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The gordian knot that the Teabaggers are now strangling themselves with seems bound to the albatross around their necks of deregulation and the effects of deregulated environmently sensitive industries. The golden boy of the moment, Baby Paul has built his Senate race around the idea that we are burdened with over regulation. He has even had the hubris to compare himself to Civil Rights Martyr, Dr. Martin Luther King in his “heroic” struggle to allow smoking in restaurants again.

Now, as the Gulf of Mexico slowly suffocates in oil and BP is allwed to call the shots because of the way the industry has been catered to during the Cheney regime, the party is caught between it’s probusiness anti regulation support of Ayn Randist capitalism and the mood of the American people.

As they try to spin the disaster as Obama’s Katrina, it becomes more and more obvious that the federal government has been crippled in its ability to deal with the industry and the pose it adopted before the spill.

Lax regulations meant that there was no real enforcement of safety regulations and no real preparations by the industry to live up to and support its own standards of accident preparedness.

Ohio has John “both sides of his mouth at the same time” Boehner. blaming Obama, trying to shift the onus of responsibility for the clean up onto the taxpayers and the federal governement and then as his words are met with outrage, claim, that isn’t what he said at all.

Perhaps we can get Baby Paul to clarify what he meant last year when he defended coal mining mountain top removal with the brush off, “I don’t think anybody’s going to be missing a hill or two here and there.”

Let’s face it, Mountain top mining has been more accurately described as “the rape of Appalachia” as rural communities are destroyed economically for the coal industry.

INTERVIEWER: What about mountaintop removal?

PAUL: I think whoever owns the property can do with the property as they wish, and if the coal company buys it from a private property owner and they want to do it, fine. The other thing I think is that I think coal gets a bad name, because I think a lot of the land apparently is quite desirable once it’s been flattened out. As I came over here from Harlan, you’ve got quite a few hills. I don’t think anybody’s going to be missing a hill or two here and there

To illustrate what Paul views as “a hill or two,” here’s a satellite-taken before-and-after image of a mountaintop removal site in Mud River, West Virginia:



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  1. Thanks for the post, Microdot.

    It truly is amazing what we experience here in The States, politically. Surely France has a taste of this bipolarity but not nearly to the extent that we suffer over here.

    Last year the Tea Party wowed the imagination of the clueless American electorate as it berated ‘big government’ and called for Obama’s execution [figuratively] or not so figuratively. The Reganistic simplicity, “The government is not the solution, it is the problem” swept across the land like swines with flu.

    Now, only a few short months later, Americans, recovering from the swine’s flu epidemic, want the government to solve the oil disaster. Bipolarity to the max!

    This madness is, well, maddening! I cannot tolerate well swings in insanity nor can my friend UptheFlag who told me the other day, “This nation’s going down the drain fast and there’s no hope any more!”

    As a group, we Americans exhibit all of the ugly characteristics of post-pubescent teenagers. I’ve been there myself and survived that stage as well as being a parent of teenagers. I thought that this dreadful experience was over. Sadly not. America is a teenager- a state of temporary mental illness- although I am not at all sure that it is temporary in our case!!

    Luckily for you, Microdot, you live in a mature adult world with only a smattering of clueless teenage mentality. I could handle that.

  2. “you live in a mature adult world with only a smattering of clueless teenage mentality”…..uhhh, you might be unpleasantly surprised…we got it all in a nutshell. The good, the bad, the ugly.
    I think the Belgian political situation sums it all up nicely.
    As far as the teabaggery movement goes, Steve summed it up very nicely with his “poopery” comment.
    One thing that Europe has now is a very strong Green Party headed by Daniel Cohn-Bendit which has become a very strong force in the European Parliament. It is the real trans Europe Party which is active in most major countries here.
    Now, this is a force which is rapidly maturing and figuring out how to play the political games. They became a presence in this region in the last regional election and will probably ally themselves with the socialists party here in france for the 2012 presidential election.
    I haven’t given up at all on America. That’s why I try to constantly analyze, understand and comment on what is happening. Politics are often like pop culture…flavor of the week. Ignore a phenomena and it will go away.

  3. The Tea Party, Rand Paul, John Boehner, and almost all of today’s conservative, free market Republicans and libertarian-types are all pipe dreamers addicted to the incorrect notions that government is all bad and that the market is self-correcting. To this viewpoint, I say: hogwash! The absurdity of market self-correction has been proven by the Great Depression, the Great Recession, $4 per gallon gasoline, and now the bp oil spill. Free market, unrestrained capitalism is a form of absolutism. It empowers large capital-holders (a tiny minority)and enslaves those with relatively little or no capital (the overwhelming majority). Government is the only realistic and pragmatic entity capable of protecting the minimal capital holders from the excesses and domination of the huge capital holders. Just as our government itself was wisely set up 234 years ago with a set of checks and balances on each of the three branches, so too must our economy now be set up similarly. Its components should be concentrated capital, our government and legal system, and organized labor, each with specific rights, responsibilities, and the ability to check and balance one another. Free market capitalism does not provide this, and is therefore not only outdated, but undemocratic as well.

