Loads of Blather, no Ideas

My right-wing, Limbaugh-loving brother-in-law was over for dinner last night.  Sigh. Before he arrived [always late] my wife cautioned me about political discussions with him.  So, I played it cool, bit my tongue and asked a general question. “So Jack, what do you think ought to be done about the oil spill?”

Now if I has asked, “So Jack, how’s Obama doing as president?” he would have delivered a monologue lasting several minutes.  But the oil spill question stumped him. “It’s a mess!” was the oil spill answer.  Which wasn’t an answer, of course, but apparently Limbaugh hadn’t figured it out either.

Marco Rubio, the right-wing candidate for governor of Florida, was asked a similar question on Morning Joe two days ago as MSNBC was visiting Joe Scarborough’s former congressional district in Pensacola. Rather than answering the question, Rubio blathered about the Federal Government and it’s ineptitude in handling almost everything.  Rubio, naturally, had no answer, but he sure had opinions about government.

This Gulf oil spill disaster has really tied the tongues of the right-wing noise machine and those on the far-right side of the political spectrum.  Because, they have no ‘answers’ to the question of ‘governance’ other than ‘less of it.’  Any moron can hold that position, but it takes a statesman and a set of brains to govern well.

Perhaps this ecological and economic disaster’s only silver lining may be the muting of the rabid, reactionary, and babbling right-wing of this nation.


13 thoughts on “Loads of Blather, no Ideas

  1. You missed the one that oil spills are natural and that nature can take care of the disaster. I’m not sure who said it, but our handyman mentioned it.

    The message of the right offers simple answers to complex problems which is comforting to those who cannot, or will not think.

  2. Ok, pretend that Bush was still president and tell us what YOUR oppinion would be then!
    During Katrina, Bush was bashed for not doing enough fast enough even though FEMA and the nat guard was setting things up immediately afterwards.
    Meanwhile, Obama barely mentions a word for 3 weeks after the explosion, goes on vacation and returns to pay minimal lip service…under pressure!

    I understand your hatred of Bush but, I question why Obama is always held to a lower standard by the left?

    All that aside…maybe your sister warned him to bite his tongue and not ruin dinner too!

    1. Sepp, do you read any progressive material, or do you love to prove you are ignorant?

      I venture to say that you don’t since you would know Obama gets as much of a battering from the left as Bush if you did. For example:

      News and Views from the Left-Progressive Wing of the Coalition that elected Obama, formerly ‘Progressives for Obama,’ now pushing forward!


      Googling “progressives Obama” might change your opinion.

      Of course, I might win the lottery and become a multimillionaire as well.

  3. Well if Bush was still president he would fly onto an aircraft carrier in the middle of the gulf, remove the six pairs of atheletic socks he had stuffed down the front of his flight suit, you know the conservervative press guys are stil talking about how swell he looked, he would then take the six pairs of athletic socks, soak up some oil off of an especially photogenic oil soaked seagull or a baby seal…then a banner would drop down, from the rigging of the aircraft carrier saying “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”….
    And BP would pay out their fucking dividends to their stock holders, keep on controlling media access to the disaster with the aid of the Coast Guard and Navy, the oil industry would continue to expand their program of off shore drilling, you would wave your little flag and shout, “Hurrah” and then tell us all to STFU !

  4. Snore microdot…it’s funny that you refuse to hold Obama to the same standards as you held Bush.
    Lower expectations?
    But if it was Bush, I highly doubt you’d be soft soaping his ass like you have been with Obama. So either you have a double standard or, you’re just a fucking coward who’s afraid of offending the herd with some honest / harsh criticism…they might call you a “racist”…ohhh noooo!
    It must suck to be a slave to that kind of thinking!

    “And BP would pay out their fucking dividends to their stock holders”

    So fucking what? Do you know who has a majority of BP stock? RETIREES! Folks who busted their asses for years and collect dividends from their pensions.
    What do you suggest? Starve a bunch of retirees to vent your anger toward BP?
    So much for those retired union folks! Another democrat pet group tossed under the bus of convenience!

    That kneejerk reaction and shortcut to thinking could have only come from the leftyblogs and the Obama whitehouse!

    Bitch about paying the investors…and look like you’re doing something!

    Woooooooo Go Obama!

