Iowa Tea Party Idiocy


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  1. Well, the quote was accurate, they made a mistake with the visuals…I think the guy in the middle was supposed be “The Rodeo Clown”.
    But, the word “change” and the usage of the word “socialism” is totally inaccurate. Obama is not a Socialist. Please, we have a very powerful, progressive socialist party in France and his policies would not fly.
    Hitler was not a “Socialist”. He appropriated the term, much as the same way many right wing political in Europe parties call themselves “Christian Democrats” and their principles are not by any means christian or democratic.
    Maybe Lenin could be considered in a modern context in some way, socialist. But of course, in the modern world, this is totally irrelevant.
    The problem here is the cultural level of ignorance and the weight of words out of context. Socialism has no real meaning to Americans. It’s a vague concept that summons up a set of pre programmed knee jerk associations, much the same as the word, Democracy.
    That’s the problem with language and multi cultural usages of the same term. German National Socialism had absolutely nothing to do with Communist Socialism. They were antithesis to each other.

  2. So, Microdot, the essence of your comment is that those who created this billboard possess most probably a double-digit IQ?

  3. I would say a but a single digit and they are probably sitting on it, but then again, that’s just my OPINION!

  4. I think this is like the posters about gun control which claim that Hitler and Saddam support it.

    Saddam’s Iraq was awash in personally owned firearms (as is Afghanistan).

    And Hitler:
    Anyway, this is a pretty standard propaganda technique: associate Obama with “Socialism”. And, as the other commentators have pointed out, they knew the American public is far too dumb to know what Socialism is. I think this technique is called “name calling” in propaganda. Although it might also fall under glittering generalities: Socialism=bad
    The fact that you are seeing a lower standard of life=good

    Oh Sorry, that wasn’t a choice. I was supposed to believe that Socialism, which an aververage American wouldn’t haven’t any real concept, is a worse alternative than losing their house, going bankrupt from medical bills, and seeing their net worth decline.

  5. The Real Scary word to these people is “CHANGE”! Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! CHANGE! AUGGGHHHHHH!

  6. “RADICAL LEADERS PREY ON THE FEARFUL AND NAIVE” – Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle. I think these tea party people are trying to corner the irony market.

    @microdot: Your mention of clowns brought these pictures to mind. Enjoy!

    John Boehner (Rep. R-OH):: Obstructionist Republican Clown
  7. Hey Muddy,
    I heard on the national news last night that the billboard has been covered up with a new ad. The ad may have been short term but the Teabaggers legacy of ignorance, and racist radicalism, will be long term. Another ‘shot in the foot” exposing what this Tea Party is really about.

    Those who are of good intention and saneness will soon be coming back to the reality truth and will soon distance themselves from the Tea Party.

    I just did a posting on how the more Moderate Republicans are now speaking out against the Tea Party claiming to be part of the Republican Party. Moderate Republicans are ashamed that the Tea Party has been allowed to make the claim of being of the Republican Party. Moderate Republican’s are now voicing that the Teabagger members need to be purged from our ranks. I think my talks and speeches are now having an effect within my Republican Party.

  8. And still another rant….believe it or not, I really edited my language and cleaned it up because sometimes, the emotion gets in the way of the message. I think the saddest part of this billboard in Mason City, Iowa, paid for by the North Iowa Tea Party, is not the idiotic comparison of President Barack Obama to Hitler and Lenin. Oh, no. It’s not the absolutely disingenuous response from the group, which was, “The pictures overwhelmed the message. The message is socialism.” That’s like saying the real issue in the Roman Polanski case is our extradition treaties.

    No, the saddest part is not the moron’s understanding of the vast, vast differences between the Nazi’s “socialism” and the Soviet Union’s. Or that a legally elected President and Congress spending money in the way they said they’d spend money when they campaigned during that election does not equal socialism. When one goes to Beck U, one can’t get all those nuances in a 90-minute online lecture. If you’re letting a man with no hands… (censored)…, you can’t expect to get a reacharound.

    And, no, the saddest parts are not the unwittingly ironic statements on the billboard. To “Live free or die,” one might say, “Umm, didn’t you just get to put up a big ass sign that says the President is Hitler? That seems pretty goddamn free, darling.” To “Radical leaders prey on the fearful and naive,” one might say, “Truer words, man, truer words.”

    The saddest, most pathetic, most “Tell me about the rabbits, George” part of the thing is this: “Democrat Socialism.” Why? Because the use of the word “Democrat” as an adjective. It’s a trick that Republican jerkoffs toss around, as a way of denigrating the Democratic Party by emphasizing “rat” at the end. It’s sort of like looking at Newt Gingrich’s big ass and saying, “Now that’s a Republi-can.” Except not as funny. The GOP’s language game goes back, at least, to Joe McCarthy. And it’s been used by Republicans since in order to tarnish the name of the opposition.

    What’s sad is that, by using it, the North Iowa Tea Party is taking on the vocabulary of the elite and powerful on the right. It’s as if they’re insisting to Mommy and Daddy that they can wear big boy pants now. It’s like they’re just pleased as punch that they get to be Sarah Palin’s and Jim DeMint’s lackeys or Frank Luntz’s whores. God, how pleased the ultraconservative Republicans must be; how they must laugh. They’ve got the yokels suckered now, so much so that the yahoos think they can act like they have any power at all or plans more than destroying Obama for the sake of destroying Obama.

    Bonus points: The North Iowa Tea Party website features this line about a reading group it’s put together: “The aim is to study the Constitution of the United States and focus people’s attention on the abominations being perpetrated on us by the ‘entitlement people’ and the politicians that benefit from their votes.” Ya gotta admire the phrase “entitlement people.” It’s the newest way to say, “Niggers.”

  9. Evil Poet…those are some scary clowns…
    I don’t know about you, but, people who obsessively paint clown paintings scare me.

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