The Right-wing Race Hubbub

That supposed racist rant by a black USDA worker, Shirley Sherrod, lit up the right-wing blogs and caught FoxNews with its racist pants down. It was a grand spectacle worthy of  the yellow [white] journalism that is associated with FoxNews.

I actually watched 15 minutes of FoxNews last evening- specifically Bill O’Reilly. Chris Matthews had predicted that O’Reilly would retract his racism charge that he made on Monday evening when FoxNews picked up the ‘story’ from a right-wing internet site. Not surprisingly,  O’Reilly had run with the raw story because, naturally,  his hungry right-wing audience needed its evening feeding.

Not surprisingly, O’Reilly did not retract his earlier story. He is a foxy guy to be sure.  As he began his Tuesday evening show he stated quickly, almost unnoticed by his dumbed-down audience, the phrase ‘of some years ago’ as he rattled on with ‘the story.’  That ‘some years ago’ was 28 to be exact.  Not that it matters all that much to those hungry to hear of black racism.

O’Reilly had his ‘liberal stooge’ Alan Colmes at the table along with a blond bimbo whose name tag bore the title, PhD, as if that gave her more credibility.  Colmes attempted to set the time of the story correctly but, as usual, O’Reilly talked over him and dominated the story with his own spin. The blond and O’Reilly dominated the discussion so completely that Colmes was unable to finish a single sentence he had begun.  Pathetic, but of course, it was Fox and bashing liberals, even one paid by Fox, is most important.

CNN gets the prize for its persuit of truth underlying the complete story of Shirley Sherrod. I watched it unfold yesterday morning as she was most carefully interviewed by Tony Harris, a CNN anchor.  During the interview, the white farm owner at the center of the controversy phoned in to tell her side of the story- a corroboration of the facts.

Facts.  Imagine that.  Facts, not spin.

Facts, not an edited tape.

Yet, if  you think about it, why would Fox fans want facts when they can have spin?



24 thoughts on “The Right-wing Race Hubbub

  1. Hello Muddy,
    Isn’t this a great example of whipping up the nut jobs with half truths and innuendos? Edited tapes from the neo-con right wing propaganda machine have once again been exposed for their manipulated lies. This is just what the, “Man with the Chinese Passport,” wants the uneducated and ignorant to be exposed to.

    But when the truth comes from the actual source and the parties involved…Well the lemmings just can’t be bothered with that because that just negates what they want the truth to be so it just must be disregarded.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    While we are at this….Let’s correct another one of the many Andrew Breitbart’s ACORN video hoaxs falsely portrayed as promoting teenage prostitution in the ACORN video tapes, and Juan Carlos Vera is seeking damages. Yes, former ACORN worker, Mr. Vera, is finally striking back in court, against the pseudo-pimp James O’Keefe and the pseudo-ho Hannah Giles if not Breitbart himself.

    The former San Diego ACORN office employee Juan Carlos Vera, who was falsely portrayed in a heavily edited videotape as conspiring with O’Keefe and Giles to traffic underage girls across the Mexican border, is suing both of the right-wing filmmakers, seeking $75,000 in damages under California’s privacy statutes.

    What really happened in the San Diego ACORN office, as Fox News (Ha Ha) and many other outlets neglected to report, was that immediately after O’Keefe and Giles departed, Vera called a detective in the National City Police Department to report the planned crime. Police detectives later confirmed Vera’s effort to local news outlets and to the California attorney general’s office. When Vera learned that O’Keefe and Giles were hoaxing him, he again called the police, who terminated their investigation.

    As California Attorney General Jerry Brown discovered when he investigated the ACORN matter last spring, the actual meaning of the Vera tape was severely distorted by dishonest editing to suggest that he had agreed to help smuggle young girls for O’Keefe’s mythical brothel. To obtain unedited versions of the tapes from O’Keefe, Brown gave him and Giles immunity from any criminal prosecution under the state privacy statutes.

    “The evidence illustrates,” said Brown when he released his report last April, “that things are not always as partisan zealots portray them through highly selective editing of reality. Sometimes a fuller truth is found on the cutting-room floor.” And soon that fuller truth may be weighed in the halls of justice.

    LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES are what can be expected from the fanatical right wing conservatives and it is those whom are made to look like “Dumb Asses” who repeat these LIES as facts of their proof of their viewpoints.

  3. What you’re failing to “report” is what Andrew Breitbart stated about the tape.

    His point was to illustrate the utter hypocracy and racism of the NAACP and he demonstrated that clearly.

    Sherrod wasn’t what he was after and, Breitbart stated it wasn’t about her and that he didn’t think she should be fired.

    His target was all the NAACP officials and supporters who were cheering and applauding Sherrod’s story BEFORE (read that again) BEFORE the ending!