  5. I’m really disappointed in the government response. Like MD has said all along, they should have blown the well shut after the first BP failure. Now it is all about protecting BP’s investment and assets. A part of the problem, in MHO, is that multinational corporations have no interest at all in advancing the betterment of the United States. To me that is the crux of a disaster like BP. That oil isn’t even going to help the US once it came online, it would have gone into the general petroleum market and made it’s way to China. So now you have this political dynamic where a multinational corporation – based in the home country of an ally in the GWOT – has basically destroyed a chunk of the American economy – Gulf seafood, tourism, etc.. – and we are hamstrung to do anything about it. Because if we did boot out BP, Nationalize their American Operation, Blow the well.. What would that do with our relationship with just about our only ally in the war effort?

    Sort of the same dynamic exists with Israel, no matter what is said in public. Could Israel have made the calculation that “if we can get Turkey mad enough, maybe we can get them into the opposing camp.. making the USA even more reliant on Israel as an important conduit of American interest into the middle east?

  6. I criticize and hold Obama to a very high standard, and I am disappointed in a lot of my projected expectations….
    But the knee jerk rection I see here is two fold…
    The insistance by Monsieur Sepp “That Zer ISS NO Racism In America and Vee are beink naughty by talking about it.”
    And his knee jerk attempt to destroy and discredit any action by the Obama administration. It’s this level of insane constant BLATHER by bithers, baggers, deathers, lifers which offers no constructive framework for progress.
    I want us out of Afghanistan now. I want action on the GULF oil spill now!
    But, no matter what course of action the administration would take. The Birthers, Baggers, Lifers, Deathers what have you would dancing around in their latest witch hunt frenzy of the te week.
    Try to enforce controls over the Oil Industry…NOOOO Governemnt socialist fascist interference of Randian Free enterprise…don’t want that…
    If you had something positive to add to this discussion, rather than a constant knee jerk programmed response to the words, RACE and Obama, then I might listen, but try as I might, I see a form of nihilistic, self centered adolescent anarchy at the core of your philosophy and frankly, I’ve been there and done that, but the drugs wore off a long time ago!

  7. Over the weekend, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, trying to make political hay out of the Gulf disaster, criticized Obama as ‘an incompetent leader.’ This morning Joe Scarborough said of Romney, “And what did he say that he would do differently? And, by the way, who has been more friendly to the energy industries in America?”


    Here in Toledo about 50 people protested the BP refinery with signs like, “Spill baby, spill!” Speaking of the ditz from Alaska, she’s been might quiet lately. Duh!

  8. One more frikin thing…How can my disapproval of the policies of George Bush Jr. relate to my willingness to give the Obama administration a chance to begin to dig out of the unmitigated disaster that we are facing because of Bush and his administrations attempts to turn any event into a goldmine for his buddies?
    It was the energy policies of Cheney and his secret meetings that got us into this deregulated nightmare. It was the neocon empire building “New American Century” policies that created the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Obama is not Bush, Sepp. If you and your teabaggery buds have their weay, you will destroy any chance we have to turn this mess around. You think that if you could possibly elect Ron Paul or ahem, Mitt Romney or…heh,heh,heh, Sarah president that you would get a better chance to try to turn things around?

    You actually trust these guys? Naw…you’d be bitching louder than you are today, except, you would be dancing around the reality and trying to blame Obama for the mess they inherited….
    Until, you got something to say, it’s just more noise….

    Mudrake, Have you read any of the “ditz” from Alaskas latest Twitterings, because that is how she seems to communicate lately. It’s all the fault of the environmetalists because they opposed shallow water off shore drilling and made poor BP work in the dangerous deep water. If you are at all aware of how the oil deposits under the Gulf actually lie, and the way the companies have divided the entire Gulf of Mexico up into parcels, you would understand that her “protest” is another uninformed, but cannily manipulative attempt to confuse and change the real subject.
    This woman is deep in the piockets of the oil industry and any statement she makes on the subject is highly suspect.

    By the way, did you see the before and after pics of Sarahs latest breast enhancement? If your gonna be workin gal on FOX, you gotta meat their standards! let’s just hope she doesn’t develop a silicone leak.

  9. “And BP would pay out their fucking dividends to their stock holders”

    ‘So fucking what? Do you know who has a majority of BP stock? RETIREES! Folks who busted their asses for years and collect dividends from their pensions.
    What do you suggest? Starve a bunch of retirees to vent your anger toward BP?
    So much for those retired union folks! Another democrat pet group tossed under the bus of convenience!”

