Iran to send aid ships to Gaza

How’s that for an eye-opener!  Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen on this one. Aljazeera News reports:

Iranian ships carrying aid supplies are due to set sail for Gaza in the coming week, Iran’s state news agency has reported.

The move is likely to further heighten tensions in the region.

Iran’s semi-official Mehr news agency said the first ship carrying humanitarian aid will leave the port of Khorramshahr this week, heading towards Gaza.


A commener recently called Israel’s blockade of Gaza an open-air internment camp- shades of the Nazi regime.  How utterly ironic for the Jewish state to copy the tactics of Hitler.  But then, there is always a ‘pecking order’ among ethnic groups and the Palestinians, like Gypsies, find themselves at the bottom of the list.

It is interesting to note that Jesus’s entire life was spent in Palestine- under the control of the Roman Empire and was executed by the Romans under the charge of sedition. It would be hard to find an historical era when Palestine was not under the control or rule of some outside power.

How do the non-Zionist Jews living in Israel feel about their nation operating a concentration camp?  It must be similar to how Americans feel about Guantanamo.  It is hard to imagine in this day and age that 1.5 million Palestinians are herded into and locked into a strip of land 25 miles long by 6 miles wide.

Why does Israel get away with this? One very strong contributing factor is the financial and political backing of Zionist Christians living in the Unites States who pressure their congressmen to allow Israel to do as it pleases with the Palestinians.  Without the unilateral backing of the United States, Israel would quickly discover that the rest of the world would not tolerate such a concentration camp to exist in the 21st century.


5 thoughts on “Iran to send aid ships to Gaza

  1. May 30 has a one-liner…

    And Who Does The Grand Ayatollah’s Dirty Work, beside Ahmadinejad; is it Lebanon’s Hezbullah & Puppet Hamas, now that Arafat is in paradise with those perpetual virgins? Will Syria try to build another nuclear facility to give
    those Israeli jets more target practice? They’re gonna need it, soon.

    In Iraq, Shiite & Sunni killing each other; in Palestine it was Hamas Vs Fatah.
    Read the Muslim Brotherhood Creed; where death is a glorious thing.

    Allah’s Apostle said: “I have been made victorious
    with terror.” Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, Number 220

    Or, try this: thereligionof

    War Is A Continuum, gentlemen; and some enjoy reading about the 1400 years
    of Holy Jihad Crusade. Since the Hindus have had more than their share of it, ask them if they are ready to pay the Jizya Tax, and be submissive, after that
    Mumbai attack recently, where 168 died in that luxury hotel. – reb

  2. I saw a great piece on TV last night. A report on the final report on the Bloody Sunday massacre in Northern Ireland 40 years ago. The original report which white washed the British soldiers and claimed that the victims were armed, was officially torn up. The victims were unarmed.
    A man being interviewed in Belfast for his reaction said that “Though it took 40 years, it is a great day at last. Maybe the same thing will happen 40 years from now in Gaza.”
    Frankly, though I applaud the provacative action, I kind of wish it wasn’t Iran grandstanding here. If other nations were to participate on a greater level with breaking the blockade and getting real aid to Gaza, it would have a more profound effect.
    I saw on the same newscast, that the supplies on the Turkish flotilla that were siezed by the Israelis are sitting in their warehouses. The public statements from Israel suggest that they are going to lease the blockade, ut their actions speak otherwise.
    On the other hand, the Egyptian border crossing is still open and aid is flowing through.

  3. Concentration camp? Hmm…I don’t remember reading about Jews in the German concentration camps launch, almost daily, rocket attacks at the Germans. I must have missed that information in all my Social Studies classes.

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