    You see, in the video Sherrod tells a story that begins as vile and racist as anything could be but, ended differently.

    The NAACP audience who were cheering and applauding the blatant RACISM had no idea as to how the story was going to end.
    THAT was the point.

    You also fail to mention that Breitbart carried a link on his website to the entire speech in case anyone wanted to listen to it’s entirety. The link was added 3 hours later after Breitbart gained permission from the video’s owner to add it.
    You guys seem to be missing the irony that a hall full of NAACP officials and supporters cheering what they thought was a story about anti-white racism BEFORE they heard the entire story!

    So you can cry out “lies!, lies!, lies!” all you want to. The bitter truth is that the NAACP’s own credo is pure hypocracy.

    That is unless anti-white racism counts as “advancement of colored people”.

  4. Sepp- His point was to illustrate the utter hypocracy and racism of the NAACP and he demonstrated that clearly.

    No he didn’t. He ran a loop of a section of tape that attempted to show black discrimination which was, in reality, a powerful story of conversion.

    Apparently, Sepp, you got suckered in as one would expect from the right-wing media. They do a great job on the easily led set of people who WANT to find black racism and are desperately seeking to find it.

  5. Sepp, do you realise that taking things out of context means that you don’t understand exactly what was being said?

    Or do you just like making a fool of yourself?

    Anyway, when heard in its entirity the quote in question disproves racism.

    And proves that Sepp is ignorant.

  6. First, why hasn’t the administration and the rest of us learned from the discredited, yet highly effective methodology of Briebart?
    That is his game. Creating slurs and controversy.
    He has his salivating minimally intelligent audience who need this kind of stuff to validate their own racist guilt.
    FOX actually used the quote from the white nationalist, Peter Brimelow, founder of VDARE to defend themselves: “A racist is someone who is losing an argument with a liberal.”
    I am disappointed with the Obama administration to have lept into the controversy and made their original knee jerk decision to fire Sherrod based on accuasations brought forth by a Breibart video…they should know by now that anythng this guy does is based on dishonest cynical manipulation of anything he can lay his greasy little hands on.
    But, the reality is that FOX and its obscure definition of its role…”we are not news, we are entertainment”….blah, blah….bullcrap…has made race and racial fear a real tinder box in America again.
    We can blame the administration for being too sensitive to this powerful manipulative meme….

    But will FOX apologize? Will Briebart apologize? Will O’Reilly apologize?
    Will they go back and correct their factual errors?
    No, I don’t think so. That takes integrity and integrity doesn’t pay too much these days.

  7. Sepp…? Unfortunately, he reacted exactly as I would have expected a Pavlovian conditioned knee jerk like him too…but somehow, that’s reassuring…there are some things in this world you can always count on!
    Thanks Sepp, for just being you! I will never be that disappointed because you have taught me to never set my hopes about humanity too high!

  8. …And you keep missing the point as well as the hypocracy!

    100+ people who belong to and support a supposed civil rights organization sit and applaud a story of a black woman’s racism toward a white farmer. When she was explaining her own racist treatment of that person…the audience as heard on tape was cheering it!

    We all know muddy’s stand where racism is concerned. Just like the NAACP, muddy’s public face is that of an anti-racist.
    Now, who’s oppinion here of muddy would change if I provided a tape of some racist going on a tangent about hatred of blacks with muddy applauding and cheering the vile crap the guy was saying?

    I’m confident you’d all see muddy as a hypocrite!

    Point being that a hall full of supposed “anti-racists” of the NAACP DID in fact applaud the anti-white and racist segments of the story as it was told.
    Get it yet?
    They weren’t applauding the end of the story where the “conversion” took place, they were applauding the racism! They had no idea how the story would end.
    They thought they were hearing about a black woman who could abuse her position to screw over a white family…and they loved it!

    If you don’t see the outright hypocracy in that, you have no business calling anyone “ignorant”.

    If Sherrod was indeed “converted”, I wonder what she had to have been thinking while her peers were cheering her for her racist views in the story?

  9. Prejudice and Racism are part of our primitive DNA; we are after all still animals in many respects- animals with technology. Even the most altruistic among us have to take a moment of self reflection and fight the inherent prejudices within ourselves. This innate weariness of “the other” served prehistoric humanity well in fending off invading combative tribes over a quickly evaporating water hole, or a tapped out hunting ground. We all still have those ancient genes, just like we have the genes that want to hold onto fat for a coming famine! I freely admit that many times I harbor racial biases and knee jerk reactions to things I see, or when experiencing contacts with other races and cultures. It is so easy to stereotype someone until you truly get to know someone, step in their shoes, and experience life from their perspective. A person who has rational control over themselves takes a moment of self reflection and evaluates their own attitudes and is able to see the irrationality of these pre programmed patterns of biased thought that spiral and devolve into soft headed racial scapegoating. I think though, and we have touched on this, that each passing generation; these build in epigenetic knee jerk reactive sort of thought patterns will eventually be washed from the genome. Until then, race issues will always cloud politics and will always be a political tool to leverage people’s reactions to one another; an easy way to create distractions and scapegoats for cheap political points.

