King of New York Hacks Remembers 9-11

For an interesting and heart-tugging visual reminder of 9-11, see today’s post by King of New York Hacks, REMEMBER.


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  1. I checked out the pics and the site…I left a comment.
    Anyone who was in lower Manhattan that day could not have walked away unscathed. It is how we deal with trauma and pick up the pieces which define all of us in our lives. I was there and way too close for comfort, literally, but I resolved to learn from the experience. I am determined to open doors, not slam them shut. AMEN!

  2. I am not sure how to react given that I have lived in London, Exeter, and outside Coventry: all cities that were bombed heavily during the Second World War. Additionally, I have experienced a few IRA bombings (in particular the 18 February 1991 Paddington Bombing). Not to mention I have a sort of expertise in terrorism.

    I will say that the US’s closing down the East Coast and shutting down air traffic for a week gave the terrorist a victory in my opinion. Also, I thought that the terrorists weren’t that much of a threat or they could have followed up with even more devastation given how the US was on its knees.

    I compare the US’s reaction to what may be propaganda photos of England during the Blitz where people went on with their lives. Likewise, we didn’t stop during the Paddington Bombing, but rerouted to Ealing Station.

    It’s terrorism because they want to create a state of fear. Being afraid gives the terrorist a victory.

    While I understand the loss and feel the need to commemorate it: I find it really hard to understand the extreme overreaction of attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, reacting in an unconsidered manner gave the terrorists another victory: and helped them in their recruiting efforts.

    Another problem I have with 9-11 is that the focus is usually on NYC and not the Pentagon.

    We can get into how so much is made of 9-11, yet the Murrah Building seems forgotten. Is it because the 9-11 bombings were “external” and the Murrah Building was “internal”?

    The upshot of this is that people can get inflamed over an Islamic Centre being built, yet there far more of a threat from Domestic terrorism in the US

    The real solution to terrorism is to address the causes which lead to it being an option.

  3. It’s terrorism because they want to create a state of fear. Being afraid gives the terrorist a victory.

    May I add that the political demagoguery that is today being ratchet-up by the right-wing also plays very well wit the terrorists hiding in the caves.

    How terribly UN-PATRIOTIC and disgusting!

  4. I was referring to the non-homegrown terrorists. My next post will be about our most immanent threat: the homegrown terrorists among us.

  5. Thanks for your comments, Laci. This morning presented an opportunity for me to show my 10 year old grandson the attack on the Twin Towers. He and I sat here watching NBC Today Show replay of the events on that Tuesday morning nine years ago. During the program my daughter and son-in-law came in and later the wife.

    After the replay my son-in-law, a southern Republican, remarked negatively about people from the Middle-East. My response to him mirrors your comment, “I compare the US’s reaction to what may be propaganda photos of England during the Blitz where people went on with their lives.”
    I reminded him of how the U.S. used terror bombing on Germany during the ending days of the Second World War, specifically the atrocious fire-bombing on German population centers like Hamburg or Dresden. These were not military targets, just a plan to break German morale by destroying as many people as possible. Then, there is the fire-bombing of Tokyo, followed by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I told my son-in-law that I’m sick and tired of hearing about the terrorism of 9-11 and the ringing of our hands over that day. If the President had acted on his “Daily Briefing” while he was on vacation, and a warning had been sent out to the airlines to be on the alert, there may have been no 9-11. Some may wish to wring there hands about that day, but as England, Germany, Russia, Italy, and Japan did following their U.S. terroristic attacks, the United States needs to move on from 9-11. As we have seen, the constant re-living of that day incites a continued passion of getting even with Arabs or people with an Arabic name. With all the national problems this blog brings to our attention, it seems to me we don’t need to continue describing 9-11 itself as a means to derail attention to the pressing national problems.

  6. While I am not a 9-11 conspiracy theorist, I do have to admit questions about why more wasn’t done to stop the 9-11 terrorists. Expecially the Condoleezza Rice remark about what the intel report about 9-11 was called (Bin Laden has plans to attack the United States).

    As an aside, I watched Tere Bin Laden tonight and enjoyed it. It probably won’t make it to the US as it is shown as overreacting to the video. I’m posting a review about it on my blog in the next day or so.

    As for the terrorism problem, I am amazed that US domestic terrorism doesn’t receive more attention rather than it does. Is it because the right wing threat is part of the “new Conservativism”?

  7. The history of the Bush Administration after 9/11 and the fall out of war, hate and internal US self destructive political strife is ample evidence enough that the terrorist won…they accomplished what they set out to do.
    They set in motion the same mechanism that brought down the Soviet Union and didn’t even calculate the effect of the psychic conservative/religious baggage that the American State was encumbered with.

    I am finding it very interesting that the story of the Moslem Prayer Room on the 17th floor of the North Tower of the WTC is beginning to get notice.
    The rodeo clown didn’t have his pulpit to order his flock of idiots to be “outraged” yet.

  8. Thanks for the kudos MudRake,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the walk with me. Thanks for taking the time to comment, your kind words are very well received. God Bless. Sorry if I stirred up a little controversy…just my point of views and opinions. Cheers.

    Kindest Regards,


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