Two out of Three Ain’t Bad for a Batter, but Ryan Ain’t Playing Ball

Early on in the baseball season it is common to see extremely high batting averages.  No doubt, there are some fairly average players who are hitting 667 right now.  That’s two out of three. As the season moves along, most major league players will hover around the 300 mark or the high 200’s. Many hope to end the season there or at least when the contract signing takes place.

Yesterday, the brightest bulb in the GOP House, Paul Ryan,  unveiled his plan to save America. A hero, so-to-speak, not unlike Superman or FDR. He was proud as punch to visit all of the cable news rooms and talk about his plan. No doubt, he offered some great ‘fixes’ to the problem- a problem that has resulted from ‘kicking the problem down the road.’ Nice metaphor, don’t you think? He even tugged at the heart-strings of grandparents with the over-used cliché about burdening our grandchildren with heavy debt. He seemed to have all of the bases covered as one would expect from the team captain.  GOP leaders were shining with pride as the young gun unveiled the plan that would not only save America, but their butts as well.

Continuing on with the cliché, the devil is always in the details. rudimentary economics details three ways to balance a budget: cut spending, raise revenue, or both. Ryan hit two out of three. That damned ‘raise revenue’ seems to have been missing from his plan.  Or did that piece of paper get lost? Elephant in room.  BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAANNNNKKKKK!

 Ryan could not raise taxes because to do so would violate the most important Republican value.  The GOP goal of achieving smaller government will never work if the tax burden is increased because, after all, one ought not feed the greedy pig too much. Just consult any regressive-thinking Tea Party member for details and/or spin.

Ryan wants to reform the tax code by removing tax breaks and lowering rates for both businesses and individuals. Swell idea. I’m smelling the flat-tax stew simmering on the stove in the kitchen. Removing tax breaks, he says. Let’s apply this to corporations right away: how many more billions would pour into the Treasury with that one simple adjustment? Perhaps hundreds of billions? What about a flat rate for corporations of say 18 percent? No loopholes.

Carnival Cruises paid 1.1% in taxes last year out of its $11.3 billion in profits. If they paid 18%, then the U.S.Treasury would be $2 billion richer. If Boeing paid 18%, the Treasury would grow by $720 million rather than the $160 million it received last year. Southwest Airlines paid $27million last year rather than $83 million under the 18% plan. How’s that for increasing revenues?

Naturally, the Right-wing echo chamber will be yelling that the poor corporations can’t afford such a tax ‘burden’ and it will drive them offshore, as if that doesn’t already happen, eh? Johnny one-note.

ExxonMobil, despite recording more than $15 billion in income taxes, “paid none of its 2009 income taxes in the U.S.” – Forbes   Is this the same ExxonMobil that sucks the oil from the Gulf of Mexico and sells its gasoline to us at $3.79/gallon?  Why, yes indeed. Poor corporations! 
Of course, Uncle Sam can’t get its hands on all of the profits of these multinational corporations,  For example, GE has $84 billion in overseas income parked indefinitely outside the U.S. in places like Bahamas, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands that (legally) shelter the cash flow from these corporations. That’s why it’s U.S. tax bill was -25%.  Poor corporations.  Why, if we tax them any more, they will go off-shore and…..  Oops.

Paul Ryan had to watch out, yesterday, for the massive piles of elephant dung in the room where he was laying out his new vision of America.  Too bad he didn’t see the elephant there in the room, eh?


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    “The reason why this is so useful is that there is nothing in the Ryan plan that has not been circulated in policy circles for decades. Almost everything in the plan has been tried and failed. The plan ignores obvious economic realities, such as the bubble-induced recession that has left 25 million people unemployed or underemployed. It doesn’t lay a glove on the rich and powerful, while threatening to undermine the limited economic security enjoyed by tens of millions of middle class families.

    Yet many pundits will applaud the plan as brave, innovative and creative. In making these pronouncements these pundits will immediately reveal themselves as worthless hacks who either lack the ability or desire to do their own thinking. Their endorsement of the Ryan plan will be like a scarlet letter permanently marking them as someone who has no place in a serious policy discussion. For this reason we owe Mr. Ryan a real debt of gratitude.”

    It’s amazing there are those who support Ryan’s nonsense. It does away with Medicare which is basically telling seniors to die quicker. Medicaid is left to the tender mercies of insurance companies who are doubtless eager to provide the very best to the elderly and poor. And it cuts taxes on the wealthiest while raising taxes on the poor.

