Cycling Through Life Together

Our 43rd anniversary is today and I received this card from my dear wife. She said that it could be us and that, in fact, it looks like us, too.

She wants us to buy a motorcycle [and side car] and tear up the wild roads of America and Europe in it. Why not?  After all, we’ve raised our family, paid all of our bills, made many good friends, kissed our grandchildren, done tons of volunteer work and have our wills up-to-date.



7 thoughts on “Cycling Through Life Together

  1. If the woman in the side car was my wife, she would have an umbrella.
    If you do embark upon this journey, when in France…a side trip into the wilderness borderline between the Dordogne and The Correze might prove to be a cross cultural culinary discovery expidition.
    After the torrential rains here, I have found almost 3 kilos of girolle mushrooms…Tonight, a poulet saute aux girolles…j’adore!

  2. Microdot- Merci beaucoup pour votre message de félicitations.

    Perhaps some sunny afternoon, you may hear the rumble of our motorbike roaring down your road.

  3. Mud_Rake,

    Congratulations. Many more to ome I hope. I am 17 years behind you.

    The Loop Garoo Kid

  4. Congratulations as well. I’ve been living through the Doctor Seuss “You’re Only Old Once” adventure where I was ogled by the oglers this AM.

    After my motorcycling adventures, I suggest a pedal job is much more fun.

    Microdot has the correct idea, a cycling holiday through France. I’d add in the Loire valley with its food, chateaux, and wine.

    Then you pedal off the pounds.

  5. Congrats Mr & Mrs Muddy!
    I say, go for it! The scenery is always better on a bike! The only regret you’ll have is that you’d NOT done this a long time ago!

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