The Righteous Among Us

I was wondering just how long it would take for the ‘righteous’ among us to speak out on their favorite obsession, homosexuality. Bingo! The first letter to the editor of the Toledo Blade appeared today by a most-righteous [c]hristian* woman denouncing homosexuality and preaching the ‘word of god/God’ to us in the process. Interestingly, as I read it, I thought for sure that I knew who wrote it but, to my surprise, it was a different woman. Perhaps they are all molded from the same pattern and wired with the same robotic thought-patterns, like the pull-the-string toys kids play with.

Things should heat up here in the Toledo area later in the summer because there will be a gay pride event in the city in late August, if my memory serves me well. The local newspaper will light up like a firecracker with all of the other righteous [c]hristian homophobes self-pulling their talking strings.

What did today’s letter-writer say? The usual- that she knows what’s best for other people because the Bible says… Yes, she has the mold into which every woman and man must fit and, if they don’t then they’re going to Hell unless they repent of their ‘immoral behavior.’


Busy-bodies mostly, the über-righteous among us, the ones who ‘know’ the mind of god/God and are called to point out the ‘sins’ of others and to shame them into fitting into the mold. Not only that, but advocates for legislation that would exclude homosexuals from many of the same rights and freedoms guaranteed to all citizens of this nation.

This letter writer and her many clones wish that this nation would cast off its democracy and cloak itself in a theocracy in which the Law of Moses reigns supreme.

If only they could pool their resources and purchase an island in the Pacific and establish their theocracy there. I’m taking donations.

note: one of the most pernicious and outspoken local homophobes wrote this letter to the editor of the Toledo Blade a few years ago; surely, she will want to contribute her vitreol to the community on this current issue.

*[c]hristian = CINO, Christian in Name Only; an Old Testament believer who has assumed the title, ‘Christian,’ in order to retain anonymity while working to replace the laws of this nation with the Law of Moses.


3 thoughts on “The Righteous Among Us

  1. It is sometimes amazing to me how extreme people can be. It’s probably due to their own mental or soul life issues or baggage they continually seek to run from or figure out going down the wrong paths. And of course some people are just 5 sandwiches short of a full picnic. It appears at present more and more picnics are coming up short. And these people vote. Scary

  2. Hello Muddy,
    More often than not, I have found that these “Busy-bodies” can’t even run their own lives, and I’ll be damned if they’ll run mine.

    Most are motivated by their own self loathing or inverted low opinion of themselves and need to speak out, act out, point out flaws of others just to feel good about themselves.

  3. Seriously obsessed and heads stuck so far up their own asses that their veiw of reality is obscured by their pancreas. I think the particular American obsession with homosexuality and sex in general is an unhealthy symptom of a much more serious syndrome.

    Engineer has nailed a portion of the syndrome, which is based in self loathing, an inverted low opinion of themselves, the need to find someone to persecute to make them feel good about themselves.

    We have homophobes here in France, but they are in the minority and usually extreme right wing fanatics. Reality: a healthy open society which encourages expression of sexual discussion and treats sexuality as a normal expression of healthy human behaviour has a much lower rate of sexual crime and “perverse” behaviour.
    Repression causes normal sexuality to become abnormal.
    Most homophobic ideas about homosexuality are based on the fantasies of the homophobe. Hell, here in France, most of our cheese commercials would be banned on American network television.

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