  2. Jade, your post just goes to show that if you seek “evidence” to support a bullshit arguement…you will find it on the internet someplace.

    Nice class envy arguement though. A little tired and worn out but, an “A” for effort!
    It must have taken an entire .3 seconds to google a leftist site that played the envy game you wanted to hear.

  3. “the Right-wing echo chamber will be yelling that the poor corporations can’t afford such a tax ‘burden’ “, M_R writes above.

    My concern is that this is all the citizens hear. The Democrats and, of course,
    the President do not call the GOP on their agenda. There is nothing true about the GOP agenda. Yet the President refuses to draw that line in the sand and use his bully pulpit, as TR origninally showed how to use it. FDR did, Truman did, Eisenhower did with the congressional-military-industial complex speech and his denouncing of Sen. McCarthy, and finally LBJ were Presidential leaders. Carter comes close with his energy speeches, but he had no energy program passed. There must be a mechanism to counter act the GOP false claims and lies.

    One starting place is the GOP lie that: CUTTING TAXES CREATES JOBS. This is an outright LIE…….Take it on, friends.

  4. Jade writes, “the plan as brave, innovative and creative.”

    Can it not be called that? This is a republic, and we have two parties who have different approaches. And, as i am writing this, Sen Max Baucus has just said on Anrea Mitchell, that with the super rich group, it might be advisable to have means testing for medicare benefits. There we go, a leading Democratic Senator.

    It seems to me, M_R, has summed up the choices pretty well in his above comment.

  5. You neglect the fourth short term fix, sell or lease government assets (e.g. Turnpikes, PA’s PLCB, Mineral rights, etc.).

    The Republican agenda is minarchy, but more likely some form of Corporate Oligarchy.

    1. Yes, I did not mention that factor. Do you mean like selling the mineral rights under our land for almost nothing? And the off-shore oil for about the same price?

      1. Exactly! The Vultures are out for the kill.

        The interesting factor is how the Chinese held part of the US National debt will play out. Although China is more a form of Corporatocracy. The former Communist coutries have morphed into Oligarchic Corporatocracies than anything else.

        The Amusing thing is that the Constitution and its rights only deal with government entities, not oligarchic ones. There is truly no right to free speech in a Corporatocracy.

  6. Sepp, are you actually on here lamenting redistribution of wealth? How refreshing to find a man who is willing to take on the fascist machine that has redistributed my money and the money of most Americans to the upper 2% of our society for thirty years. Try this for evidence, David Stockman. Sheeesh.

    1. Cletis, Sepp only gets upset when the money is distributed in a fair manner, he calls that a “class envy arguement”.

      Sepp is happy working 62 hours a week for low wages and no benefits.

      he calls that “freedom”

      1. So how do you take one person’s earnings away from them and, give it to someone who didn’t earn it and call it “fair”?

        BTW, stop trying to distort (LIE) about what I said.
        I work up to 62 hours per week because I want to…not because I have to as you like to pretend.

        Also, I make damned good money, have a full benefits package and, retirement plan.

        I also have no bills since my “low paying job” made it possible to pay cash for everything I own to include my house which was paid off in under 10 years.

        A little prudence and sane spending habits seems to have kept me from crying for someone else’s labors to pay my way through life.
        Knock my lifestyle if you want to but, while you’re crossing your fingers in hope that the government can still afford to support you, I won’t be.
        I can live with that.

        For an interesting read that you might be able to understand, try Aesop’s Fable about the Ant and the grasshopper.

        YOU fit the role of the Grasshopper perfectly.

      2. You mean like not paying someone a reasonable wage?

        “Someone else’s labors to pay my way through life.”

        Which is the definition of capitalism, whereone’s money does the work.

        The problem, sepp, is that you don’t understand the concept of fractional reserve banking–never have and never will.

        So, call it class envy, or what have you, but you don’t understand how the world works.

      3. Also, for a market economy to work there need to be BUYERS as well as sellers. If people don’t have money to buy the goods, then you don’t have a market.

        The problem with sepp is that he doesn’t understand basic English.

