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The NAACP has drawn up a motion, a declaration, that states that there is a racist element alive in the Tea Party movement. And that the sun will come out tomorrow. NPR reports:

The NAACP has approved a resolution condemning what it calls “racist elements” within the Tea Party. The vote has sparked a war of words between the two groups, and NAACP leaders hope the move will help fire up its membership with midterm elections approaching.

The fray began when NAACP President Benjamin Jealous issued a challenge to the Tea Party:

“You must expel the bigots and racists in your ranks or take full responsibility for all of their actions.”


At this point in the reading of this post, surely our frequent commenter Sepp must have a blood pressure near stroke level. Yes, Sepp, they used the word, ‘racist.’  You know, like  the castigation of another based on subcutaneous melanin levels.

Speaking of lily white people, the entire Republican contingent in both houses of Congress is devoid of ‘colored’ folks.  What a coincidence!  Let’s see, when was there a ‘colored’ GOP congressman?

Why do African Americans shun the Republican Party? Or, conversely, why does the Republican Party not attract them to its ranks?  There must be some reason.  Any guesses?

In a recent comment, Sepp told us that he saw a real, live black man standing at a corner in Toledo holding a sign that read, ‘Impeach Obama.’ There have been quite a few people begging at street corners in the Toledo area lately- every one I’ve seen was white, never a black man. The signs read, “Will work for food.”  Say, you don’t suppose…  Naw, they wouldn’t stoop THAT low, now would they?  OK, I’ll say it: You don’t suppose that this ‘black guy’ was paid to hold the sign, do you? …do you?

Well, back to the Tea Party and the NAACP charge of racism.  Who knows how many ‘racists’ are in the ranks of the Tea Party? After all, racists don’t usually carry signs out in public proclaiming their bigotry.  Do they? Recall that the KKK hid under their sheets during the Saturday night lynchings and then exchanged the sheets for choir robes on Sunday morning.

Taxes.  Now, there were plenty of ‘taxes’ signs displayed at the Tea Party get-togethers. It was obvious that the Tea Party folks hate taxes.  Of course, few Americans like taxes, but over there on the right, the word, ‘tax,’ is an anathema. Are Teabaggers taxed too greatly?  Have the tax laws been araised under the Obama Administration in the past 18 months?


(Reuters) – The Congress will likely act to extend tax cuts for the middle class to avoid choking off the fragile economic recovery, key congressional Democrats said on Tuesday.

Wow. What a coincidence!  Here I am discussing tax rates and the Teabaggers and this breaking news comes across my screen.

Did they say, “extend”? You mean middle class tax cuts are ALREADY in effect? Obama already lowered taxes on the middle class- lower than during the 8 Bush-Cheney years?  Then, what the hell are the Teabaggers complaining about? And where were they during those high Bush-tax years?

Something isn’t right here, my friends.  Do you see the same thing as I am seeing? The anti-tax Tea Party is demonstrating for less taxation when the Obama Administration has already lowered their taxes and plans to lower them again.

Is it ‘taxes’ that underlies the Tea Party anger? Or is ‘taxes’ a code word for something else?


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  1. Hello Muddy,
    I have just finished posting on my site titled, NAACP Passes Anti-racism Tea Party Resolution.

    Yesterday afternoon the NAACP passed a resolution calling on all people to condemn racism within the tea party movement. The NAACP’s resolution urge people to oppose what it said were the tea party’s drive “to push our country back to the pre-civil rights era.”

    The resolution demands that the Tea Party purge itself of the racist element that has been allowed to hide behind the Tea Party’s veil but none the less is there. The element that is seen so often holding up signs displaying President Obama as a monkey, signs that prominently have the “N” word on it, and yes even spitting on and using racial slurs right on the Nation’s Capital Steps. (I have relatives who live and work close by the Capital that saw this Capital Steps incident first hand)

    Here locally the Teabaggers carrying gallows hanging (lynching) President Obama and our local Democratic Congressmen in effigy….and were quite proud of their perceived cleverness.

    The NAACP plans a march to Washington D.C. to protest, confront the Tea Party followers, and make America aware who many of the Tea Party members really are. Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, and John Birch Society members.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    To add a comment to Sepp’s statement, “black man standing at a corner in Toledo holding a sign that read, “Impeach Obama.” May I remind everyone that there were black slave troops that fought for the Confederacy offered up by their owners. All being said, I am sure that they still enjoyed the benefits of the Emancipation Proclamation brought for them.

