Hypocrisy Vote in Senate Today

The Senate is scheduled to test the presence of hypocrites in that august body today and the pundits predict that there will be about 39 of them.  All from the Republican party, oddly. The vote is a test of narcissistic tendencies as well- we’ve got ours now you find yours!  The bootstraps metaphor.

Righteous men will rise to speak of the terrible burden that will be placed on future generations of yet-unborn citizens while throwing millions of our living, breathing citizens under the bus.  These same righteous men will rise again several months from now to speak of the terrible, unspeakable burden that will be placed on the most wealthy Americans, the upper one percent, if the Bush tax cuts are left to expire at the end of the year.

Ah, the righteous among us.


4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Vote in Senate Today

  1. Let me start by stating that both of my parents were card caring UAW members. So too, were their brothers and sisters, cousins, and their life long friends. In all of my years at their home there was never talk of staying home and collecting any unemployment compensation. They worked! At the end of WWII my father was laid off from the Willys-Overland Company, as was many of our family friends and relatives. Dad had worked at another factory through the 1930s and the beginning of the war, but many of those factories shut down as they did not produce war necessities. Dad joined the war effort at the Overland building jeeps and fighter airplanes; he worked on the air craft lines. With the end of the war Overland retooled from military production to domestic automobile producting. This led to massive unemployment as the war factories retooled and the other factories had to wait to start back up because of all the economic and social dislocation of the war years. This period was roughly 1945 to 1947. During that period dad became employed as a truck driver for St. Vincent de Paul. They lost their home on N. Haven, and we moved in with my grandparents. It was at this time that mom became employed first as a retail clerk at the downtown B. R. Baker store and later as a secretary at the old Electric Auto-Lite Company. Finally, in 1947, dad’s original factory reopened and he was back at his regular job. In that same year they were able to buy a nice home in West Toledo. They, their family, and their friends did not sit at home collecting unemployment compensation. They were not going to be stigmatized by being unemployed. Yes, they paid in for it, yes, they collected it, but only as a stop-gap until they found other employment. Then, on Friday nights this large group of family and friends would meet at a local VFW Club for a great fish fry dinner, drinking, and socializing. We kids wuld be taken after dinner to the Colony, Westwood, or maybe the Park or Ohio and see a couple of good movies. Saturday nights was reserved for rotating card games of pinocle, canasta, or Michigan(hearts). They worked, and they played!
    With my father, even with a strike, he worked. He was a laboratory technician, so if the plant shut down as the result of a called strike, he had to work the lab to be sure everything was ready for start up when the strike was over. For him, the strikes were brief, as the times were good, but because he was working while the rest of the workers were out on strike, a large portion of his pay was removed to re-imburse the union.

    Americans have always picked themselves up by their bootstrapes. Americans want to work. I see people working 2 and 3 ow paying jobs trying to make ends meet and not be on welfare. If some one is hiring, the lines begin early. If there is a job fair, hundreds are there looking for employment. Unfortunately, there was always be dislocations; it is inevitable, but need not be permanent. The problem is not that people want to stay home and collect unemployment insurance or welfare, it’s that corporations, businesses, and government prevent people from working . If we do not seize the moment we have from the financial collapse in 2008 and the oil spill in 2010 and move to a sound economy, the replacement of our infrastructure, and a full scale development of our energy needs, we won’t put people back to work. “The Treasury is completely empty”, so it was said. Where is the leadership to retool the United States as FDR and Truman did? What is Obama doing? We can solve our problems with good leadership and meaningful employment programs, not stop-gate, redundate old problems of one extension of unemployment benefits after the other. In my opinion that is throwing bad money after bad money. Think about it: most of those jobs have been lost. Oldsmobile is gone; Pontiac is gone; 2000 automobile dealerships were closed by order of Obama. What are we paying for? Is it not now welfare?

  2. Great history of your family, UptheFlag, many things that I did not know. It is clear to me why you find politics so hollow, so empty, so useless. Both of our fathers and mothers worked hard and long hours and that work ethic is still alive here in America, but your question of leadership rings sadly true.

    This can be a great moment in our history, but politicians are in the way with their petty allegiances and fund-raising mania. I’m waiting for Obama to do something BIG- in the style of FDR- and if it costs him reelection, so be it. He needs to do it for America and he needs stop worrying about his legacy.

  3. M_R writes: “Both of our fathers and mothers worked hard and long hours and that work ethic is still alive here in America.” Yes, they were part of the “greatest generation”. They worked hard and long because they lived through the Great Depression and the Second World War. They did it to have a better country and a better place for us and their grandchildren. And, they were able to do this because of able political leaders. Politicans who were moderate conservatives and moderate liberals. Eisenhower and Johnson, Taft and Vandenberg, Dirksen and Hallek. They were bi-partisan, not ideologues. They were perfectly willing to “come and reason together.” Oops, there is that word again,
    “reason”, lol. On the otherhand, there is the political office holding now in the country. Do you remember that map you posted recently. The Mason-Dixon Line and Slavery…Look at it like this, how many of those states now have Republican Senators and Representatives? From the 1930s to the late 1960s, many of the southern states had all democratic members. Except for desegration, they were willing to spend money on domestic prorams. Of course, race is paramount, but, can I say, that they were moderate on other issues. They were not the boil-weevil democrats of today. The way it is today, I’m not sure that there can be a true leader. We have ceased to have politicians who did legislation for the greater good of the nation. It is now legislation for the corporations, the vested interests, and whatever petty legislation or no legislation will benefit the politican to remain in office. This is why it seems to me we have to look outside the box. Again, the question is how….

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