadblock by saying, “Americans are concerned not just about how much we’re spending, but how we’re spending it,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. “That’s why the policy provisions are an important part of this discussion.”  No they’re not.  Hell No!

Poor Mr. Boehner.  Like a new teacher, his classroom is unruly.  He has several pupils who he cannot control and there is no Principal’s Office to rescue him. So he lied. Did you catch his biggest whopper- the one about Planned Parenthood? He said that taxpayers should not be paying for abortions. Of course, we don’t and there is a Federal law against it, but it keeps the fundamentalist Christian sheep quiet in their corral.

Ideology, aka politics may shut down the government. And the uninformed voters last November gave the GOP another chance to govern. Have they learned their lesson or do they remain essentially ignorant of what is really happening in this country?


23 thoughts on “It Ain’t About the Budget After All!

  1. The problem is that Obama has stepped into the fray, which is not his territory–the Budget is the under the Leglislature’s control.

    This aspect of the Budget is mere pennies. It will have ramifications for confidence in the US governmentbecause people won’t be sure if the Government can govern!

    Even more amusing, the Tea Party crowd wants to stand fast on these issues. They don’t care about the consequences of a government shutdown.

    1. Consequences of a government shutdown?
      Like what?
      “Closing” the Washington monument again?
      “Sorry folks, you can’t look at the obelisk…it’s closed!”

      As I recall, the last time the govt was shut down, we saved a ton of money and nothing bad happened at all.
      SS checks still went out and, the military personel were still paid on time…because the pay system is automated!

      1. Sepp, of course, is wrong as usual:
        A 2010 Congressional Research Service report summarized other details of the 1995-1996 government shutdowns, which it said impacted all sectors of the economy. * Health and welfare services for military veterans were curtailed; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped disease surveillance; new clinical research patients were not accepted at the National Institutes of Health; and toxic waste clean-up work at 609 sites was halted.
        * The closure of 368 Nation Park sites resulted in the loss of some 7 million visitors.
        * Recruitment and testing of federal law enforcement officials was reportedly cancelled, including the hiring of 400 border patrol agents.
        * 200,000 applications for passports and 20,000 to 30,000 applications for visas by foreigners went unprocessed; U.S. tourism and airline industries incurred millions of dollars in losses.
        * More than 20% of federal contracts, representing $3.7 billion in spending, were affected adversely.

        Source: “Shutdown of the Federal Government: Causes, Processes, and Effects”

  2. So, pretty much the dems are willing to allow the govt to be shutdown…unless…planned parenthood (a private group), PBS, EPA, etc are funded…while casting blame on the tea party folks?

    It looks like pet programs are all the dems care about.
    So what EPA mandate isn’t going to be enforced with a cut in funding?
    Oh no! Irresponsible people will have to pay for their own abortions?
    Sesame street might have to play a few reruns?
    Obamacare? He said it would never cost a dime…so why worry?

    In the bigger picture…so fucking what?

    Newsflash, the government is broke and the “Let’s just print more money” solution has played itsself to the end of the line.

    Blaming the tea party for standing fast is a cop out. They were elected to go and force the government to stop bankrupting the country.
    The bullshit excuse in saying that “democrats just didn’t vote” is a joke.

    Wow, elected officials who are actually doing what they said they’d do if elected!

    It just goes to show where the left stands in all this.
    Bankrupting the nation.
    Nice idea.
    Better to bankrupt us than to face cuts to NPR and Sesame street and cheap government funded abortions!

    1. Of course, if sepp was paying attention to all the pretty pictures and video clips, he would understand that the budget deficit is pure party politics.

      I guess the pictures and videos went over sepp’s tiny head.

      He’s too dumb to understand even those things.

      Likewise, he is against funding domestic spending which the TAXPAYERS want funded.

      I guess we will see a government shutdown, People like Sepp want it.

      And the US will see it’s prestige in the world go down the tubes.

  3. What more can be said? I hope the independent block of voters are taking this in and able to see that it is the GOP that is being unreasonable. Hopefully, the are not on the Kool_Aid and have the ability to see thru the GOP hype. It’s the GOP turn to not hear the people of the United States clamor for JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

  4. It appears to me, M_R, that there are four make-ups of the GOP. One would be a small percent that are still the hangerons of the old Republican party and can support a compromise, then there are another group who want the entire $100 BILLION, that even if the Dems gave $99 BILLION they would still shut the Government down, then there are the “social conservatives” such as Pence who will shut the Government down if every single one of the policy riders are not added to this financial bill, and finally there is the fourth faction which calls for both fiancial and policy riders. Is that the way you see it? How do we govern with such lunacy?

