Hallucinogenic Tea

You have to wonder what’s in that tea- the tea that they’re sipping on.  One thing is for sure, it increases testosterone as was seen in those angry public displays throughout the country of late.  Still, I’m wondering if it also has an hallucinogenic effect on the drinker.

A recent comment on this blog helped me come up with this  hallucinogenic analysis.  The comment was about the seeming impotency of Obama to do something about the oil gushing into the Gulf. Yet the author of this comment has often called for less ‘government’ in the lives of the citizens.  There was another comment about Obama’s failure to create jobs, yet the author criticized counting census workers as part of the workforce.

By the way, how does the President of the United States create jobs? The only ‘jobs’ that a president is authorized to ‘create’ are military ones during a war and then only with the approval of funding from Congress.

Tea Partiers railed against the so-called Stimulus Bill as a budget-buster.  That bill has kept millions of workers on the payroll, albeit the Federal payroll.  Additionally, the Tea Party wing of the GOP wants the unemployed workers of America to begin begging for food on the streets because those unemployment benefits will add to the Federal debt.

Thus, the upshot is of this thinking is clearly that of someone sipping on peyote juice.

Then there are the two wars begun by GW Bush and funded by Congress for the past 8 to 10 years.  What does the Tea Party contingent have to say about these enormous budget-busters?  Or does the flapping American Flag get in the way?

I’ve seen scant Tea Party Rally signs calling for ending these two wars, but plenty for denying health coverage for the citizens back home.  Delusional.

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  1. Hello Muddy,
    The Teabaggers arguments are not any well thought out reasons. It is just about shouting out anger and mindlessly repeating what they think are conservative viewpoints that they have been spoon feed along the way.

    Here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, everyone knows everyone else, who their family is, their life history, in summation small town aspects. Those whom I have seen at protest actions locally, or met at Republican meetings are just the old Klansmen of the 1960s and I have written about in the past titled, “The Cambridge Convergence.” The younger members as a whole are not very bright, sons and daughters of these Klansmen, those who were grossly underachieving high school students and never progressed their education past the 7th grade.

    Many times I just find myself thinking and smiling with the thought, “Oh yea, I remember you now, you try to make a living just cutting grass in the summer months, then can be seen sitting around during the winter months complaining at the local quick shop because the government taxes you too much and you have no money.” Yea that it, it is the government’s fault for your lack of money. Dumb Asses!!

    This is the demographics of the Teabaggers. Dumb, Dimwitted, Under Educated, Over Weight with their brains clogged with their own Lard, and Not a Clue of what Reality is.

  2. M_R writes: “Then there are the two wars begun by GW Bush and funded by Congress for the past 8 to 10 years. ”

    This is true…And, while the wars began under Bush and funded by Democrats in Congress, Mr. Obama has not only continued the wars, but in Afghanistan he has tripled Mr. Bush’s commitment, from 30,000
    to 100,000. More importantly, Mr Obama has provided a transition of the war from anti-terrorism to anti-insurgency, that is, from attacking al quada to attacking taliban, who are indigenous afghanis.
    Here we have the dysfunctional image of a setting President who stood up in the Senate and in places all around the country attacking President Bush for extending the wars, and now himself have increased the military and deaths in Afghanistan and, in addition, has changed the rules of engagement. We are now “nation building” in Afghanistan. One might ask, where are the protesters on Central and Secor?

  3. The “impotency” comment was a quote from the democratic stategy man James Carville who was giving HIS oppinion of Obama’s response to the spill.
    But, I’m sure you knew that since I attributed the quote to Carville but, decided it better reading to write it as my quote instead.

    How does the president create jobs? The obvious would be to create policy that would promote growth as opposed to hindering it! The “Hire act” Obama signed in March could be a step in the right direction toward job creation due to the incentives it gives small businesses to hire and retain employees while removing the tax penalties. Wow…could getting the government out of the way prove to be a good thing?
    Obama suddenly seems to think so!
    Is he crazy too now?

    EOK, many of those dimwitted dumbasses who live outside of reality can do one thing you can’t seem to do…add and subtract!
    Please bedazzle them with your genius and explain exactly how spending 3x more than you make does not become a liability.
    Then explain how printing money and devaluation of our currency is a “good” thing!
    Sorry for sounding crazy and irrational but, everytime the dollar loses value, it costs more to repay the debt created and takes longer to repay!
    So, are saying that those crazed tea folks are WRONG to be against this?

