José Can You See?

There is an old  but touching joke about a Mexican immigrant attending his first baseball game in America. José is calling back home to tell his mother just how wonderful his new homeland is.  He tells her that, while sitting in Yankee Stadium just before the game, everyone stood up and sang, asking, “José can you see?”  He goes on, “That was very nice of the people to ask if I had a good seat.”

Today things have changed.  Were José in Chase Stadium, Phoenix attending his very first game, the ‘seeing’ thing would be José’s papers.


3 thoughts on “José Can You See?

  1. The problem is that Arizona was historically part of Mexico up until the Mexican-American War and the “Gadsden Purchase”.

    Unfortunately, the US loves to remain ignorant of its history and prefers it’s myths.

    On the other hand, I wish that this were just part of the Republic of Texas, where people like Dubious Bush run amok with firearms. Unfortunately, their lack of respect for the environment harms neigbouring countries!

  2. I just read that there was a huge chemical leak at the BP Refinery in Texas that went on for 45 days as BP continued production, because fixing it would cause them to shut down…
    Texas kept the lid on the news, but finally had to admit that the release of extremely toxic chemicals violated even their health standard…now that must have been some serious leak. This happened only a few weeks beofre the Macnudo Well Explosion caused the Gulf Oil Catastrophe, which just became the biggest oil pollution event in history.

    My Fourth of July Wishes for America?

    Get out of Afghanistan…NOW!
    Take heroic measures to stop the leak now!
    Would Teddy Roosevelt have had the balls to nuke the well?

    By the way, BP is underwriting the costs of fireworks displays in a few American cities today as a PR gesture…as if, they really fucking care!

  3. Hmmm. Maybe if Jose entered legally, Jose would have nothing to worry about would he?
    Always funny to see how something can be twisted by the left into making a criminal into some kind of victim.

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