Autumn in the Toledo Botanical Garden


3 thoughts on “Autumn in the Toledo Botanical Garden

  1. Well, my most positive feelings about Toledo is the true sense of interface of urban/suburban and the wild. You don’t have to go too far in any direction to be in a rural, wild midwestern place, whether it’s the meeting of the swamp with the lake, the streams draining the sandy soil, the diverse species of birds and wild life that manage to hang on and reinvade and adapt as the man made environment changes…
    I admire Toledo for the complex and well managed system of parks and wild spaces that it manages and I hope that it will always remain a priority.
    Fall makes me nostalgic and aware of the passage of time. I would like it always to be spring and endless summer, the change of the clocks is the most depressing day of the year for me….
    But then again…..

  2. These photos are from 2009, but little has changed at the gardens. They are an interesting escape from the urban environmental which surround them. They are to Toledo what Central Park is to NYC and the Botanischer Garten und Museum in Berlin.

  3. Last week, while in Texas, we visited the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I have been going there first with my parents, then on various trips with my grandfather, then as a young married graduate student with two children, and now as grandparents. We were a group of 10! Since everything is big in Texas, lol, this is a huge expanse of gardens. What oil money can do for a city! This was a bright, sunny Saturday, and we found a couple of weddings being performed and numerous artists at work with their easels.
    One area had an outdoor 50th wedding reception for a black family. When I first went there as a child, the gardens were closed to “colored”. Change does occur…..

    My older son and his family visit often. He would have been one or two on our visits, the other son and his family had never visited until now. Hmmm,
    wonder if the first son who had these experiences had an innate sense to visit the gardens, while the other son who was born in another state did not have that experience? Ummm, we didn’t come upon any flocks of geese
    tto hassle us, lol….

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