  5. How do we govern with such lunacy?

    Who knows? Yes, those 4 factions are in the once-grand old party. I can’t imagine how the old-party folks can still claim that party as their own!

    One cannot govern with ideologues on the other side that have blinders on and a narrow view point. Perhaps the party will implode! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    1. Yes, but what would replace it?

      What real alternative is there for the people who want to see a party that truly represents the average person?

      1. The tea partiers.

        But, since you’ve willingly eaten every piece of bullshit the lefty media has spoon-fed you about them, you’ll never know anyways.

        Wow, a group of people who want the government to abide by the laws that were set for it under the constitution…terrible!

        Responsible spending? God forbid!



        The funny part is that the Tea party candidates who were sent to D.C to serve the voters ARE actually doing what their constituents asked them to do AND, that they promised to do.

        A first since George Washington.

        As liberals, you folks just want to be told one thing while your candidates do another…and then reelect the idiots!

        Didn’t Obama promise to cut the deficit in half?
        See how that worked out?

        He “cut spending” to the point of almost closing the govt down due to overspending!

        His own home state is having it’s state credit cards revoked due to non-payment on them!

        Guess what? Times have changed! (must be that “change” part of “hope and change”)
        Unlimited government freebies as election bait isn’t going to float anymore. It’s unsustainable.

        So far, the ONLY promise Obama has kept is the one about fuel prices that must skyrocket under his plan!


        The Tea Party Agenda, as you present it, is contrary to everything I believe in.

        I don’t need “the Lefty media” to tell me it’s not an alternative I want to consider when I have your idiotic comments.

        Is that simple enough for you to understand?

  6. So when this budget was supposed to have been taken care of, wasn’t Pelosi in charge and, the tea party people still far away from taking office?
    And, if averting a shutdown was so damned important, why were the democrats willing to shut it down for planned parenthood?

    A PRIVATE entity that really has no business taking taxpayer money.
    It’s a 5013C non profit that made $374.7 million and miscellaneous operating revenues $68.9 million!

    And the democrats were going to shut down the government for that?
    A non-profit organization that shows a profit?

    I don’t think the taxpayers should be funding ANY private organizations. They can donate to them at their own free will if they believe in them.

    Using a dime of my tax money to fund planned parenthood is no different than if the government were funding Barb’s church with Muddy’s tax money!
    Barb’s church just doesent have advocates in Washington willing to close the govt in order to keep her funding comming in.

    And, just like Barb’s church, planned parenthood can canvas for it’s own expenses.

    1. Sepp, the voice of ignorance.

      If you are rpeeresntative of the Tea Party, I don’t need lefty media to tell me I want nothing to do with it.

      I can listen to you to affirm that for me.

      Is that simple enough for you to understand?

  7. “The Tea Party Agenda, as you present it, is contrary to everything I believe in.”

    Responsible spending, ethics and, accountability?

    Yeah, that pretty much IS counter to everything YOU believe in!

    How about self reliance?

    Yeah right!

    Without your Daddy the government to steer life for you, you’re nothing.

    1. since my other comment is awaiting moderation
      No, moronic dumbfuck jerkoffs like you as their spokesman turn me off.

      The Tea Party Agenda is hardly responsible, but you are too much of a dumbshit to get that through you thick skull.

      You are a complete and total dumbshit, sepp, and any organisation that has you as a member is something I would prefer to have nothing to do with.

      Is that in simple enough language for you to understand?

  8. I should also add, Sepp, since you are an ignorant fuck, that the US$ forex value has tanked courtesy of the Budget shenanigans.

    Too bad you get your news from news for ignorant shites which doesn’t clue you in to how fucked up you are.

    Otherwise, you would relise that you are a worthless arrogant piece of shit who isn’t worthy to wipe my ass.

  9. lacithedog, mud_rake, and uptheflag,
    You are, as always, correct in your reasoning and judgment. The same cannot be said for that reactionary conservative scoundrel who is allowed to post here all the time. Evidently you enjoy the back and forth with this giy; I, for one, do not. Today’s proponents of conservative ideology are hateful, cynical, snide, ignorant, mean-spirited, selfish, and downright WRONG. They lack civility and are best left ignored altogether, which is what I do with them. Arguing with them is futile, so I don’t even go there. Life is too short for out and out bullshit.

    1. NO, I don’t enjoy dealing with said reactionary scoundrel. Unfortunately, his incorrect statements cannot remain unchallenged.

      I agree and wish that he would either leave from realising that he is being shown as wrong. I don’t think he will be barred.

      The problem with he who shall remain unnamed is that he prefers to feel that he has had the last word so that he can feel he has “won”.

      And then come back to repeat the lies.

      Over and over and over again.

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