    By the way, this comment was even dumber than your usual fodder…
    See, I do read your comments, but why bother?

  10. let’s just hope she doesn’t develop a silicone leak.

    Well, it’s clear that she experienced a cerebellum leak many years ago, but that can’t be repaired. Why do the phrases ‘silicone leak’ and ‘drill, baby drill’ seem to go hand-in-hand?

  11. When did I ever say there was no racism in america? Never! I believe that you over exaggerate it is all I’ve ever said. And, you never “talk” about it, you simply point fingers and attempt to play racism as some one way street where black are immune from being assholes and perpetual victims. As I said, you need some updating. It’s no longer 1930.
    BTW, it’s you who continuously inject race into the topics. Especially whenever any criticism of Obama is concerned. Noooo, it couldn’t possibly be be that his policies are crap because anyone who dares to disagree is somehow doing it for purely racial motivations…which is pure bunk.

    “I want us out of Afghanistan now. I want action on the GULF oil spill now!”

    Good for you MD! Now spew those thoughts with the same venom and vigor as you did when Bush was president!
    You won’t.
    I remember the reaction from you guys when Bush created his preemtive strike doctrine…you were pissed! And you didn’t water the fact down, make excuses or mince words!
    Obama allows drones to fly into Pakistan…who we’re NOT at war with by the way and, who isn’t happy with it one bit… and wipe out civilians accidentally by the carload…I hear crickets chirping. Not even worth mentioning? Bombing the next country over from the one you’re fighting a war in without telling them reeks of what Nixon did in Cambodia…where were your “harsh rebukes” to that crap? If I relied on this site for news, I’d die of old age never knowing we were bombing villiages Pakistan under the Obama administration! Or, does that NOT piss you off? Odd how you want the war ended immediately but, neglect to mention that you supported and continue to support the guy who’s escalating it into another sovereign nation! But, I’m just a fool who posts “ignorant fodder”…which oddly wasn’t so damned ignorant when I criticized Bush’s bullshit…and NEVER minced words in doing so!

    “Obama is not Bush, Sepp.”
    The only difference I’m seeing between Bush and Obama’s screwups is that Obama can be an idiot without actually looking like one on tv. And the only difference I see here is that “Obama isn’t Bush” so HIS screwups only warrant minced words and excuses!
    I’m not asking you to hate the guy or, to even agree with me. Pick a standard, stick with it and stop grading the man on a curve.

    “Try to enforce controls over the Oil Industry…”

    Ok MD, tell me what controls aren’t being enforced. Seizing assets isn’t a “control” measure. And obviously the Obama whitehouse must have thought the BP rig was operating well within it’s scope of operation since they gave the rig and crew a safety award!

    You guys keep tossing around phrases like…
    “The lax enforcement by the Bush administration” and
    “Try to enforce controls over the oil industry”

    Name those “lax regulations” and name what “wasn’t being controled”.

    Operating proceedures? Safety guidlines? Areas where their leases allowed them to lawfully drill? EPA regs?
    What exactly? Because to read it from you, the oil companies have been running roughshod all over the place violating the law and getting away with it.
    So in case I’ve missed something, let me know exactly what controls those companies were operating outside of and, what regulations went unenforced.

  12. Laci, I read progressive blogs all the time. What I’ve gathered from the ones that actually DO complain about Obama seems to float along the lines that they thought they were supporting the next Castro and are pissed because they got the new Carter instead! They don’t seem angry that the constitution may be being violated…they’re angry that Obama hasn’t just shitcanned it altogether and just ran a government by decree ala Hugo Chavez.
    I’ll check out the sites you posted for differing content.

    You’re more than welcome to hurl insults at me if it makes you feel better. I’ve been called worse by more credible folks in my lifetime. I’ll probably ignore what you’ve written between the insults and miss whatever point you were trying to make and waste your effort.

    As much as MR, MD and I go at each other on here, I still like em. Politics aside, I’m certain that Muddy’s heart is in the right place and Microdot…he’s a Zappa nut from Detroit and there isn’t a huge pool of us left in the world who can appreciate that for what it is! Trust me on that one!

    And if Obama had any leadership skills at all, He’s have had US at the Whitehouse for a beer summit…or in MD’s case a wine summit! But he’d probably serve some crappy California merlot.

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