  4. UTF, I’ll tell you EXACTLY where those protestors went…home to wallow in hypocracy!
    The day Obama took office, all criticism ceased.
    I don’t beleive for 1 second that those folks stopped opposing the war but, I do believe that because those folks spent 2 years branding everyone who opposed Obama as a “racist”, they’ve painted themselves into a proverbial corner of silence where dissenting oppinion is concerned.
    I’ve asked muddy many times here where his outrage went. I’m left to wonder…was it the bad policy he hated or, just the man who created them?

  5. Sepp- I’ve asked muddy many times here where his outrage went. I’m left to wonder…was it the bad policy he hated or, just the man who created them?

    Have you not been reading my anti-war posts and my disgust with Obama’s increase in troop numbers? I did an entire post about the idiocy of continuing both wars. How about my post of 6/17 titled, “Old Men’s Wars” or 6/07 “One Term President” or 4/17 “The Military-Industrial Complex Millstone” or 4/11 “We Should Quit in Afghanistan” or 1/6 “30,000 Troops v. One Underwear Bomber” or 12/01/2009 “I Listened and I am Unimpressed” or 12/02/2009 “Obama’s Johnson Moment” or 11/12/2009 “To Fight or Not to Fight- That’s Obama’s Question” or 10/27/2009 “”It’s Their War” or 9/28/2009 “The Absurd Idea of ‘Winning in Afghanistan”

    Is that satisfactory, Sepp?

  6. I received an email joke about government handouts. I thought the joke was in poor taste, for the sender has been collecting unemployment benefits(on and off) for 3 years. I emailed him back about the taste of the joke and reminded him that he has been collecting unemployment benefits. He responded by calling me a “dick-head” and to “lighten up”. Has he ever heard of the phrase-“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”; or should I just not respond and allow him to keep making himself act like a fool.

  7. Tim- joke about government handouts

    The trouble with these ‘handouts’ is that the really large ones are seldom noticed– the ones that go to agricultural giants, the Pentagon and corporations for tax exemptions. How much of the Federal budget goes to waste on these entities? Massive amounts!!

    Yet, it seems that the far-right always comes down hardest on ‘Welfare Queens’ and her 6 children. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  8. The oil spill & unemployment situ really exposes conservative ideology. They criticize him for doing too little and too much AT THE SAME TIME.

  9. Hello Sepp,
    When I speak of English 101 I am not speaking of your grammar use. I do use your comments when I give instructions to those Republican Candidates running for local offices of what NOT to do in debates. You instantly go off topic, your use of “Straw Man Arguments,” and Generalizations; all of which break the rules of Logical Argumentation negating any debating argument points you try to make. I can say that your comments are a source of great fun and laughter in class.

    I want to thank you again for supplying me with the material to teach by example the current group of Freshman Republicans Candidates who will be running for local County Commissioner Seats, and State Delegates. You are the epitome of the quintessential Teabagger. Please keep up the poor work as you are a great asset to me.

  10. How does the President create jobs? Well, how many are the ways:

    1.) War as in Afghanistan…Under Obama he has put 60,000 more soldiers to work there than Bush”s 33,000;

    2.) Staffing the cabinet and the government beaucracy;

    3.) Health Reform Bill;

    4.) Stimulous Bill – Now there was “bill” of goods on us all…How stupid
    we are! Isn’t he out touting in Missouri today 50 people he put to
    work making electric car batteries?…the BIG 5 0! That really puts a
    dent in the 10% unemployment…Or we might ask how many did that
    take of the unemployment compensation rolls…Where did these
    “new” hires come from?…Just how many more people would have
    Obama put to work, if as the majority shareholder of GM he had
    ordered GM to build the COLT in the United States and not in Mexico
    to be back shipped into the United States at inflated American labor
    prices?…How stupid are We?…talk about your “SHEEPLES”;

    5.) The TVA-herein is the plan for Obama to really put Americans to
    work…Except instead of building dams on the Tennessee River, he
    puts millions of Americans to work in building NATURAL GAS cars
    trucks, filling stations, and service centers. All regulated and
    contracted out to only U.S. corporations. “It’s elementary, my
    dear Watson.” The natural gas belongs to “We the People”, not
    the corporations. FDR blazed the road for us, and it’s time we
    follow his path……

  11. Yes Sepp,
    As you asked, “Please bedazzle them with your genius and explain exactly how spending 3x more than you make does not become a liability.”

    For this I will quote Dick Cheney in 2004….”As we all learned from the Regan years….defects don’t matter.”

    Now where were your Teabaggers then when the Conservative Vice President was pushing this policy?

  12. I am watching again the 6-part series, John Adams, which begins with the tea incident in Boston. I cannot help but chuckle at the current batch of Tea Party dolts who pretend to have something in common with the actual leaders of the movement back in 1770.

