Night-Blooming Jasmine

Early this morning, an hour before sunrise,  I opened our patio door to allow in some cool morning air and I was nearly bowled-over by the sweet fragrance of a pot of night-blooming jasmine that my son gave me many weeks ago. The fragrance quickly filled our house and instantly lightened my spirit. Additionally, there was a faint sound of a hoot owl, cooing in the distance.  One sound and one spectacular fragrance in the cool stillness of the morning.

I especially needed a lift, an escape, albeit fleetingly, from the usual din of life. These surprise treasures of Nature were especially welcome to my weary soul. The unbearable heat of this past summer and the thought of yet another 90° day has worn my soul thin.  That and the ugliness of war, hate and ignorance demonstrated daily throughout this land and the world has thoroughly tested my endurance for such stuff.

Fortunately we can always turn back to Nature to help reset our haggard Spirit.  It is truly a shame that the very idea of ‘civilization’ tends to move humans further and further from the natural world, as if departing from our ancestral roots makes us more civil.  Rather, quite  the opposite is true: appreciation of and involvement in the natural world from time to time is what allows us to survive in our oh-so busy unnatural world.

What singular sign of hope from the natural world today buoyed your Spirit on this first day of September?


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  1. Well, I be danged…should have read on down…U are smelling the flowers after all….

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