        There was, nevertheless, an alternative tradition in which the ant was seen as a bad example. It relates that the ant was once a man who was always busy farming. Not satisfied with the results of his own labour, he plundered his neighbours’ crops at night. This angered the king of the gods, who turned him into what is now an ant. Yet even though the man had changed his shape, he did not change his habits and still goes around the fields gathering the fruits of other people’s labour, storing them up for himself. The moral of the fable is that it is easier to change in appearance than to change one’s moral nature. The fable was rarely noticed and, though of Aesopic origin, has not been accepted as such into later collections.

        Seriously, Sepp!

        You serioously need to get your shit together where literary references are concerned!

      4. Even more importantly, sepp, could you withstand the cost of a serious illness?

        Somehow, I think you are full of shit, sepp.

        At least, we are pretty much certain your head is full of shit.

      5. Knock my lifestyle if you want to but, while you’re crossing your fingers in hope that the government can still afford to support you, I won’t be.
        I can live with that.

        How will you be able to still afford your lifestyle, sepp?

        Savings? Investments? Assets? Job?

        The problem is that all of those are subject to external forces. Saving and investments are liable to being wiped out.

        House values can seriously decline.

        And Job–Sepp, I guess we’ll alawys need people to clear out rubbish. And you’re happy living in it.

      6. Serioously, sepp, I hope you have a catasrophic illness which requires you to lose everything that you own. I can see you still singing the praises of the capialist system.

        Or more likely, being a sponge on the system because you can’t pay your medical bills.

      7. I love it when it takes you 10 posts to argue 1 of mine. The crazed menapausal ravings just make you all the sexier!

  7. And, M_R and Laci, don’t forget the air waves. There is no BBC in the United States. The Federal Government auctions it off, and only tries to politically regulate the broadcasts.

    Hey, lets nationalize all the U.S. airline companies, and have ONE nationally owned airline like the rest of the world does…….

    1. Interesting point, UTF.

      As for one national airline, that will be part of the Corporatocracy’s plan to have a monopoly on that as well.

  8. Here is one to mull over…The Obama Interior Department and the United States Forestry Service and 5 States have negotiated a deal that will let the YELLOWSTONE buffalo, BISON, roam freely outside the Park and not be shot.
    Oh, I’m sure there will be a “hue and cry” in these western states, but the deal is done.

    This presents my dilemma. This would not have happened if McCain was President. So, while Obama has been a disappointment and has violated the promises that he made as a candidate for President, I have to make a choice and realize that there is no GOP candidate fit to become President. This is a tragedy!

    1. Bison taste great! I do believe that any Bison roaming off the park CAN be shot if they’re doing damage to private property…I’d be popping at least one per year for damaging my lawn…right into the freezer and onto the grill!

  9. Well, gentlemen, we have roamed [bison reference] far from the Paul Ryan ‘manifesto’ as it has been accurately categorized by some. The ‘brightest bulb’ in the GOP has proven himself to be just another slick, GOP con man who loves the rich and the corporate CEO’s and walks all over the masses.

    Dana Milbank of the Washington Post said of Ryan, the Republican’s plan increases the federal debt by more than $8 trillion over the next 10 years, and it continues federal budget deficits until nearly 2040. Milbank goes on, Ryan’s proposal isn’t a budget. It’s a manifesto for the anti-tax cause. The GOP plan reduces the government’s revenues by $4 trillion over 10 years because of tax cuts, including a lower top rate for businesses and the wealthy.

    I got stuck on the part of the Ryan Plan that claimed it to be a ‘job-creator’ and that it would slash the unemployment rate to ridiculously low percentages. How does all of this slash and burn equate to job growth?

    Please don’t tell me, Sepp, that “if you lower taxes on the rich that they will create jobs for the peons in society.” It doesn’t happen except in right-wing ejaculatory fantasies. If you lower the tax rates of the rich [and infamous] they stash it away in securities in Luxembourg.

    Then there is the granddaddy of them all, still eating much of the treasure and laying large piles of dung for us to clean up afterwards- the Pentagon Elephant! Ryan keeps on feeding this massive monster as if it were the 1950’s. Wait! Now I see it more clearly; it IS the 1950’s in the regressive minds of the right-wing.

    Where’s the keys to my Studebaker?

    1. Alas, trickle down never has. The wealth is shifting towards the top 2% who earn it through investments rather than work. The rich get richer, while every one else is getting poorer. That is seeing a reduciton in the standard of living.

      The ultimate point is that a market economy requires a market, that is buyers for the products and services as well as those who sell them. Austerity means cutting down wherever possible, but there are still living expenses that need to be paid.

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