    Now that I have ‘witnessed’ the modern-day wannabes, they become more amusing with each new scene in the Adams story.

    The local wannabes have usurped titles like ‘Children of Liberty’ and ‘Tea Party Patriots’ as if they were reenacting the struggles of the colonists with the King of England. Such a sham, so much hypocrisy on display with these anti-government zealots.

    The original Patriots and the original Sons of Liberty had a philosophical ideal about which they gathered, organized and fought. Today’s Teabaggers goal is to keep as much money as they can for themselves. They should be reenacting the Dickens’s play, Scrooge rather than that of John Adams.

  13. You lost me at Schizophrenia and Bipolar. Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia are two different things. Both are serious illnesses. How do I know this? My Mom and my youngest daughter had/have Bipolar and my sister had Schizophrenia. I really wish people could come up with a better metaphor. I find it very troubling that these illnesses are used to describe something that is not an illness.

  14. Poet- thank you for enlightening me on the difference between these two illnesses. I had thought that they were different names for the same condition.

    You are correct, Poet, that a different metaphor ought to be used to describe behavior that it somewhat similar to these mental disorders.

    How about “delusions” or “distorted reality”?

    I found an interesting letter to the editor of our local newspaper this morning in which the author also attempts to show the irrational thinking of those who claim to be reenacting the events of Boston in 1770. The author uses no metaphors but nonetheless gets the point across.

    I will, Poet, change this post, eliminating the mental illness references to which you referred. Thank you.

  15. Thanks very much, mudrake! Your sensitivity to this issue is very much appreciated. Your post title is much more appropriate.

    Whatever it is that some teabagger’s are smoking and drinking they should probably cut back a little. You know, everything in moderation. ;-)

  16. EOK, nice non-answer.

    “Explain how 3x more than you make does not become a liability.
    Then explain how printing money and devaluation of our currency is a “good” thing?”

    =Dick Cheney?

  17. Expanding the money supply (i.e. printing money) is recommended therapy for a recession. Even Milton Friedman said so.

  18. Oh Sepp now you’re not even trying. Then again maybe because I live close by, sometimes working within, and have an intimate knowledge what really goes on the Washington D.C., I am of the mind set that everyone has even the basic rudimentary knowledge also. If this is the case my apologies to you but it also gives me an idea of the amount of true information you are working with and I will be glad to pass it on.

    That is exactly what Bush / Cheney did…they cranked up the printing presses on overtime printing money like tissue paper to pretend to pay the bills. My son-in-law’s brother works (Dual BS degrees in Environmental Sciences / Chemistry) there monitoring the working environmental conditions of the pressmen who were being exposed to the ink’s solvents (they will cause brain cancer) in the press room atmosphere that were being breathed in at this time. OSHA was very concerned with the workers health then but the presses have slowed down here of late. To make this easy, printed more then, printing less now.

    To be fair, this country has been over printing U.S. currency ever since Nixon removed us from the gold standard and the national debt started ballooning ever since then. This is nothing new other than Bush / Cheney took it to levels never before seen or thought of by responsible people.

    To complement this, they borrowed record amounts of money from the likes of Communist China, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc. If you graphed the national debt from 1970 to date you will be the parabolic exponential curve taking the drastic curve during the Bush / Cheney years. A fact that seams conveniently to be overlooked by those who can’t be bothered by reality.

    You can see from this bar graph that Johnson had an almost balance budget. Nixon, Ford took in much less revenue and spent much more. Carter was paying of the national debt with the more generated revenue and less spending but Regan and G. Bush spent more than they took in increasing the national debt. Clinton was really paying off the national debt and was putting this country in good finical shape until G.W. Bush / Cheney took us to new levels never before seen in recent history. The current President Obama is now having to address this legacy economic fiasco and yet, the Teabaggers are blaming him. You can see from the graph, it has been the supposedly Conservative Republican Presidents that have led this country into the great national debt crushing this country’s economy. The more accurate statement is Charge and Spend Republicans if you want to risk a generalization statement to this.

    The hypocrisy for me is that not a word was heard from this aspect whipped up by Fox Programming when the previous administration was putting us in this situation.

    This is how printing money and devaluation of our currency = Dick Cheney. I truly hope that presenting facts aided by the visual aid helps your confusion and corrects the misinformation that you have been taking your viewpoints form.