  3. I do not believe for a second that the fellow Sepp saw was a “paid agent of the Republicans”. America has a wide assortment of fruits and nuts of all colors and creeds. In fact, it wold be very interesting to ask this guy what his beef was and why he was on the corner with his sign.

    Let’s face it, on this blog, we have spoke quite often about the apathy of the population. From your own experience, you have told of the frustratuion of your own public protest.

    I have a brother in law who was a political science professor at The University of Washington State for many years. He is retired now. He was very active in progressive politics for many years and after he retired, he had a desk on the stairs of the Capitol of Washington where he offered advice to anyone who wanted to know how to engage in positive prgressive political action.
    He stopped 2 years ago in utter frustration and became a buddhist. Of course he’s not a young amn any more, but part of his frustration was that the only people who were engaged enough to get out on the streets, were right wingnuts, who in his words were nut screwed down tight enough…

    I really feel that the comments a few posts ago on the Know Nothing Party in the 1840’s in America were right on. It made me read up on the history, and if there is one aspect of history which proves it repitition, it is the lowest common denominators of human behaviour. Racism, Xenophobic paranoia and utter greed!

    Tea Party is todays Know Nothings and they prove it daily!

  4. Two classic quotes from the comments above:

    Engineer – Tea Party followers, and make America aware who many of the Tea Party members really are. Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, and John Birch Society members.

    Midrodot0 Tea Party is todays Know Nothings and they prove it daily!

    An appropriate axiom that I learned many years ago is a pun and thus requires at minimum a 3-digit IQ- It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people believe that you are dumb than to open it and prove it

  5. Lol…in other news NAACP ceo calls kettle black!

    I’ve always said that the tea folks would be seen as a threat to the democrats…and out comes the “racist” allegation just in time for the ramp up of campaign season for…a ton of democrats with gravely uncertain political futures!

    It’s nothing but a low-level political tactic. Hundreds of thousands of people have gone to tea parties and they base it all on a DEBUNKED story of a congressman who “heard the “N” word 15 times” then changed his story at least 3 times afterwards…still 100 grand up for grabs for ANY of the 1000 or so cameras within feet of it all to back up the accusation! I guess that during a recession nobody needs 100k!

    So basicaly, the NAACP is nothing more than another arm of the Obama administration who’s last “racist” witch hunt could only find possible “racism” in a hallmark card about a BLACK hole in space!
    Say anything to stop the free fall into obscurity!

    And yes, the black dude who doesent agree with Obama must have some kind of mental deficiency…since you can’t call him racist, you simply label him as crazy!
    Maybe “crazy” is a liberal racist code word?

  6. Sepp- do you think that the folks in the photo above believe that they are taxed too much?

    If yes, can you guess which Federal government programs they suck from?

    Further, since they probably don’t want to cut THEIR Medicare or Social Security or the Wars, where do they want the ‘trimming’ to be made???

  7. Where was the left outrage when President Bush was portrayed as the monkey Curious George? Why do we waste our time getting involved with discussions like this? Liberals and Conservatives have their fringe elements. The NAACP has fallen on tough times and are just trying to stir it up to benefit their membership and maybe an attempt to get the black turn out in November which seems to lack any enthusiasm to vote in the Congressional races. If you recall, the NAACP tried an ad like this back in like 2000 when it tried to tie then Texas Governor Bush into the brutal dragging death of a blackman because Bush didn’t support a hate crimes law. Liberals called Bush a fascist, and some elements of the TeaParty groups call Obama a socialist. Maybe we should use that old refrain we gave, “sticks and stones break my bones, but names never hurt.”

  8. You mean the same social security and medicare systems they’ve paid into their entire lives whether they wanted to or, not Muddy? As I see it, it’s their own money being returned to them in small increments that they’re “sucking from”. They’re also being taxed…more taxes…less to live on.
    I have in my hand right now my latest Lucas county real estate tax bill…which is now $456 higher than it was last year and NOT including the trash tax being tacked onto my water bill! According to Toledo statistics, my house is worth less than it was before but, taxed even higher!
    So, yes I can understand why the seniors in your example feel taxed enough. I’d hate to be on a fixed income trying to make ends meet and see my taxes getting jacked up and bullshit fees added to any city service that my taxes were supposed to have paid for in the first place!

    Maybe if the government acted responsibly, there would be no need for people demanding accountability!

