Hysterical Reenactment

As I continue to watch the John Adams series again, I have to laugh at the current-day knot of people who have seized the historical event of the Boston Tea Party and claimed it to legitimize their anger that a black Democrat sits in the White House.

We’ve seen endless examples of their hate for President Obama at their rallies- all the while pretending to be so darned patriotic.  Local Tea Party affiliates have chosen ‘patriotic’ titles to boost their self-assumed authority.

Signs other than bashing President Obama claim that taxes are too high. I suspect that any tax is too high for a majority of these hysterical reenactment folks- especially when some of their precious tax dollars go to ‘you know who!’  And one is in the White House, too!

Lily white protesters who never before stepped out of their houses to protest any of the many egregious actions of former president, George W. Bush. In fact, many shouted down the handful of street-corner protesters who questioned the War on Iraq.  Yet now, with a new president, they pour out of their homes seemingly incensed about this new occupant of the White House.  What’s up with that?

Well, what’s up is hatred.  Pure hysterical hated and fear.  They’ve never known a black man and now one is president- oh not THEIR president, but nonetheless the president.

Taxes! they shout. That’s a joke.  Tax rates are at a historic low, but they shout “Taxes!’ anyway.  Hysterical reenactment.

Historically, the Tea Party was not essentially about tea nor its tax, rather, it was about the King’s increasing troop deployment in the colony of Massachusetts as well as the impressment of colonists onto British ships.  In fact the Townshend Revenue Act of 1770 reduced the tax burden on American colonists and, further,  the  price of legally imported tea was actually reduced by the Tea Act of 1773. Smuggled tea was nearly the same price as ‘taxed’ tea at the time of the uprising.

Just as in 1773 when “taxes”  weren’t the real issue, today’s hysterical reenact-ors aren’t really angry about taxes at all.  Nor about an over-reaching government; if this was the case, they would have been out of their houses many times during the 8-years of the Bush/Cheney administration.

Displaced anger.  That’s what it is,  It’s not about taxes nor an over-reaching government.  It’s about the man- the black man in the White House.


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  1. “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find a new content not only by dedicating themselves to a holy cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance. A mass movement offers them unlimited opportunities for both.” -Eric Hoffer, The True Believer

  2. I have been thinking, M_R, about where we might go beyond here. All of us agree that the United States is not living up to the Constitution of the Founding Fathers. By establishing this and the previous blog, you have broken the ground on intelligent give and take about our social, economic and foreign national interests. You have provided a sounding board for us to express our thoughts. Now, it seems to me that a more perfect vehicle is required. Well, not that, but maybe more like we need to move up the next level. Indeed, it seems from some of your posts that you are thinking along that line, namely, the post concerning the group of people who have formed a think tank to deal with national problems. Let’s begin to think about a transition to a new organization that will attempt to reach our fellow citizens. In that regard the following is wording for the establishment of such a group…

    “We know that we are not being given full and factual information about our government. A lack of accurate reporting on economic, fiscal, entitlements, education, environment, foreign affairs has prevented citizens from becoming informed and making intelligent decisions on what should be done to live under and according to the principles of the Constitution. Knowledge is power to form that more perfect union. People need accurate facts to make intelligent decisions about what their government should be doing. It is up to us to watch our government, as it as obvious the media will only do a cursory job of it. If We the People are to have the nation that our founding fathers envisionaged in the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, it is our responsibility to pick up the baton and preserve their legacy, a government of, by, and for the People.”

    Just to conclude, a lot of research goes into staying informed and thereby gaining the knowledge that say, we have, about the various issues surrounding our domestic and foreign problems. The average citizen does not have that ability to spend their time in research to learn about their government and the Constitutional issues. Just as a thought, we would have an organization like (www.nationalfuture.org). But that is to be determined after we “brain-storm” what it is we can do. It would be something of a common sense approach to the issues based on historical precedents and present conditions. The goal would be to become the best source on news and remedies of the issues surrounding our nation today. What the hell, M_R, lets go out with a bang and not the proverbial whimper! The North and the South united for national re-birth…..

  3. On 16 December 1773, Colonial American Rebels dumped a shipload of tea in Boston Harbour to protest the East India Company, British Monopoly on the tea trade. They didn’t want to be slaves to Britain.

    On 20 April 2010, British Petroleum, a British Monopoly in the petroleum trade began (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deepwater_Horizon_oil_spil) dumping a shitload of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Americans are slaves to foreign oil.

    God Save the Queen

  4. UptheFlag- something to ponder as it seems to be a rather large step in a different direction. Must think on this for a bit.

    Poet- thank you much for your shared wisdom and link. Very useful data for the point I am trying to make.

    Laci- the synchronicity of events is amazing. Thanks for the connection that we all missed!

  5. Exactly, M_R….but we do have a shorter time period than we did 20 years ago, lol….It is a “large step” maybe in scope, but not necessarily in a time commitment. We would be like the catalyst, like finding the people who would enable our philosophy to be developed. My initial idea is to delegate out from us. Probably, more time in the start up phase, but the understanding would be that we are initiators, not the day to day directors of the program. But first, we need to decide on what it is that we can do..

  6. Do you envision this new venue as a “thought-tank” [as opposed to think-tank] in which there is a group of editorialists who present issues to the ‘audience’ on the theme that you suggested above? A gathering place for progressive thought and a watchdog of government? And perhaps a ‘de-bunk’ department as well?

  7. I might say that the “vision” is not there yet, that is open for discussion and figuring out where we want to go…What will be the “platform” to present issues to the masses? Of course, the whole purpose will be to debunk frivilous statements. It wight be wise to avoid such words as liberal/conservative/progressive/reactionary/ secularist/fundamentalist.
    We need to take the thesis and the antithesis and make a new synthesis/need to blend the broad middleground of citizens into seeing change is beneficial and that as transitions are developed people in the old order will be protected. You see the fear of transition here in the Gulf States with the just the thought of a moratorium on deep water drilling. Barbour, Jindahl, Perry, and the Alabama Governor opposing the cessation of drilling while the causes are learned and the emergency procedures developed. On the otherhand, there is Gov Criss of Floriday who supports the moratorium and wants no drilling at all off the Florida coasts. And, look at what has happened to Criss in the Florida senate race. He has gone from no chance at all to a big lead. He supported the stimulus too! So, there are two threads, one status quo and resistant to change because it means disruption, loss of income, homes going into foreclosure, loss of income, loss of building a retirement fund, the kid’s education, a new car, all that happens when an industry dies as Detroit and Michigan well know. The other thread is that there has to be a better way, lets be pragmatic about it and find solutions….

    Say hey, hey! LOL. An idea for this organization…A speakers bureau..That would be akin to the “editorialist” concept but presenting in person “issues to the audience on the theme.” Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary, Lions, Women’s Clubs, Church groups, Chamber of Commerce committees, University Organizations like AAUP, NEA, Frats/Sororities,
    wherever and whatever. Hold RALLIES FOR AMERICA.

    Come on blogers: shot gun it…what can we do?

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