GOP: No more help for jobless, but rich must keep tax cuts

McClatchy News heads with the headline, GOP: No more help for jobless, but rich must keep tax cuts.  What more can be said?  You know it, I know it, but those who have taken the GOP hostage are betting that the dumbed-down American won’t.

Take the recent comment from “Jane” who lives in Kansas.  In one of her anti-Obama rants recently, she lamented the ‘upcoming tax increases on the American people.’  Jane is perfect fodder for the right-wing bull shit.  And there are millions more like her- minds vegetating, bodies inflating.

Jane tells us that she works in a nursing home, but she is very worried about these new taxes.  What Jane doesn’t know is that these ‘new taxes’ are simply the old taxes that the owner of the nursing home used to pay before  George W. cane into office. Jane’s Federal taxes actually went down in the 18 months that Obama has been in the White House.

Today’s GOP is betting that code propaganda words will help them retake Congress this Fall.  And history tells us that propaganda works well, especially with the dumbed-down masses.


8 thoughts on “GOP: No more help for jobless, but rich must keep tax cuts

  1. The GOP only cares about the rich, and everyone else can go straight to hell in their book. They think it’s just terrible to give an unemployed person money because her or she is not producing anything, but they’ll let trust funders be unproductive and criminal CEOs live their lives on golf courses and go on luxurious vacations while laying people off and running their companies into the ground, and think that’s perfectly ok. These people have warped valuers and priorities.

  2. The GOP believes millionaires can just “trickle down” unto the unemployed. In other words, “piss on them!”

  3. I heard an interesting piece of data the other day. If the Federal Government gives $100 to a person who is unemployed, $160 dollars-worth of goods and services are produced with that money being spent

    If the Federal Government lowers the tax rate on the super rich, the $100 becomes worth $33 because they will either save it or invest it in an off-shore account.

    Now, talk to me about ‘busting the budget!’

  4. In the long run it costs a lot more.. for everyone, rich included, to not support a stable society with a minimum social safety net. If you don’t support “civilization” via taxes that support infrastructure, educatioin, job creation, things like that, then you have a backlash of crime, sociel unrest, ect.. Capitalism can not thrive in a climate of upheaval. So even the capitalists will ultimately hurt. Most of the uber wealthy make their money via indirect economic growth through their investment stream and dirivative income. If a climate exists that capitalism and investments flounder.. then they will hurt as well.

    This idea that there are wellfare moms and immigrants just sitting around collecting a check is patently false since BILL CLINTON reformed welfare in what? 1996?

  5. Steve- In the long run it costs a lot more.. for everyone, rich included, to not support a stable society with a minimum social safety net.

    True, so very true, but this idea is not common knowledge. Today’s GOP is working very hard to erase this very sound principle from the knowledge-base of the voters through their fear-mongering propagandists.

  6. since you quote me I feel I need to respond. when the Bush tax cuts expire next year and I have to start paying premiums for Obamacare I will not have enough money to support my family. so don’t try to tell me the tax cuts are just for the rich unless the rich earn $13 an hour. if you don’t believe tax cuts will hit every one you are fooling yourselfs. businesses get taxed and pass it on to us. gas prices go up and hurt the working poor more than the filthy rich. i have insurance now and it is paid for by my employer. when I have to start paying it myself I don’t know where I will get the extra money to buy my boys close or enough food and pay the rent. Are you going to help me and millions like me with your own money or are you going to count on the goverment to do it for you? it’s easy to give away someone elses money but harder to give away yours. or do you give away yours? and do you do it gladly and to the point it hurts? adopt a poor family of any color and see the satisfaction you get. even i can give a small amount to help people but it’s more like a widows mite than a lot of money.

    politics suck and the democrats are running us into the ground. Pelosi and Reed have been in charge for 3 and a half years now and all they have done is spend like drunken sailors. Pelosi’s flower and alcohol bills would feed a few families for a year. not to mention the waste of having a private government plane to ferry her around the country.

    my parents were wrong to buy in to the great society because all it has done is make us go farther down the ladder of hope and self respect. now most of my race in that situation feel the goverment owes them a living. I’m trying to work out of that system and be independent. Who will help me with a hand up and not a hand out? Any of you that say you care so much about our situation in life? huh i doubt it. You are all talk and no action.

    thank you for allowing me to post here. Jane (Janequa)

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