    Instead we have a bankrupt nation and a government hell bent on spending it’s way into prosperity.
    Kind of like a guy who doesent have enough money to pay his resturant bill and keeps ordering drinks until he can think of something.

  9. Sepp writes: “Instead we have a bankrupt nation and a government hell bent on spending it’s way into prosperity.”

    The United States is not bankrupt, Sepp. We have a debt problem to be sure, but we are not bankrupt. The stock market would not be going up 7 days in a row now if we were. We would be losing 700,000 jobs every month as we did before Obama and his stabilization of the economy. Moreover, as our GDP rises at a steady grrowth of around 3.5% that alone will do much to help the debt, and that is enevitable because there are over 300 MILLION of purchasers in the United States, one of the largest self consumption markets in the world. It seems, Sepp, you need to back off of saying the United States is bankrupt.

    As to the second statement, “hell bent on spending its way into prosperity”, I could accept that as a legitmate matter of conern. First, let me address what I think is the misguided point your making on spending. It seems you are referring to THARP, Health Care Reform, and
    the stimulus. Any objective analysis, Sepp, demonstrates that these programs were positive. The stimulus, however, leads into the fact that it was not focused correctly and that enough money was not provided.
    A stimulus was needed, but it was too meager. We did not learn from the same mistake that FDR made in the 1930s, that is, too little spending. The crititcism Conservatives level against the New Deal is that all the spending didn’t end the depression; that it was the Second World War that ended the depression. And, the Second World War is true, it ended the depression. BUT, it was massive FDR spending beginning in 1941 that broke the depression…The U. S. Government spent millions of dollars retooling American factories and the manufacturing base to prosecute the war. It was FDR deficit spending that broke the depression, pure and simple. That is a lesson of government spending, and sadly, democrats and independents have forgotten that lesson. Sepp, I support your comments about debts and deficits generally, but the specifics need to be right. It’s a nice talking point to criticize government, but BIG government does have positive results….

  10. UptheFlag- Any objective analysis, Sepp, demonstrates that these programs were positive.

    The key word, UtF, is ‘objective.’ You and I as well as the others who comment here are much more ‘objective’ than Sepp. By objective I do not mean full adherence to any and all Obama actions, but rather the ability to stand back and analyze the situation, noting its strengths and weaknesses.

    I believe, UptheFlag, that long ago you first used ‘radical right’ on this blog. I see such ‘radicalism’ in a person who is easily duped by sensational propaganda- the type that is daily fed to the audiences of Beck and Limbaugh.

    Limbaugh played the race card on the day of the death of George Steinbrenner for his audience to nibble on and, no doubt, they bobbled their heads in agreement without a deeper analysis of what Steinbrenner did throughout his life.

    I have been continually puzzled, my friend, how a person ‘becomes’ so gullible, so easily-duped, so quickly propagandized. I wish that there was a doctoral dissertation written by a psychology doctoral candidate that would tackle why some people are like blotters, absorbing and internalizing enormous amounts of bull shit propaganda, whereas others, like you, can so easily see through that crap and dismiss it as you would a turd in the grass.

    Any insight, UptheFlag?

  11. No, a solution to the quandry escapes me. People have the right to be ignorant or dumb until they receive the irrefutable facts. If at that time, they continue to hold their belief then they are stupid. Ignorance is curable, but stupidity is not. Therefore, let spontaneous combustion come upon them…(BTW, I just about dropped my uppers last night, lol, when Keith Olbermann used that term, spontaneous combustion – how about that – I have used that term for 40 years!). People like Angle, Boehner, Armey, most of the pundits on Fox, Napolitano is a notable exception, Gingrich, the 39 Senators who voted against the Financial Reform Bill today, the tea partiers, the religious right, and other fellow travelers are impossible to bring back to an objective point of view.
    We should make no attempt to try and reach them.

    Finally, i generally shy away from saying the “radical right”. I prefer to use “reactionary right” as it means reaction to progress; in Europe it has been used to refer to the “old regime or the old order”, signifying adherence to the monarchy after the defeat of Napoleon and democratization principles. It generallly is as far right as one can go on the politial spectrum. “Radical” on the otherhand generally refers to as far left one can go on the political spectrum. At that point, both the right and the left end in dictatorship or authority. A radical is a far left liberal.
    A reactionary is an opponent of progress, change in any form.

    The far right and far left are beyond the pale for the organization that we are kicking around.They are beyond any logical arguments.

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