    As far as your statement of, “Explain how 3x more than you make does not become a liability. Oh my friend, from a Republican point of view, it does become a great liability and one I have been concerned with since the Regan Administration. To follow up with, “Then explain how printing money and devaluation of our currency is a “good” thing?” It is not because it devalues the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar and wipes out retired people’s savings. (By the way, these are the Straw Man Arguments that I spoke about earlier.) Freshman English 101 Logical Argumentation

    More in line truly the question becomes, “Now is do we go “Cold Turkey” and crash the economy throwing us into a full blown depression or like a drug addict, wean ourselves off slowly like methadone treatments to a heron addict, and hope for a milder recession.”

    This is what “Pink Slip” is referring to with his comment “Expanding the money supply (i.e. printing money) is recommended therapy for a recession. Even Milton Friedman said so.”

    My oath as a Mason is to mentor and I hope I have done well with respect with your concerns. Thank you again.

    I am not sure if the bar graph will come through but can been seen at



  19. Engineer of Knowledge,

    I have been lurking here for several weeks now and I have seen what seems to be a pattern not only with you but with most of the other bloggers here.

    You claim high intelligence and I don’t doubt that but you flaunt it to people you think are inferior to you intellectually.

    You talk about the Clinton balanced budget without mentioning it was forced on him by a republican congress. It was also suggested after he left office that the budget wasn’t really balanced but items were hidden to make it appear that way. I can’t prove it but can only tell you what I read at the time and I admit I have forgotten the details.

    but what bothers me the most about you is you call it your republican party and I have seen you say nothing good about the party and only the bad. You have now gone back to Nixon and I wonder how much further back you will go before you find a republican president you liked. Lincoln maybe? I don’t know.

    I believe you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and are nothing but a leftist democrat spy in your circle of republican party officials. You serve a good purpose here by allowing MR to constantly refer to you as a republican but I see no republican tendencies in you.

    You talk of your insight because you live near Washington but are the people you talk to actually anyone in the know or some low level bureaucrat just talking through his hat?

    Bush made his share of mistakes but at least he didn’t always blame Clinton for them or any other previous president.

    My question to you, sir, is when are you and the others on this blog except for Sepp going to hold Obama responsible for what has happened under his watch?

  20. Jane-I believe you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and are nothing but a leftist democrat spy in your circle of republican party officials.

    You can believe anything that you wish, Jane, but believing does not make it true, unless you are Dorothy from Oz.

    Jane- My question to you, sir, is when are you and the others on this blog except for Sepp going to hold Obama responsible for what has happened under his watch?

    As one of “the others” I’ll take a stab at this one. Perhaps, as you seem to have a list, you could, in a future comment, make a list of those ‘happenings’ for which you wish that we should blame President Obama.

    At that time we could each cast a ‘vote’ whether President Obama ought to receive the ‘blame’ for that specific dereliction of duty.

    A list, please.

  21. I gave you a list but you had me blocked somehow or something is wrong with your site.

    Let’s go with the failed stimulus. Instead of keeping unemployment under 8% it has been 10.2%, 9.7% and now 9.5%. Once the temporary census workers are done it will go higher.

    Cash for Clunkers worked until it was over and now no one is buying cars.

    Mortgage help was given and the same people are defaulting again and since the program expired housing starts has decreased again.

    The only new workers are government workers and they produce nada, zip, zero.

    while not his fault the oil spill in the gulf deserved attention sooner instead of going on vacation and golfing.

    Taxes are going up next year and the people have no money to pay them. they just barely get along now as it is. I know you like taxes but maybe you can better afford to pay them than most of us regular Americans with families to raise.

    Since I don’t have your esteemed knowledge and a college degree I have to work at what I can get. Working as a CNA in a nursing home doesn’t pay a lot in money but it pays a lot in satisfaction of knowing I have helped my fellow man.

    Now we have a man in charge of medical care who didn’t even go through one hearing in the senate before being recess appointed. He believes in rationed health care. What will that do to the many medicare patients I care for who are old and in his way of thinking do not live productive lives? Their minds are still sharp but their bodies are given out from long years of hard work. What will happen to them? Nothing? We don’t know that do we?

    I have a patient who has had a stroke. he is coming along well but it’s a slow process. He can speak better now and he can walk with assistance for a few feet but he still needs 24 hour care. He’s 80 years old. what is to become of him under the new rules?

    Someone spoke the other day of Obama having graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. How do you know that since all his school records have been sealed? For that matter how do you know he even attended Harvard because you can’t get the records to find out.

    I have hopes and dreams for my children and I can tell you if one of them graduated magna cum laude from a prestigious school like Harvard I would want his records open for all to see.

