Both houses of Congress to debate war

Washington Post Tuesday, June 29

Congress will debate its divisions over U.S. policy on Afghanistan…

Oh, that.  Been there, did that. War always wins.  Apparently war is what America is all about.  I’m reminded of the two speeches given by the late Robert Byrd warning America about the idiocy of the Bush War on Iraq in 2002 and again in 2003.  He spoke brilliantly and passionately on the clear and present dangers of heading off to yet one more foreign  military incursion but his wisdom fell on deaf ears.

What is it about this nation that starting wars is so damned easy, but ending them drags on forever? Didn’t we learn anything from that terrible Vietnam mistake some 50 years ago?  Why haven’t we heeded the lessons written in history books about the folly of war-making and its terrible, concomitant pain, death and loss of treasure?

Is war-making a vicarious extension of  male machismo?  I think it has become just that.  And further, with this nation’s obsession with professional sports, perhaps that war machismo has blended with sport machismo with the result that our military has become Team USA- kicking butts for our entertainment- just like one of those violent video games that seem to consume young American males.

Yet, war-making and war-ending decisions are most often made by more mature men [and women] in our halls of Congress. These men and women did not grow up playing those addictive, violent video games, but nonetheless, the warmonger mentality still strongly prevails in that legislative body.

February 20, 2003   SENATOR ROBERT BYRD – “To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible of human experiences. On this February day, as this nation stands at the brink of battle, every American on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war.

Yet, this Chamber is, for the most part, silent — ominously, dreadfully silent. There is no debate, no discussion, no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war. There is nothing.”

UptheFlag chided me in a comment yesterday and wondered just exactly to whom I referred with my pejorative word, “sheeple.”

Those who cheered on the George W. Bush war on Iraq are stunning examples of that herd mentality to which I refer to as sheeple- easily swayed by the bark of a dog.These sheeple are lazy asses as well, too lazy to dig for the facts and ferret out the truth.  They rely on ‘others’ to do that for them and, as such, fall prey to professional propagandists– and there were many of these professional propagandists busy at work softening up the public for George W. Bush prior to Shock and Awe.

Lazy sheeple allowing themselves to be led to slaughter believing that slaughter was a good thing!  The ignorance creeping through this nation is maddening.  And when a bimbo-light such as Sarah Palin can be considered presidential material by millions of Americans, then this toxic, creeping communal ignorance will surely signal the end of the greatness that once was this nation.


9 thoughts on “Both houses of Congress to debate war

  1. Maybe in a way we, each generation makes an attempt at reclaiming the glories of WW2 and the once proud US at it’s finest moment. As someone who grew up on the history of WW2 and having my views about the US and our place in the world molded by my steady diet of WW2 glory.. maybe it is time that we put WW2 to rest. The monument has been built, the last of the old breed slowly makes their way to pay final tribute on flights from all across the country. Maybe it’s time to move on from the concept that the might of arms makes right. We can never commit to “Total War” again in any real sense, so military adventures are doomed to failure when you must fight with hands and feet firmly tied together – Like a giant in liliput, we can never focus the might of our 700 billion dollar military on mudhuts and 3rd world starving peoples.. What kind of monsters would we be? War is terrible.. but half ass war is even worse in the long term because it is destroying the moral and morale of our own country.

  2. The United States is in a unique, not a positive or inherently negative place, in which it can view WW2 in Black and White terms. I say that because politically, once the commitment to go to war was made, the entire country mobilized. Of course, it was the morally correct decision.
    Leading to the war, though we had in the back ground, the supporters of the Germans, the enablers, people who are viewed as great Americans, like Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford and oops, Prescott Bush.
    What if the USA had to make concessions and was not in the morally and physically isolated possition of strength that enabled it to contribute to the ultimate defeat of Nazism?
    Here in Europe, the war is viewed in a much more tragic sense. It is an ugly family history. I live in a pretty remote place that was affected by the war by collaboration and resistance. Families were split up over their alliances and feuds will not die after 70 years.
    There weren’t a lot of public prosecutions for collaboration here, but on a private scale, lots of ugly stuff happened which is only now being talked about.

