Guess Which President is #39 in Ranking

Loudonville, NY – For the fifth time since its inception in 1982, the Siena College Research Institute’s(SRI) Survey of U.S. Presidents finds that experts rank Franklin D. Roosevelt as the top all time chiefexecutive. The 238 participating presidential scholars round out the top five in order with Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Teddy Roosevelt had, more than any other president the “right stuff”, and tops the collective ranking of a cluster of personal qualitiesincluding imagination, integrity, intelligence, luck, background, and being willing to take risks. Lincoln, according to the experts, demonstrated the greatest presidential abilities while FDR ranks first in overall accomplishments.

The current president, Barack Obama, while highly rated on imagination (6th), communication ability (7th) and intelligence (8th) scores poorly on background (family, education and experience) and enters the survey in the 15th position.

George W. Bush, had entered the survey at 23rd when the study was last conducted one year into his first term. Today, just one year after leaving office, the former president has found himself in the bottom five at 39th rated especially poorly in handling the economy, communication, ability to compromise, foreign policy accomplishments and intelligence.


FoxNews is going nuts over ‘their’ president’s 39th ranking, but then, what can you expect out of that fair and balanced set of morons.  It burns their butt that Obama ranks 15 ahead of their other, perennial favorite, Ronald Reagan.  Of course, the poll did not ask political shills, pundits and right-wing partisans but rather 238 presidential scholars.

What would presidential scholars know, eh?  Good thing they didn’t ask the American electorate to rank U.S. Presidents.  In another poll conducted this week, only 75% of Americans polled knew that we received our independence from England. The other quarter either had no idea or named another nation.  No doubt, this 25% helped re-elect #39.


4 thoughts on “Guess Which President is #39 in Ranking

  1. only 75% of Americans polled knew that we received our independence from England.

    Was that because taxes are outrageous? British monopolies can still get away with murder? Unelected people in distant places negate locally legislated laws which are “the most wholesome and necessary for the public good”? People are “endeavouring to prevent the population of these States by obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners?” “refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither”? Keeping Standing Armies in times of peace? Affecting to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power?

    Here comes the new boss same as the old boss.

  2. I found it interesting that the luck factor is considered, because in the past, luck had more of a chance to be a part of the equation. The “luck factor” for George Jr. was the 9/11. Hardly lucky for the world but it sure did wonders for his nascent dismal performance ratings.
    I would say that so far, Barack Obama has been very unlucky and that has been a boon for the negative press.

    Laci points out the inherent destabilizing factor in America. It was a revolution and an act of union. It as a concept seemed to be successful, but where has another Federation suceeded in the long run? A successful federation depends on the members reliquishing power.
    This is not a natural human impulse.
    This is why the gestation of the EU is such a long a difficult process which seeme to be ready to tear itself apart at any given moment.

  3. They were far too generous with W. I’d rank him near the very bottom, battling it out with Buchanan, Harding, and Coolidge. What a total loser.

  4. Jack, Dubious is at the bottom of the pile.

    As the Mirror said “How can 58,054,087 people be so dumb?”

    Microdot is correct, the fact that the US was founded by a violent revolution rather than slow evolution has been a strong destabilising factor in US politics. There are bizarre results.

    I keep wanting to write a blog on this topic and call it “Tory, or Whig?” since the loonie right concept of a right to rebellion stems from this.

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