    People in the US are so reactive to the idea of socialism – an idea that “we are all in this together”, this attitude sort of baffles me. I would argue that to a degree the US is already aligned toward socialism, maybe not in name, but we have been aligned this way for a long time. Unfortunately the US version of socialism is an ineffective, politically clouded socialism that benefits only certain groups of people. And it all goes back to race.. We are all happy as clams with certain facets of socialism – medicare, social security, public infrastructure.. as long as these forms of socialism only benefit certain segments of the “productive” society. It’s a huge source of hilarity to see Tea Party signage with an anti socialism message, when you are quite certain the sign holder is taking full advantage of Medicare, and is receiving a social security check as well as many other benefits that they have derived from a welfare state form of government.

    Why is it so easy for European societies to easily and happily fall into a socialist based political system with mixed market economies? I think it is mainly because of racial and cultural homogeneity among those European societies. And conversely race and cultural issues are also an explanation of why we are now seeing these socialist societies, who have been so happy with their socialism, now moving back to the right – because of the influx of Muslim immigrants. So it is not only the United States that have large racial reactionaries – it is a problem the world over… It all goes back to those ancient genes.

    The best thing we can do in this country, and the world at large, is to get over our innate prejudices and biases and create massive investment in education. Not just “Job training”, or “Career focused” education, or education designed to pass a test, but real education that fosters critical thinking ability and problem solving skills This type of liberal arts education will value literature, history, civics, higher level math = abstract thinking and logic; things like that in order to “Teach a man to fish”. But the minority communities need to get over this idea that “education is for chumps”. And so, their community leaders need to really go out of their way to promote education and stop perpetuating the idea of “being a victim”. Even though, being a victim may be a true aspect of minority life in the US, an effort must be made by the minorities themselves to take advantage of ANY education offered.

    Both Majority and Minority have to move beyond this idea of continued wrongs and a mentality of victimizer and victim. Race issues are a complex problem in this country that have never been tackled and addressed since the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Minorities have won hard fought civil rights, but it is now time to integrate into American culture, and for the majority culture to embrace and welcome them. Above all the US is a meritocracy, where the only way to really get ahead, is to be excellent… The wheels are definitely greased for the rich and powerful among us, but we are the only society where rags to riches / power can regularly occur and be accrued thru ones own wits and abilities. This phenomenon may happen in other cultures and forms of political alignment, but usually this is due to “who you know”, or “who you can bribe”. The US is unique in that we really do reward personal excellence, and personal excellence is what we need to foster in our disadvantaged communities. The only way to be excellent is thru a quality education. If we can foster reasoning ability and rational thought.. say in central Toledo, east LA, the Gaza strip, or Kandahar Afghanistan, the problems of poverty, war, disease, and overpopulation would be a lot closer to being solved. Critically thinking rational people don’t blow themselves up or stab University Students for a couple of dollars.

  10. Steve writes: “The only way to be excellent is thru a quality education.”

    And, what is a quality education?

  11. Let’s look at high school facts of two school districts, one northern and one from the deep south. The schools are Toledo Public high schools and Jackson, Mississippi high schools. In addition, per capita income for Jackson will be given and race compostion for both will be included.

    The demographics are taken from the 2000 census reports.

    Black population = 70.64 % Black population = 23.55
    White population = 27.79 % White population = 70.23 %

    Married Couple Family = 35.37 % Married Couple Family = 38.2 %
    Female with Child Under Female with child under
    18 = 15.29 % 18 = 11.01 %

    Black Per Capita Income = $27,474

    White Per Capita Income = $47,203

    Jackson, Mississippi High School Graduation Rate 56%

    Toledo Public High School Graduation Rate The Toledo Public high schools where no more than 60 percent of students who start as freshmen make it to their senior year, according to analysis of Education Department data conducted by Johns Hopkins, are: Bowsher, Libbey, Scott, Start, Waite, and Woodward. “Education Week” claims it is
    just 37%. (The figures for both school districts are for 2004-2005).

    With all these inequitities, Steve and M_R, how do you propose to have an equal quality education system for Jackson and Toledo? Who or what is going to make these two high school systems equal?

  12. Addendum: Per Capita Income for Toledo

    BLACK = $23,320

    WHITE = $38,725

    (Toledo Blade, 2008)

  13. What exactly is hypocritcal here?
    The fact that Brietbart makes a phony video to make the NAACP look bad because they condemned the overt and open racist tone that has been documented by many real news organizations?