    Instead of using that education Obama went to work as a community organizer in the politically corrupt town of Chicago where he learned to knee cap anyone against him. It works there but not in the rest of the country.

    He is the worst president since Jimmy Carter and you know how well that worked out. He exchanged 10 Russian spies for just 4 western spies who had rotted in Russian jails for years. the Russian spies served time in the county jail.

    Tell me his accomplishments. list please.

  22. Oh and I’m an independent democrat. I call it like I see it and I won’t vote for this man again.

  23. Jane- when are you and the others on this blog except for Sepp going to hold Obama responsible for what has happened under his watch?

    Mudrake- make a list of those ‘happenings’ for which you wish that we should blame President Obama.

    Jane’s list:

    • unemployment over 8%

    • cash for clunkers

    • mortgage defaults

    • ‘new’ workers are only government workers

    • golfing, vacationing during Gulf Oil Spill

    • taxes going up next year

    Well, this is quite a list of an awful dereliction of duties as U.S. President! No wonder so many Teabaggers are calling for his resignation or impeachment!! It is clear that he is a ‘failed’ president.

    By the way, Jane, there was nothing wrong with my blog yesterday and there was no ‘list’ stuck in my WordPress pending comment file.

    Why don’t you and others like you, specifically the Tea Party crowd, just come out with the truth, you know, rather than beating around the bush with this trite list of nonsense that you posted above?

    Why is it so hard for you and the others just to tell the truth about your real ‘feelings’ about President Obama?

    Purge yourself, Jane, and get to the deep-seated reason that you despise the President. Go ahead, Jane. It surely will be a cathartic experience and may help to cleanse your soul in the process.

    My question to you, Jane, “What really angers you about Barack Obama?”

  24. Hello Jane,
    You just have a list but no follow up supporting statements giving proof to your opening line. This is called “Nihilism.”

    I only have short amount of time so I will only address one item and demonstrate “Critical Writing” techniques for you so you may learn to better put forth your arguments.

    (Opening Statement)
    Jane, you have made the statement of holding President Obama responsible for what has been a failed policy of “Cash for Clunkers” that happened under his watch.

    (First Supporting Statement)
    Your first mistake is that you present the “Cash for Clunkers” as if it were solely President Obama’s policy but the facts are that a form of “Cash for Clunkers” was part of a global stimulus that many countries organized and enacted. France had Fiat in trouble; Germany had BMW, GM’s Opal, etc. All promoted and enacted their own “Cash for Clunkers” type of programs to prop up and save their domestic car companies from total devastation and closure.
    (Second Supporting Statement)
    You make the statement that the “Cash for Clunkers” did not work but the blatant evidence that Chrysler and GM are even still in existence in this country, is proof that your comment is not even remotely correct. These car companies were done, bankrupt, and closing their doors and for some dealerships, had closed.

    (Third Supporting Statement)
    Locally here on the Delmarva Peninsula, I have old school friends and some through my Republican connections, who own Mazda, Ford, Chevy, Buick, Nissan, etc. car dealerships. To complete this picture, between these three car dealership owners, they come close to having all of the car dealerships here on the Delmarva Peninsula. All have made personal comments to me and even public comments on the local NPR in Maryland, that it was the “Cash for Clunkers” program that saved their companies hands down. David Wilson, President and Owner of the Preston Group quote, “It is the success of the Cash for Clunkers program that has been directly responsible for car sales that saved the Preston Group car dealerships and have been able to keep my employees working.” This gratitude of car dealership owners in not just a local entity but can be echoed throughout the whole United States.

    (Closing Statement)
    To conclude, your statement of the “Cash for Clunkers” was an example of a failed President Obama’s policy is not correct nor is it based on any supportive facts. It is nothing more that a nihilistic statement.

    Jane, I hope this gives you an example of properly presenting you opinions in a “Logical Argumentative” format. First gathering facts, organize these facts into a coherent thought process which will lead you to a more correct aspect of your point of views. Good luck in the future.

  25. Jane, taxes have to be raised in order to address the long-term deficit problem. The Bush tax cuts contributed very heavily to the current deficit. Most of the tax raises will affect the same folks that got cuts during the last administration.

    As for health care, as a CNA you should know that health care has already been rationed by private insurance companies. They have to ration health care–it’s the only way for them to make a profit.

  26. Jane, what makes you a democrat? Just wondering, because I see Obama as nothing more than a mainstream Democrat. And as a liberal, that’s disappointing to me.

    It looks as though many of your criticisms are based on the Great Recession, which started in Dec 2007. As an “independent democrat”, what do you think the proper course of action should be to combat this recession?

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