Let’s Pretend

Back in the 40’s there was a radio program on Saturday mornings called, “Let’s Pretend.”  As the title suggests, it presented fictional stories to the children for entertainment purposes.

I was thinking of the hubbub over Michael Steele’s Afghanistan comment and the rebuke he received from many in the GOP for suggesting that the war in Afghanistan was a loosing battle.

Apparently the GOP wants to pretend that the war begun by Bush and funded by Congress is winnable.  Let’s pretend.

Then it struck me:  “let’s pretend” is the MO of today’s Republican Party.  Let’s pretend that we are on the side of the citizens.  Let’s pretend that we aren’t the party of the big banks and corporations.  Let’s pretend that we are strong on the military and the defense of this nation.

Let’s pretend and the gullible voters will believe us.  So far it has worked well and many of the same schleps who voted twice for GWB will vote GOP this fall, believing that that party is ‘on their side.’


14 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend

  1. “Let’s pretend and the gullible voters will believe us.”

    Do you mean such things as…

    ” End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000″

    ” End no-bid contracts above $25,000″

    “Allow imported prescription drugs”

    “Direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a comprehensive study of federal cancer initiatives”

    ” Double the Peace Corps”

    “Allow five days of public comment before signing bills”

    “Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials”

    “Double funding for afterschool programs”

    “Pay for the national service plan without increasing the deficit”

    “Give annual “State of the World” address”

    “Allow penalty-free hardship withdrawals from retirement accounts in 2008 and 2009”

    “No family making less than $250,000 will see “any form of tax increase.”

    “Negotiate health care reform in public sessions televised on C-SPAN”

    “Earmark reform ”

    “‘No jobs for lobbyists”

    “Signing the ‘Freedom of Choice Act”

    “$4000 American Opportunity Tax Credit”


    “I’ll Close Gitmo in my First Year”

    “Recognize the Armenian genocide”

    “Provide a $3,000 tax credit for companies that add jobs”

    “Won’t Require People to Buy Health Insurance ”

    “I Won’t Raise Your Taxes – “Not One Dime!”

    “Unemployment Will Stay Below 8% With the Stimulus Bill!”

    “Troops home within 16 months”

    Muddy, are you SURE that it’s only the idiots on the right will believe anything they’re fed? Because all of the above are some of the promises Obama fed the guilible voters who bought into B.S hook, line and sinker!

  2. Let’s pretend we live on a planet with out obstructionist Republicans who destroy every initiative, roadblock any positive idea or program in their attempt to discredit an administration at any cost to regain power.
    Instead we live on Bizarro World and pretend that it’s all Obama fault.

    Now lets pretend the Republicans are the party of “the common man”…
    Let’s pretend they care enough about working Americans and those affected by “the unemployment caused by Obamas Stimulus…geez o pizza…” to allow an extension of unemployment benifits by raising taxes on the wealthiest…
    Let’s pretend that they haven’t chosen to oppose reinstating the expired estate tax on the wealthiest, which would easily fund the unemployment benifit extension that they claimm we can’t afford. The amount of the benefits is estimated at 22 billion dollars, which is conveniently what the estate tax would have brought in.
    Let’s pretend that the obstructionists haven’t chosen to favor the wealthiest Americans, a handfull of billionaires, over those most in need.
    In 2008, the estate tax brought in 25 billion, but the obstructionists who whine that unemployment benefits encourage unemployment, have chosen to favor the billionaires, only 1 in 500 Americans paid estate taxes in 2009, by granting a one year windfall for the wealthiest.

  3. Let’s Pretend that American Corporations did not send the whole “Value Added” U.S. manufacturing base to Communist China or Communist Viet Nam, funded by aggressive tax cuts since 2000 in this country. Communist China where they have National Health Care, National Funded Retirement, National Housing, etc. and yet their economy is still growing as more American’s getting laid off this month.

    Let’s Pretend that good men with engineering degrees from prestigious state universities and 15 to 20 years of experience, being laid off for over a year with unemployment insurance running out wondering how they are going to keep their homes, cars, and feed their children for the first time in their lives.

    Let’s Pretend that the Republican minority voting in a unison voice to make sure that unemployment insurance not be extended so these good, hard working men who have done everything right and expected of them for the first 40 years of their life, now are just more expendable victims of predatory Corporation policies.

    You have summed it up quite well with, “Let’s Pretend that Obstructionist Republicans who destroy every initiative, roadblock any positive idea or program in their attempt to discredit an administration at any cost to regain power.”

