Local GOP Congressman Silent on “Shot in the head” of President Obama

It is incredible to realize what a culture of hate can do to those who swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and serve in Congress. That hate-culture apparently numbed the ears of U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) as he hosted one of those ‘America Speaking Out’ town hall meetings. The “speaking out” was either missed by Mr. Latta or dismissed by the right-wing congressman.  The reporter from the Toledo Blade did not miss it.

The Blade says,

The person who made the statement, Robert Voska of Green Springs, said he was not referring specifically to the President, but said he regretted his remark and should not have said it.  The speaker, who suggested Mr. Latta treat his colleagues as enemies,  also expressed doubt about whether Mr. Obama was born in the United States was urging Mr. Latta to “get them impeached, … get them thrown in jail,” when Mr. Voska added, in a loud voice, “shot in the head.”

Rep. Latta made no response to either the birther conspiracy nor the assassination suggestion.

Mr. Voska, 47, a tool and die worker who said he is unemployed, told The Blade Monday night and again yesterday that he was not specifically referring to the President but rather to “all of them.”

“You take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They voted for health care. That’s unconstitutional. They should all be impeached for that. They should be tried, convicted, and because they’re elected officials, I don’t know if jail’s good enough for them,” said Mr. Voska.


Right-wing conspiracy fools permitted to spew their idiotic nonsense as a member of Congress sits by and, through his silence, complicitly agrees with the hateful, ugly rhetoric.  And, by the way, I have no doubt that Mr. Latta will be re-elected by a large margin this November because his constituents love that complicity.

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7 thoughts on “Local GOP Congressman Silent on “Shot in the head” of President Obama

  1. Letter to Editor:

    Q. When does a town-hall meeting become a mob? A. When leaders who by their silence allow unruly behavior.
    Shouts at the recent “Town Hall Meeting” sponsored by Congressman Latta, to “treat Democrats as enemies”, “kill them”, and “shoot him in the face” (referring to the President) are unruly mob behavior, not responsible constituent suggestions. Most Republican leaders I respect and worked with, including his father, would have rejected such suggestions as extremist, out-of-place, and inappropriate at any public forum.
    By his earlier silence Congressman Latta encouraged the more outrageous remarks and behavior. The “win-at-all costs” attitude expressed at the meeting is patently anti-American and threatens the stability of our country and economic recovery. Unfortunately the same attitude prevails among most minority congresspersons who have vowed to use every means possible to “bring down” a lawfully elected President .
    Under this strategy what happens to constituents with real problems, like the unemployed tool and die maker? They are overlooked because of political expedience and appeals for the votes of the ill-informed. Rehashing the obviously personal, partisan and self-serving rhetoric of Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh and deliberate lies presented as “news” on Fox do nothing to address real issues.
    What is needed are positive suggestions on how to reverse policies that have nearly destroyed the middle class in this country over the last 30 years. We need to recognize that “free trade” has benefitted only transnational corporations like BP and has devastated our manufacturing base, jobs and economy. Deregulation has transferred wealth into the hands of large political contributors creating socialism for the super-rich and capitalism for the rest.
    The role of leader is to educate, as well as to listen. It’s time to stop diverting attention from real issues and start governing instead of playing political games with our future.

  2. What do you mean “This comment is awaiting moderation?” I think it is pretty moderate the way I wrote it. It is certainly more moderate than suggesting someone be shot in the head !

    Darrell Opfer

    Editor’s note: “comment moderation” occurs when someone new to this blog posts a comment. It must be read/approved before it shows up.

    – Mudrake

  3. Darrell- thank you for your comment above. Are you submitting this to the Toledo Blade? I think you should because many of his constituents might believe that the son has the same attitude/policies of his father which, obviously, is not at all true.

  4. By the way, Latta is a member of the Republican House Study Group. This is a 114 member group of House Republicans who issue a position paper on various issues. The Group was brought under notice because of the earlier comments of Rep. Joe Barton of Texas who apologized to BP for being “shaked down” by Obama. Barton is also a member of the Study Group and that Group had issued a paper prior to Barton’s Energy Committee statement calling the BP Gulf recovery fund a “shake
    down”. Latta signed on to that statement and some one ought to send a letter to the Blade editor detailing Latta’s support of BP and against the “small people.” Hint, hint………………..

  5. I don’t know what adjective to use any more. Conservative seems so redundant and somehow inappropriate.
    It is becoming the norm to use this kind of eliminationist language in these town hall settings. That is the method of fascism. The ignorant discontent and xenophobic fears of the masses are manipulated as a means to gain power.
    Latta was in congress when I lived in Toledo. He is the establishment. He doesn’t want change, he just wants his cushy status quo. His safe system of payoffs, contributions and lobbying money. These rats are scared and when rats are scared, they are dangerous.

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