    The war was personal to America because so many brave men lost their lives in defense of ideals. I believe America can be proud of WW2, but have you noticed that the biggest supporters of todays military adventurism are men who made a career of avoiding having to phsically deal with war…
    The biggest opponents seem to be men who actually fought and experienced war, whether it was WW2, Korea or Vietnam….
    Now we are seeing a new generation of men and women who were invoved in Iraq going into the progressive political arena and trying to inspire anti war activism….
    The typical bunch of shirking cowards always seem to be ready to smear them as radicals….
    I’ve said it before, the war in Afghanistan was a knee jerk reaction by an amateurish opportunistic administration. They let the ball drop and used the patriotic war fever they created as a springboard for the Iraqi debacle.
    8 years later, we are pumping billions upon billions of dollars into the back hole, with out a real strategy, with out understanding who or why we are fighting. In a vague struggle framed by the vague xenophobic insanity of the Bush administration, using remote controlled drones like a deranged video game in a CIA Poppy fueled mist where civilians are slaughtered….
    We do not even understand what the Taliban really is. No wonder Karzei is meeting with the Taliban and Pakistani secret service today to conduct his own strategy…and we can thank Dick Cheney for Karzei…

    The longest continuing war in American history, the most expensive and most American do not know or care where Afghanistan is. Get out now.

  3. Add in the expense of fighting battles in far distant lands drains money which could be used at home.

    There are non-violent methods for achieving security, which older nations have learned.

    The US is rather a new kid on the block and needs to get a few bloody noses (or admit to having gotten them) rather than play the world’s bully/policeman. It also needs to admit what is myth and what is reality.

    Politics is not a Hollywood movie where the strongest party always wins.

    Using force can backfire.

  4. Oh yea, Cheney, oil, the oil fields on the black sea, a failed idea for a pipeline to take oil to friendly ports where American tankers could have unlimited access to it…it’s all so foggy now… The Taliban delegation hanging out at Arbusto corporate headquarters in Texas before Bush was elected Pres….
    The failed strong arm attempt at a deal with the Taliban in Germany in 2001…and the Trade Center disaster only a few weeks later…no body remembers any of this….
    I think the details were lost when Bin Ladens dialysis machine got blown up in Tora Bora in 2002…oh well….

  5. I agree with Steve. Not only destroying the moral and morale of this country, it is hemorrhaging the national treasury coin wise and human wise. It is nothing but business and politics as usual for the old wealthy powers that be who run this country along with it’s military big brass climbing the ranks.

  6. Obviously, I agree with Steve as well. As Edwin Starr sang, “War! Good God Y’all! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing! Say it again! Hah! War! Woooahhh Woohahh, Wooohahhh, What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!”

  7. It is interesting [rather, disheartening] to note that there was no Congressional movement to end the Afghanistan War in the Congressional hearings yesterday.

    My bet is that members hope that their constituents aren’t paying too much attention to ‘the war’ and therefore they will not be required to take a strong stand either way.

    Thus, shamefully, the killing and bleeding goes on as does the Treasure of America .

    Perhaps the members of Congress were awed by the cool temperament and the chest-full of medals displayed by General Petraeus. It is fairly cetain that one ought not depend on a general for advice of the efficacy of war.

    As I have said many times before, any idiot can start a war, but it takes real statesmen to end it.

  8. As they debate that war, did you guys know that there are 3 USMC expiditionary units off the coast of Iran? One of my old ships – the USS Nassau just arrived as sanctions go into effect.

    Remember that dirty Harry movie.. I think it was called Magnum force.. where certain members of the SF police force go all vigilante; and dirty harry is sent in to clean things up? He blows up the police chief in the end – the guy who was running the vigilantes – and as the flames consume the chief’s car as it coasts off screen, Dirty Harry, through clenched squinty steely gaze, says: “mans got to know his limitations”. I wonder who is going to be our “Dirty Harry”?

  9. I wonder who is going to be our “Dirty Harry”?

    That worked well in the film but if you know about this, Steve, you betcha that Iran has been tracking this movement very closely.

    What we don’t need is to add Iran to add to our war-load!

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