    If you want to know what happened to the many programs President Obama had hopes for….you need to look no further than the Obstructionist Republicans with motives of nothing more than to stop anything positive the President had to offer.

    Just as the teachings what every Entered Apprentice learns from Freemasons which are Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

    These are the values that have been LOST of late with American Republican Politics. TRUTH was not even considered as Lee Atwater was the King of Lies and Innuendos and was praised for it by the RNC instead of being corrected. They even played the song, “Bad To The Bone” with pride at the Republican Presidential Convention when he walked on stage.

    Tom DeLay nor Dick Cheney had any MORAL bounds if it moved their agenda forward.

    Many at this time within the Republican delegation in Congress and Senate openly accepted influence payments (The Plumb) right on the floor of the Capital just before a legislation vote. All of this is well documented because they openly admitted it without shame.

    This is my problem with the Republican Party today. Instead of having any morals or ethics, My Republican Party has emulated the TV shows Survivor or Big Brother. Any lie, betrayal, manipulating scheme is what you are rewarded for instead of truth, honesty, friendship, etc.

  4. I guess you both are still optimistic that Santa Obama is going to deliver all those far fetched CAMPAIGN PROMISES that you’re still believing in!

    I guess that when fools see “hope” as a platform, they’ll dig through the horse shit hoping to find a pony!

    LOL…keep blaming the GOP for the lies you swallowed hook line and sinker!
    Then wake the hell up and see who’s in power…sorry, it ain’t the GOP!

  5. Hello Sepp,
    You never had any true application education of Freshman English 101 “Logical Argumentation” have you? When I asked you this before you whined and moaned about how you don’t have time to get an advance education because you have to work and raise a family……I did exactly that by going to class at night, weekends, what ever it took. No excuses just pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.

    Your level of not recognizing facts presented before you never ceases to amaze me.

    So let’s try this again.
    I personally know 4 engineers in their mid-30s to 50 who have been laid off for almost a full year with no offers because there are no positions to be had or even working for Wal-Mart because they are over qualified. They will be loosing their un-employment insurance soon and are on the verge of loosing their homes, cars, etc. It is well documented that The Republican block in Congress has denied extension of this unemployment insurance funding.

    Please explain how this in not a correct statement.

    As I have traveled as a Regional Sales Manager dealing with the Telecom / Datacom, Surge protection for equipment. Dealing with fortune 500 companies, I noted that for the last 10 years the “Value Added” manufacturing base was shut down in this country and established in Communist China as one example, funded by aggressive tax cuts since 2000 in this country.

    Do you deny that Communist China has National Health Care, National Funded Retirement, National Housing, etc. and yet their economy is still growing as more American’s are getting laid off this month?

    I noted many times in the past that your best arguments go directly to elementary school yard name calling such as Santa Obama? How sad to have such a weak mind that this is the best argument you can present. I always thought his first name of Barack.

    President Obama received his undergraduate degree in political science from Columbia University, an Ivy League member currently ranked 9th in the country.

    President Obama also graduated Magna Cum Laude GPA from Harvard Law School.

    President Obama obtained his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Harvard with Magna Cum Laude GPA.

    Now please list your education and advanced degrees proving your qualifications to counter his policies…..I didn’t think so.

  6. Sepp- your ‘shotgun’ list of ‘broken’ Obama promises was quite humorous. Could you give us the link to that list so that we can see who is keeping track?

    Sepp- Then wake the hell up and see who’s in power…sorry, it ain’t the GOP!

    Governance Lesson 101: the U.S. Senate has adopted a 60-vote threshold for passage of bills with financial legislation. The Democratic Party holds 57 seats; 2 Independent.

    Math Lesson Grade 2: 57 +2 = 59

  7. EOK, so what if I called the man “Santa”? The above listed promises he’d made to the voters were mainly reasons folks like muddy and microdot argued in his favor during the election.

    Certainly Obama’s education is impressive but, it’s not going to make him immune from criticism.

    And as usual, you attack the messenger and dismiss the material presented. Yes, I use bad grammar. Yes I mock the president. So what?
    When I mocked Bush and McCain, you never seemed to care how sloppy the grammar and punctuation was…nor, did you require my university credentials to do so!

  8. Sepp- you clearly demagogue with your comments. How long have you been paying attention to politics? During political campaigns, politicians promise the moon and the stars in order to get elected.