    That this phony piece of propaganda somehow negates the overt documented racism of the teabaggers?

    That a segment of the population wants to believe that this is true, that even if this one incident were to be true, that it would somehow make it okay for them to feel comfortable with their racist xenophobia?

    Again…I read and reread Sepps attempt at a logical line of reasoning and I fail to find anything vaguely noble or honest. I do see a case of serious self delusion and unfortunately, he’s not alone.
    But, here I am in Sarkozy’s France and he is in serious trouble with a huge financial scandal that threatens to destroy his government, so what does he do?
    Attack the gypsies!

  14. “Sepp, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

    Certainly. Why would I expect that you’d recognize hypocracy when you practice it regularly yourself?

    As usual, you can’t take your focus off of the distraction enough to see the ball.

    MD, the video wasn’t “phony”. It was cut to leave out key information.
    I DO see that as yellow journalism…
    What WAS NOT “phoney” or altered were the enthusiastic cheers when the NAACP audience was hearing the beginning of the story BEFORE the redemtion at the end.
    They were applauding someone for committing an act of racism.

    Nope, no hypocracy there eh? No reason to wonder how an anti-racism group could sit, listen and cheer racism.

    I guess they limited their hatred of racism to only the type they don’t practice themselves!

    NONE of you seemed to notice, care or, see anything wrong with that?

  15. Well yes, sweetie pie, the applause on the tape seems to have been augmented by the latest analyisis of the forgery. The appearance of NAACP officials was a total falsehood. Not to mention that his was a totally dicked version of something that occurred years ago…. But you’ve swallowed the bait, hook line and sinker and are now flopping arouind on the deck of the boat gasping for air…
    Should we throw him back into Maumee Bay? Okay, he’s under the legal size limit. You can live to troll another day Sepp…That’s whole lot kinder than any of your jerk ass tea buddies would have done…if the fin was on the other foot, I’d have been deep fried micro fish stickers by now…..

  16. Yes, certainly I “swallowed the bait” with the first except of the tape…oddly in the same manner as Obama did when he had a staffer call the USDA and have her canned!
    Keep also in mind that she was fired BEFORE the story was aired on Fox!

    But, as repugnant as tossing a person under a bus is for a video excerpt is, I find it just as repugnant that a civil rights organization’s audience sat through what they though was a racist diatribe and cheered it!

    Sorry MD, THAT portion of the tape wasn’t edited or, as you try to insinuate added to.
    Sherrod may have come full circle from her racist past…but, it was obvious that her audience didn’t!

    Spin it any way you want to. We all know that had that been a group of white people cheering that type of shit, you wouldn’t be trying to sweep it under a rug and dismiss it.
    You’d be denouncing it!
    Which means that you’re just as hypocritical as the NAACP is!

    You’re about as credible as the kkk denouncing racism! It must all just hinge on who’s racism you’re against!

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s ALL repugnant. Shame on me the day I make excuses for it regardless of where it comes from.

    Shame on YOU today!

  17. Oh. sobbb, I can hardly stand the stain of shame that one little man with his little vuvuzela, blurting into the vast void of the ignoramouses of the internet ….the sheer pathetic weight of the blame I must bear now that I am forced to admit that there actually is and was and has been a history of racism at the once noble United States Department Of Agriculture (Do you actually think that Sepp knew what those initials stood for when he got his marching orders from the Teabag command center?) well…I am shamed and I have posted the real background of racial bias that has sullied the soiled eschuteon that so lately sailed so proudly over the now ignoble agency that has slowly sunk to the bottom of the seas of shame and utter disgrace….urrppp….at thebrainpolice……sob, sigh….I must get a new box of tissues, excuse me….

  18. “With all these inequitities, Steve and M_R, how do you propose to have an equal quality education system for Jackson and Toledo? Who or what is going to make these two high school systems equal?”

    A good start might be to Federalize education so that disparities between districts are not tied to things such as property taxes.

  19. Sepp- the national media and PBS listened to the tape to try to detect the ‘hundreds of black people cheering’ the so-called racist remarks.

    The sound of silence was deafening.

    Breitbart snookered you twice, Sepp. He rattled your chain the second time with his line about all of the black people cheering but that, too was false.

    ..and you bought it and repeated it here. Sad, very sad.

  20. Steve – If we can’t federalize heath care, how are we ever going to call on states and thousands of local school boards to give up their control over education? Who would pay for “federalized education”? Would the total cost be paid out of the national treasury? Would the cost be another
    mandated expense to the states? Who sets the curriculum in each subject area? Who orders the text books? Well, the questions could continue, but my point is that a common sense suggestion would get trashed. You would be called un-American, and obviously a leftist.
    This, in my opinion, is why we can’t get anything meaningful done. We have to find another way…

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