  4. Microdot may not have given up, but I am afraid that the situation in the US is rapidly becoming hopeless at least if one pays attention to the MSM.

    There is no significant party to represent progressive interests: if there is a significant progressive movement in the US. The US is portrayed as a reactionary heaven ruled by idiots and fools.

    Of course, there are some refreshing voices (I don’t need to name names here), but they are drowned out by the ignorentia.

    Still, I fear that the US will become akin to early Weimar with political violence being commonplace.

  5. “Lax regulations meant that there was no real enforcement of safety regulations and no real preparations by the industry to live up to and support its own standards of accident preparedness.”

    Any examples of lax safety? Any prior histories of oil rigs just exploding to base a reaction on?
    I did read where you stated the russians detonated a nuke to stop such a crises but, was unable to find the story nor, was I able to quantify trading oil comtamination…which CAN be cleaned up for possible PLUTONIUM contamination!

    BTW, “Baby Paul” isn’t the president of the united states, OBAMA is. What Paul says right now has exactly the SAME bearing as the NON response that the president has done!

    Bitch all you want about Paul and spare your man in charge…which is EXACTLY what I mentioned in the last post!

    The teabaggers AREN’T the president. Rand Paul isn’t the president. I’m NOT the president!

    …but you sure as shit have plenty of venom to spew and excuses to make for those who AREN’T in charge of anything…while diverting any criticism away from the man who is!
    It was OBAMA who said 2 weeks ago “WE’RE in control of this situation”…and in the same sentence claimed BP wasn’t acting fast enough!
    So WTF is in charge? Obama or BP?

    I sure as hell wished I lived in your world! Then I could always exonerate myself while blaming everyone else!

    It was ALLLLLL Bush’s fault…even though I’ve been in charge for almost half a term and did nothing to fix the “bad” regulations…until AFTER something bad happened…I deserve a pass!
    …and you give it to him!
    As for this being “Obama’s Katrina”…it’s pretty fucking close! Except for the fact that had BUSH gone on vacation AFTER Katrina and said NOTHING for almost 2 weeks after the fact…it would be pretty much on par!

    I voted for Bush in 2000 and admit it. But the difference between US is that when Bush fucked up, I…read that again…I was the first one to open my mouth and rip his sorry ass apart about it. (need any links)

    You guys? Just getting an acknowlegement of disagreement with Obama’s fuckups is like pulling a tooth…and then even a heavily watered down version of (squeeky white guy voice) “I disagree with that action taken by the president” is your “new” version of “condemnation”!

    I’d swear that from reading you guys 2 years ago that you handed over your balls in the voting booth on election day.

    Obama won the election…good for him. (I do believe muddy that I was the 1st person to e-mail you congrats for the effort you put into the election!)
    But, even though Obama won, I still expected that you’d still give two shits about right and wrong in even the most obvious cases. I falsely assumed that you’d still call shit “shit”.
    Instead, you simply make excuses as to how “shit” either really isn’t “shitty” or, attempt to find a way to make shit into the guy whos been gone for a year and a half’s fault…even though if all those “bad” policies came from Bush…it’s in no way possible Obama’s fault for keeping them in place!
    Not only is he the first black president…he’s the first blameless president!
    Anything that happens under his watch…can only be because of the last watch!

  6. The Russians used nukes for geological construction almost 68 times in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They stopped a few oil disasters ith small nuclear detonations.
    I even posted an official Russian news film on my blog describing one incident. I initially presented the idea as a crazy notion…but at the time and that was at the beginning of the spill, many scientists agreed that collapsing the geological structure using conventional explosives was quite feasible and would work. The well is very deep, the geological layers would collpse into it and seal it, unfortunately, this would have destroyed BP’s Investment and created all kinds of “bad publicity” at the out set.
    The use of nuclear explosives is expressively forbidden in the Gulf as well. Of course, this is just a technicality.
    There are plenty examples of rigs exploding, there is plenty of evidence that BP acted against its own experts advice in the drilling of this one. The rig was shut down 2 weeks before the big one, because of exactly the problem that caused the big explosion, but BP went ahead.

    Sepp, you are turning into the gusher on this blog.
    The same old lines over and over again spewed with more and more venom. Yes, the bad regulations are in effect, but we have a paralyzed congress full of industry protectionists. How to get things moving when you are faced with sheer obstructionism?
    You sure aren’t offering any positive insight here.

  7. I think the title of this thread has become “I’m gonna keep blathering until you all start hating Obama as much as I do” because it doesn’t matter what the subject is, our fuzzy little troll in residence under the bridge out in back by the outhouse is going to change the subject back to his obsession…

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