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President George Bush and his cronies were “high on military” in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix said yesterday.

Britain was carried along as “a prisoner on that train”, Dr Blix told the Chilcot Inquiry.

“The US in 2002, that time you refer to, threw it (the UN process) overboard. I think they were high on military at the time. They said, ‘We can do it’.”

I wonder just how many Americans still believe that canard that ‘Saddam threw out the inspectors?  Further, there must be many who still think that those vacuous WMD’s are still hidden under the sand in the desert of Iraq.

It is painful for me to recall those ugly times in America when we were, as a nation, ‘roaring Patriotism at the top of our voice.’ It was the most effective propaganda campaign ever foisted on our people.  Vengeance was all that we could see as American flags blew in the breeze from porches and even on our cars.  Occasionally I still see one of those car flags flapping- an old geezer at the wheel.

One by one, the flags disappeared along with the yellow ribbons tied to trees as Americans regained their perspective and came to realize how they had been bamboozled.

Now, many have begun to wonder about that other war- the one that the Bush administration left behind.  Money thrown down the drain, American blood staining the mountains of Afghanistan. Many ask, is this also now a phony war like Iraq, with no objective, no end?

As long as it isn’t their son, their granddaughter doing the fighting, bleeding and dying then war is fine.  ‘God bless America’ rolls so sweetly from their throats- as if God really takes sides in warfare.  The ‘roaring Patriotism’ quote by Emerson begun above ends, “I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and purity of its heart.”


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  1. It has been a long 8 years of speaking, writing, and protesting Iraq and Afghanistan. And, what has it gotten us? Well, a new House appropriation of $35 BILLION for another year of war in Afghanistan. Which, btw, is more actually at $60 BILLION when other costs are put in.

    There will be no action in Congress to kill the war. It is my opiniion that we have to accept the military position of Ron Paul…Exit all the countries that the United States has a presence in. This needs to be promoted. Not that we are supporting all of Paul’s domestic agenda, but we need a network to create the synergism for bringing it about. This would be a huge victory for the United States economy. I do not believe in isolationism, but lets call it an “insulation policy.”

  2. I woke up at 5 am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep….
    I sometimes put my radio earphones in and I turned to BBC4 on longwave…and this interview was being broadcast. It was actually in the context of longing damning piece on the legacy of Tony Blair.

    The position of Ron Paul is not exclusively Ron Pauls by a long shot. We do the constant ideological stance of millions of progressives who oppose the war and the damage to our nations honor, morality and economic welfare a real disservice by linking his isolationist stance to the passion of the anti war oppostion. Not that I disagree with this specific facet of Pauls arguments, but please, it is not so neat. cut and dried….

  3. Just as the Romans withdrew behind Hadrian’s Wall in 164 AD, the buffer zone against the Picts (a confederation of Celtic tribes living in what was later to become eastern and northern Scotland), they maintained client status until the Romans finished pulling out of Britain in 410 AD. The financial strain was just too much for even the resources of the Roman Empire.

    Just as every other invading army since Alexander the Great to the Russians in the early 1980s, all have failed in the mountain regions of Afghanistan and eventually had to pull out.

    The two big draft dodgers who went off screaming like little girls when they were called to duty in Viet Nam, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, decided to pay toy solders making themselves “Great War Leaders,” in Afghanistan. But being totally ignorant of military tactics soon sent the resources need in Afghanistan to Iraq because the Oil Lobby who they served thought they could gain control of Iraq’s oil resources.

    Now today the rest of us from President Obama on down have to pay and suffer the consequences of the shit storm G.W. Bush and Cheney left us with. Now let us also be cognizant that as soon as President Obama would pull out of Afghanistan, these two will be leading the conservative parade chanting that Obama lost this war for us.

  4. I note the silence of our usual loquacious political adversary, Sepp, on this topic as well as the thread preceding this, “war again.”

  5. The danger of prolonged war with citizen disengagement…

    Indeed. Yet one must surely also ask- so why were the citizens so eager to begin the war in the first place?

  6. Because they were so afraid from the 9-11 bombings. The US didn’t know how to handle an attack on the main land USA: even though it was relatively small (compare to WWII bombings where whole cities were destroyed).

    The use of a threat was enough to whip up sentiments so that the war machine could be mobilised.

  7. Hello Muddy,
    This poem of mine was published in 2008.

    How History Repeats Itself

    Half a league, half a league, half a league onward,
    Lord Tennyson once said.
    Good men obeyed with honor and glory,
    Never the less were still dead.

    Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left,
    Still some say, “Stay the course.”
    But it’s not their ass on the line,
    They’re not on the horse.

    You will hear comments like, “These people volunteered,
    They knew the possibility of family strife.”
    This still does not give someone permission,
    To squander a solder’s life.

    Those that are leading now,
    Dodged duty in their South Asian War.
    Bravely sacrificing other parents children,
    Those war mongering whores.

    The incompetence of the leadership,
    Peter Principle says downward it cascades.
    Like Royal appointments in Victorian England,
    That ordered the Charge of the Light Brigade.

    To make someone the leader of a country,
    Simply based on their last name.
    Europe has lots of bad examples of this,
    Some were even insane.

    They tell you how important this task is,
    Terrorist are just going to foster.
    But you don’t see their daughters on the front line.
    You’ll not find their names on a roster.

    The real solution is not getting done.
    Quietly, everyone knows this is the truth.
    We will just bury our dead with honor,
    We will keep sacrificing our youth.

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