    Tell me, do you ‘believe’ that the 1928 Republican Party slogan, ” a period of “Republican prosperity” that had provided a “chicken in every pot and a car in every backyard, to boot.” was a mandate? If you do, I’ve got some nice wetland property for you.

    You seem to be ‘astonished’ that ‘Santa’ Obama has not come through with his promises. Surely, you voted for GW Bush back in 2000. He offered the American people ‘compassionate conservatism’ and ‘no nation-building.’ Did you expect those dreams to come true? If so, I’ve got more property…

    I think that it is crystal clear, Sepp, that you greatly dislike Obama for whatever reasons [I have some opinions on that]. Your comments reflect that hate and have become very tedious here.

    You remind me of that idiot Jack Kelly who writes a bi-weekly OpEd in The Toledo Blade. Every single OpEd is a bash-Obama article, a one-note-Johnny [Jack].

    Give us some other opinions for a change, Sepp. How’s that war-thing going? How’s that send-jobs-to-China thing? I’d like to hear your opinions on a non-Obama topic for a change.

  9. Muddy, are you saying that I’ve become who you used to be during the Bush years? The exception being that I could and did criticize Bush whenever he screwed up, lied or, just plain said / did something foolish.
    The “old” muckrake would have never tolerated b.s before and would have been the first to condemn it.
    Now? Nothing but silence. Anything you do disagree with comming out of the whitehouse is kept pretty quiet these days.
    Please share you thoughts as to why you believe I dislike Obama. I’m positive you’ll play a race card but, one look into the racial mix of my family makes that thought laughable. Sorry brother, that isn’t the reason but, keep trying.

    The war? we’ve done that topic muddy. Jobs to China? We can do that topic anytime you want to.

  10. When the presidential hopeful campaigns.. most reasonable people understand that he is campaigning on the things that he would “Like” to do. The realist understands that the president is beholden to congress and his agenda is a poetic ballet between himself, the people, and legislators. For a political education, find some of the LBJ tapes with his backslapping or armtwisting of key congressional voters on the civil rights amendment. We don’t have a king that can just “poof” degree into existence the “closing of Gitmo” or the withdrawal from a major combat zone. In a way the campaigning candidate is just as blind as the rest of us in the realities and complexities of governing 300 million people. So it’s ridiculous to cast all our hope, dreams, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction on the President’s shoulders. Bush was different in that his tenure was a golf outing because he had a legislative body that was in complete lock step agreement with his every whim. Like a janitor, Obama has come with a mop and a bucket to try and salvage what is left.. what is possible, while working with a somewhat antagonistic congressional body (a ridiculously antagonistic GOP, Blue dog democrats, and that crazy guy from Connecticut).

  11. “Bush was different in that his tenure was a golf outing because he had a legislative body that was in complete lock step agreement with his every whim.”

    Steve, you must have missed the last 2 years of the lockstepping congress following Obama! Odd, how Obama can convince congress to sieze a healthcare system…but NOT close a prison? Gitmo was probably the easiest task on the list (other than explaining how he would pay for all his other endeavors) and he’s backpeddalling on promises constantly…if not flatly lying about making them…as if youtube didn’t exist!
    Your Janitor has taken what? 4 vacations in almost 2 years and, how many campaign tours for other democrats? Meanwhile Rome is burning and we have a gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. Even James Carville is calling Obama “IMPOTENT” in his response!
    Economy taking a crap…do nothing
    Joblessness increasing…do nothing
    Oil contamination…wait 8 days, make a speech…wait 4 more days do a photo op!

    A General bruises your frail little ego in Rolloing stone magazine…
    Act immediately and have him replaced within 24 hours!

    Maybe if the nations other issues effected Obama’s ego…we’d have results!

  12. Sepp- I find that most of those who live on the right-end of the political spectrum suffer from bipolar disorder. Have you noticed that too?

    For example, the Tea Party has been screaming about ‘the Federal government’ being too big and too intrusive in their lives, yet they want the ‘government’ to do something about [insert issue].

    Well, either one WANTS or does NOT WANT the authority of the Federal Government, but not both. Schizophrenic symptoms come to light when one screams “BOTH!”

    So, Sepp, do YOU WANT Obama to be using the power of the Federal Government or NOT using the power of the Federal Government? Perhaps you have an instructional list that he can follow?

  13. Yes muddy, it’s just crazy that some folks complain when the government neglects the duties it’s supposed to perform and then complain when the government intrudes into areas it’s not supposed to.

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