Messerschmidt Scooter

My cousin in Germany has tinkered with his post WWII Messerschmidt and has gotten it running once again after a long, dormant stay in his garage.  What a unique scooter! Apparently it looks more classic than it sounds in real life as he says that it is noisy and uncomfortable.  Yet, when he drives it, he gets many gawkers, obviously.


4 thoughts on “Messerschmidt Scooter

  1. What a beautiful machine! Does it have 4 wheels? It looks as if it might have 3, (2 front wheels and one back)…I really would be interested to know about the specs of this little beasty.
    In a vaguely related aside, I have a friend, who was a pilot in the Dutch AirForce. He’s been retired for many years and rebuilt a beautiful house in the woods here with his Belgian wife, who is my French teacher.
    My friend, Wim, is crazy and builds planes…
    He built a number for light weight planes…he uses snow mobile engines! But he recently completed his masterpiece…using plans that were published by a German designer in the early 1930’s.
    It is miniature biplane…again, a snowmobile engine and he made the propeller in his woodshop…of course when the plane was being tested…he realized that the 2 blade propeller was too big and he was mowing the lawn of the runway when it got into the horizontal position…
    So, he made a shorter four blade propeller, which works.
    He painted the plane red and I did a painting on the tail fin…he wanted to be The Red Baron…so I did a nasty demonic devil with a WW1 German iron cross, smoking a cigar…but we had to change it a little…I had to take the iron cross out because it offended too many sensibilities at the little airstrip in Bassilac, out side of Perigueux.
    He has so far only crashed it once….just destroyed the landing gear.
    Thank God it is only a one seater….

  2. Interesting stuff, these old machines. I’ll ask my cousin about this particular Messerschmidt model.

    The German Cross may indeed have been too much for the French. Quite the humorous line- ‘he only crashed it once!’

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